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  1. Hello there. I am Raitoningu. I am here to roleplay on a somewhat more professional level than minecraft forums. Don't get me wrong, I'm quite good at RPing (modest too), but everyone else there was infernally lazy. I enjoy RPs of many genres, however I usually remain near the fantasy, magic or horror themes. Currently, this is in my mind, music wise.
  2. Welcome to iwaku Raitoningu ^^
    I hope you find your way around the forum :) If not then it's just to go and bother an admin with questions, they love to be bothered. x) Oh, and I can probably help too. If I'm not busy stealing all the cookies prepared for the newbs. :cookie:
    *Whistles innocently*
    If you don't tell them, then I share them with you :bsmile:

    Hope you enjoy the forum and find some good partners :)
  3. Hah, been listening to that for at least an hour now.
  4. Ohayo~! Welcome to the community! <3 Sites built for pure roleplaying are so much more fun to dive in to, so I hope you find a place to play here! <3