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こんばんわ (hello)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Nathchi, Mar 26, 2015.

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  1. Hello! How many here can speak japanese or in the middle of learning?

    I can't talk much japanese sadly (´;ω;`) just noob stuff.

    So I wonder who wants to chat a little, perhaps learning together or if you want to learn Swedish in exchange to Japanese, I can also do that. (Or we can just chat and talk about rp)

    あなたは私に日本語は学ぶ必要助けてください 。お願いします!m(_ _)m

    (You please help me, I need to learn Japanese. Please!)
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  2. ^ from the FAQ; untranslated non-english makes our modding job difficult! For all I know you're saying some terrible rulebreaking things up there D: Translations plox

    I used to be a weeaboo but I never learned more than what any otaku knows "cute, hi, yes, strawberries, etc.)
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  3. It never occurred to me now why Japanese folk used so many emoticons.

    Their society is so rigid at times that it's no wonder they'd come up with pointlessly complex series of script to express something.

    The more you know?
  4. Yes, I'm so sorry D: I'll do that right away!
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  5. Don't we do that too? Use many emojis? I think it's a fashionthing as well as to make it easier to ''see'' how the other people is like?

    I do not really know myself but when you think about their language and how they write, I can somewhat understand.
  6. I know this clever pun.


    It's not really Japanese, cause it's a pun on the English translation though... :(
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  7. You speak Swedish?
    Hej, det gör jag med för fan :D

    translation (open)

    Swedish - Hey, I do that to
    Jap - I also speak a little Japanese.

    There is a club on iwaku for people wishing to chat in Japanese :) Join it! Follow the link in the word club!
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  8. i learned it in high school and polished it a bit more while traveling overseas

    overall, found it less than completely useful; most of the people i worked with overseas spoke english just fine

    also, how the heck did you get japanese characters to show up?
  9. you can probably use online keyboards and copy paste. You can also get japanese input plugins for your computer that you can turn on which may work.
  10. Personally I use a chrome input program :D http://www.google.com/inputtools/
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  11. I'm almost certain that the words "sudoku" and "seppuku" are the same in English as they are in Japanese. So, the pun would still work in both languages.
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  12. How do you mean? I'm not great with Japanese puns so you'll have to explain this one.
  13. I think the pun that Gwazi was going for was that someone "committed sudoku" because "sudoku" sounds similar to "seppuku"... and I'm pretty sure that those are both Japanese words, so the pun would be the same in Japanese, too.

    Not that I really know much Japanese, so... yeah.
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  14. Ah I see. I used to know a few puns in Japanese. They were so silly that I've forgotten all but two of them.

    The first of which plays off of 山梨県 (Yamanashi ken / Yamanashi prefecture). It went something like: 山梨県は山ない市. Yamanashi the no mountain city.

    The second has fun with futons. ふとんがふっとんだ. The futon flew away.

    Good times.
  15. Nice! Tjena! (Hey!) :D

    Nihongo mo shuko(shõ?)shi hanashimasu. I'm a bit bleurgh on the kanji so I had to search for the 少 one.
  16. I used my phone because I've a japanese keyboard on it!
  17. Nihon-go mo sukoshi hanashimasu. :) There's no h in す even though it can sound like it.

    Nihon-go mo sukoshi hanashimasu.
    にほんご も すこし はなします。

    I always need to check up on kanji too xD They're not the easiest to remember :9
  18. Ah, a type-o... I knew that D:

    And well yeah, though, the only thing I can is like.... watashi, Ai, Sekai and Nihon xD
  19. Yes, they're the same... but honestly, I have no idea where Gwazi came up with the idea that those two words sounded the same
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  20. ...
    And I know even less about Japanese than I thought I did.
    They sound similiar(ish) to me.
    Maybe I'm just biased because when I was younger I used to always say "Sudoku" instead of "Seppuku".
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