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  1. Hey everybody, I'm a brand new user of Iwaku! I feel like this will be a great place for me, and I'd like to meet a lot of new people! So, this is just a hello from me, and I hope I can become a frequent user of this site. Pleased to meet everyone!
  2. Welcome to the community! :)
  3. *waves and smiles* Hello, I am Hollow! Welcome to the site, you will love it here and once you start rping you won't be able to stop *giggles* Enjoy your stay here my new friend^╰╯^ .
  4. Thanks so much! I can't wait to start rping! I've already started on a thread. I was on a site very similar to this once, but I felt that no one really acknowledged me there... >.<' Very pleased to meet you, Hollow. *Smiles*
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  5. Thank you! It's great to join such a community! ^w^
  6. Welcome to Iwaku!!! This will definitely become a wonderful new home for you!
  7. I agree completely, Thanks for the welcome! I've already started a roleplay, and think it will turn out wonderfully! :3
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  8. Hallohallo! ^o^ Welcome to the site, Chandora!
  9. Thanks for the welcome! It means a lot! :3