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  1. Hi there! ^^
    I'm Gladis, and joined this site about an hour ago. Although I am new here, I have been role playing for several years. It started on the sims 3 forums, though since the admins there decided to ban role plays, I have sort of been drifting around the net these last two years, searching for new places to role play.

    I live in Sweden, which means I am around one hour ahead of the UK, and might not be online around the same time as some of you here. I will still try to be online regularly, however.

    This looks like quite a pleasant community, and I am excited to be joining you here. ^^

  2. Hallo Gladis! :D Welcome to the community!
  3. Heehee, thank you. ^^
  4. *takes a bow* Many greetings and I hope you have a wonderful time and many adventures here!
  5. *courtesied* Thank you very much for the welcome. ^^
  6. Welcome to Iwaku Gladis ^.^
    Sweden is quite a nice place, only been there once before, but I love the countryside.
    Hope you enjoy roleplaying ere with the lot of us
  7. Howdy and welcome.

    How is Sweden this time of year? I've only seen pictures and I understand its similar to Germany and Poland. Though I suppose I've never had a chance to ask somebody who is, well, Swedish.
  8. Thank you, guys! ^^

    Hm, I will agree with that Sweden is nice, especially the countryside during the summers. I have one or another thing to say aout the politics, but I suppose it isn't really better elsewhere, so I shouldn't complain. XD

    Sweden is indeed similiar to Germany, though the air is somewhat...well...crisper here, I suppose you could call it. We also have a slightly milder climate, though the last few days it has been really hot. Especially around Stockholm, where I live. It's really nice during the summers, since even at night, it's still light outside for quite a while. The downside to this is that our winter nights are really long, and we barely have any sun at all. Plus, it's really cold. >_> This winter, however, was milder than usual.

    Where do you live? ^^
  9. Hi, welcome.
    I couldn't help but think of Totally Spies when I saw your name, so forgive me :)

    Hope you'll have fun here :)
  10. Thank you. ^^
    Heehee, I get what you mean. I couldn't help but think of it either when I was first given the name a few years so. XD The one who started calling me Gladis probably meant it more like...well...Happy. 'Glad' means happy in Swedish, and 'is' is a typical way to have nicknames end, especially in Stockholm. X3
  11. Ooooooooooooo~!
    Hello there Gladis!

    I'm Jelly. Pleased to meet ya'!!! :huge:

    I hope you enjoy your stay here and adapt all well and suches. :3
    Don't be afraid to ask me about some roleplay.
  12. Hi there, Jelly! ^^
    Pleased to meet you too. :3 I'll keep that in mind. ^^
  13. I'm an american, just love to travel a lot so I've made it a habit to go to a new country every summer. Although I might have to cut that tradition short with college coming up and having to save for that. I wasn't there for long to worry about the politics though xD just there for the sights and to take pictures
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