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  1. A group of friends from childhood and some from their previous school ends up in the same high school: Yamaboshi High, where their lives are perfectly normal and their meetings at their club, the Student Cultural Society(StuCS for short) are all fun and games until two members notice an exquisite happening.

    Among the group, two students have switched their bodies!

    Thus does the story of the group begins with the strange phenomena that start happening with them, created by the mysterious creature known only as Heartseed, who seeks to test the group's friendship. Among it's plays and toys there will be very dangerous moments and dramatic situations in which the characters might find themselves parting from the group for good either due to being traumatized, ashamed or even distrustful of the group.

    The drama might grow or shrink depending on how far the group goes among Heartseed's test chambers that are these highschool hallways.

    IC: Click here!

    List of Characters:

    1. Male - Makoto Shibuya - Filled -> @Yzmael
    2. Male - Rentaro Kobayashi - Filled -> @Akashi
    3. Male - Natsu Asakura - Filled -> @un coin de soleil
    4. Female - Riya Pothuvaal - Filled -> @Petricus Euryale
    5. Female - Yoshiko Tadatsume - Filled -> @EmperorsChosen
    6. Female - Kin Oshiro - Filled -> @Makomin
    7. Female - Ruri Osaki - Filled -> @RedArmyShogun
    8. Male - Open ->
    9. Male - Tatsuya Okazaki - Filled -> @RedArmyShogun
    10. Heartseed/Teacher - Miyoko Iwata - Filled -> @RedArmyShogun
    The plot will follow arcs and these arcs might be even individually pointed towards someone as to reveal their most shameful thoughts, scrupulous opinions and maybe even their worst side. The point will be rather the character will give in and flee from the group in order to avoid these conflicting feelings or if the character will fight against it and find peace with this fact.

    • Typical Iwaku rules apply.​
    • No gary-stues or mary-sues, but also not excessive edgeness(like an orphan character who lives by himself combating crime in the night) either. Some edgyness is ok, though.​
    • The minimum level required for participating will be Intermediary. This means at least two medium-sized(4-8 lines) paragraphs, please. Try to make posts that will advance the story.​
    • No godmodding, power-playing or power-moving unless completely necessary.
    • For now, I'm running with the time-limit of one post every 4 days. If they don't post within a week, I'll send them a warning via PM. Should they not post within 24 hours after the PM, I will kick them from the RP and take their character out of the scenery through IC methods.
    • Have fun.
    Character Sheet

    Grade:(Freshman, Sophomore or Senior)
    Appearance:(Add some minor details like height and weight, the rest is up to you. Anime pics only, btw)

    Personality:(What your character likes or dislikes, be detailed and thorough)
    Family:(Any information regarding family and their relationship with them)
    Relationships:(Your characters relationship with the other characters, be detailed, be thorough and be creative, not everyone will like each other or maybe they harbor some secret hatred towards their friends? Just be creative and also keep this updated.)
    Weakness:(Your character's psychological weakness, what he/she detests or harbors in secret from the others that might be used against him/her by Heartseed.)

    History:(Your character's basic history. How did he/she get into StuCS? when did he/she meet the other members?)
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  2. [​IMG]

    Kobayashi, Rentaro


    Senior 3-C

    Height: 5''10
    Weight: 167 LBS
    Hair Color: Light Brown
    Eye Color: Emerald Green

    If there is anything that could describe Rentaro, it would be his wasted talented, and pragmatism, which he is at heart. He is perceptive, intelligent, and has good enough grades to pass the tests at school. There was a time where he used to be called a genius amongst the teachers, and even a "role" model, but as they say, with great reputation, comes great responsibility. Among the teachers, that is. So, therefore, he decided to downgrade purposefully from being a genius, to just a normal student. Other than that he can be blunt, even snarky. He is, however, helpful and kind, and active when its required of him. If there is something he doesn't have to do, he won't do it, but if he does, he'll do it quick. Rentaro is also good at solving mysteries, but also a good cook. However, the latter is something he does not openly talks about. As mentioned above, he is also a pragmatic at heart, and would be willing to take the heat for something that he believe to be a good, reasonable and logical solution or an answer. Obviously, with the outcome being positive.

    Rentaro likes puzzles, games, tea, manga/light novels, books, mystery and cats. So there is always somethig that would keep him occupied if neccessary, to pass the time.

    The Kobayashi: A family that is neither ritch, or poor. They're basically in the middle, or as someone would call it, they'd be middle-class at best. They are a family of five. They run a restaurant called Koba Koba Diner, and that place in itself is their home, or the backside of it. Other than that, their family is quite happy, whereas his big sister, Kobayashi, Saya, is both in college and working at the diner, with their mother, Kobayashi, Harumi, and their father, Kobayashi Taro. The youngest sibling, Kobayashi, Momoka, is currently in middle school.

    Father: Kobayashi, Taro - A cheerful and energetic person. Always there for his family, and lively as ever to his customers. Rentaro's relationship with his father is solid, but nothing successfully goes past his father unnoticed. In some way, he always knows when something is up. He is as wise as one can get. He is an exceptional cook, and Rentaro would agree to that. Other than that, his father is persistent as one can get, and expect the good grades his son used to get.

    Mother: Kobayashi, Harumi - More considerate and kind than Rentaro's father, and in a different way. She is more loving and caring, or at the very least, shows it to all her kids. If there is anything all the siblings know, then thats to listen to her, because if one doesn't, then her wrath won't go unnoticed at home. Her relationship with Rentaro is unique and much more normal than Rentaro with his father. She wants him to follow his own path, and is more than just okay with his current grades. All she ever wants is to know how his school life is going, or if he has a girlfriend, or likes someone.

    Older Sister: Kobayashi, Saya - The oldest sibling in the Kobayashi family and one that's usually at odds with Rentaro. It's more or less about how he 'slacks' at school, and the fact that he has to stay a role model, but not for those at school, but at home, for their parents. She likes to pry as well, to a degree, asking him about his current class, the teachers and anything that may interest her. After all, she also went to the same high school.

    Younger Sister: Kobayashi, Momoka - Rentaro has a very sweet relationship with his little sister. If anything, he tries to help her out with school, or anything that would bug her there. She loves him quite dearly as well, and tends to play or stay in his room. Their interests are mostly the same, to a point. However, Momoka takes almost if not identically after her mother, and constantly helps her out at the Diner. If there is anything their mother says, it's that Momoka, is way more helpful than both Saya and Rentaro himself. Someone they both could learn from.

    Shibuya, Makoto: They have a good relationship within the club and outside of it. However, to Rentaro, Makoto is basically the opposite. He is a pragmatic, whereas, Makoto is somewhat an idealist. It is not obvious by first impression that the latter is an idealist, however Rentaro knows that no matter how he would act in regards of an issue, an event, Makoto would do it differently. Though, here's another one who does not prefer Rentaro to go on about with his life as he does. The fact that he is wasting his talent and doesn't do something about it. They don't neccessarily talk about it, however there have been times where it has been brought up. Other than that, they have a good relationship. Rentaro does not hate or dislike Makoto.

    Asakura, Natsu: They have an okay relationship at best, or rather, one would call it neutral. If there is a slacker in the club, it would be Natsu, however, they do share something similar. Natsu tends to study when its neccesary to keep his grades up. He is intelligent, but would rather laze around and do something else. He is cheerful and way more hyper when it comes to socializing in general. Rentaro does not mind that, or even talks about it, though from the test scores, he always ends up above Natsu. He does not brag, because thats how Rentaro is. He almost if not tends to ignore the indirect remarks Natsu makes towards him, towards his intellect. Maybe he considers himself a rival to Rentaro. He does not really care about how others think of him, especially Natsu.

    Osaki, Ruri: If there is anyone who would have more knowledge in the manga world, or who would read more than Rentaro, then it would be her. Ruri is more of an Otaku than himself, and not only that, she tends to give him the vibe of a superhero. She should have just become one. Though he does find her personality rock solid, and likes that, but she reminds him about his father, which is not neccessarily a bad thing. Only that, the look she, from time to time gives him, is of the same look as his father. He, however, ignores it knowingly, that she would want him to use his talents for the "greater" good. She is quite persistent when it comes to him, always trying to involve him in more than one activity.

    Mizunohara, Yuki: A rare case. A trap. Someone he believed was a woman at first. Someone he almost feels uncomfortable around, mainly because he can't help but agree that he's pretty. It makes him almost nauscious, but he ends up swallowing that feeling, by constantly reminding himself that he is the same gender as himself. Though he does whisper, or think to himself about how the girls at the school fawn over him, just because of his looks. Ah, the easy life he has ahead of himself. Just wonderful.

    Oshiro, Kin: He finds her sweet, and nothing more, nothing less. She has a temper which he doesn't feel the need to address. If there is anything, they have a good social relationship. She seems to be more at ease when talking to him in terms of others, and he willingly complies to that mindfully. He does find her interesting, and does feel that she needs that little push to come out from her shell. To stop being uncomfortable around others, and stay true to what and who she really is. Though both Rentaro and Kin share something, and that's them being blunt, however unlike Kin, he tends to think before acting. Since Kin would end up in trouble by being too blunt. There is a limit to everything, and Rentaro has taken the "heat" to find a pragmatic solution more than once, where the outcome is positive for Kin, but also where he ends up as the "bad" guy amongst some students at the school.

    Tadatsume, Yoshiko: A tsundere at heart, and something Rentaro finds tiring, rather than annoying. He does not have anything against the way she acts, rather, his relationship with her is on good grounds, and so it shall be. He knows that the woman always wants the opposite of what she says, and he tends to comply just to have her stop acting like a tsundere. If anything, he'd rather want her to be honest.

    Angel, Aki: A freshman, and someone he doesn't really have something against. Rentaro does believe that she is too much of an optimist, but does not share his thoughts in regards of that openly, or directly with her, or anyone else. There is no need, since it's nothing but a trivial matter. Rather, he finds its commendable, to the fact that she continues to believe in the best outcome, or concludes for the best option there is. Her confidence is a bit too much in regards of that, because at some point, one has to be realistic. There are conclusions where one will never get the result they'd want. Rentaro does, however, have a neutral relationship with here. They do talk from time to time, and that's pretty much it.

    Iwata, Miyoko: His relationship with Iwata-sensei isn't unique or abnormal. Like most of the students at the school they mostly have a student-teacher relationship. However, she does remind him constantly about what he can achieve with his talents, instead of wasting it purposefully. If there is one thing they have in common, it would be cats. Though she is understanding and kind to him and those in the club. Other than that, there isn't anything special to make a note of.

    Success: Not that much of a weakness, but definetely something he doesn't want. It's more like a burden if anything. Achieving success would just add more weight on his shoulders. Add more responsibilites to his life, though when one does grow up, it's basically what inevitably happens. It's something he cannot escape.

    Rentaro was born into an easy-going family, middle-class at best, but nothing more or nothing less. He is the middle child, meaning he has an older sister and a younger one. His father and mother have a restaurant, or rather, a diner called the Koba Koba Diner. It is well known by the locals who know the family well enough, whereas from time to time, some of them get their food delivered at home. Though that's only personal, as sometime, some customers cannot make it to the diner because of old age. So out of respect and courtesy, Rentaro, is from time to time, sent to deliver.

    Other than that, they've had a pretty normal and standard lifestyle. There is nothin extraordinary about the Kobayashi family. The oldest sibling, Kobayashi Saya has a good reputation at her college. She has great grades and is basically striving for what she wants. Rentaro's youngest sister, is the brightest of them all. Cute and works wonders at home, helping out their mother and father as much as she want. She is mostly attached to Rentaro and tends to stay at his room whenever she can. Rentaro does not mind that at all, and would very much enjoy her company. Though her mother does scold him nonchalantly from filling her mind with his pragmatic ideals.

    Obviously, even Rentaro doesn't want that, even if he doesn't really admit it. Rentaro was or actually, technically, still is a talented student at school, though his pragmatic nature is in the way, and keeps him from utlizing his talent. It's his own choice, but back in middle school, he used to have the top grades in his class, and occasionally, even throughout the school. The very first year in high school, he had exceptional grades. Though it all changed at some point, whereas he couldn't help but rather not be that ideal student everyone should follow, or be like. Whenever his teacher would use an example, he'd be in the middle of it.

    Rentaro is not the greatest students of all times, and he wanted to remove himself from his current reputation. So as years went by, he became 'less' talented. He became your average student. Good enough to pass the grades or the tests. His reputation amongst the teachers changed as well. There were less responsibility. Less people in the class coming to him for help with homework, or an upcoming test. His older sister does nag him occasionally to do something with his life. He is after all, a Senior at his school. It's his last year and one has to prepare for the future. His teacher also nagged him from time to time to join a club at some point in his high school life, which he eventually did. He had to, and did so. Not only because of the teachers, but also because of his older sister. Thats how he became a part of the very same club his classmate, Ruri is in.

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  3. Name: Iwata, Miyoko
    aka; No.4, aka Heartseed

    "Ehehehe, Good Kids should always listen to Sensei...
    Did you know, Number Four is the best of them all?"

    Age: 28 - Grade: N/A Instructor - Weight: 50.54kg (111.4lb) - Height: 158.70 cm (5 ' 2 12)
    Class: 1C​


    No. 4: Heartseed, or number four, is a rather malicious, violent, cruel being, looking to push and test the human will and spirit to its limits. Purely to see drama playout, with harm and a bit of blood. Heartseed No.4 is reportedly as cruel as the previous four, but far more whimsical with "her" demands and pranks, what it is, and truly likes and dislikes is a mystery.

    Though being out for its own personal amusement is a strong sign. When the beast is no longer amused.. Well that's the question. Heartseed has a very dim opinion on humans, often calling them insects, or bringing up the flaws in others, seeking to test the so called "Good" in humanity.

    While the other Heartseed's are dispassionate, collectivized or random with motives and personality, No.4 Is the most human of the lot, being somewhat emotional and sadistic. Given this is a game to No. 4 however, "she" does observe a few rules as her predecessors do.

    Iwata Sensei: Miss Iwata tends to be a fairly common, soft spoken Japanese woman in her upper 20's. Into some modern pop culture and traditional ones from the past, Miyoko teaches Japanese Language and Civic Studies. Overseer of the Student Cultural Society, Class 1C Homeroom teacher.

    Likes; Barbeque meats, cats, poetry, J pop, historical music and historical sites. Adores her husband, very respectable to her parents with no reporter problems there, though a spoiled only child. Generally seen as a dutiful worker and friendly to her students. Seems to adore small children and babies.

    Overall a friendly woman, that seems small and fragile, without any ill will to her being...though jealousy is given to flare up, in regards to her small bust. She's rather self conscious about this.

    Dislikes; People that don't apply themselves, the lazy, those who are rude and bullies. Given this and her private talks with some of the Student Cultural Society, members, she'll often pull some slack for them with the Principle. While of course trying to steer them away from such violent courses.

    Also dislikes smoking, dogs, women who look better than her, bemoans some matters at home, strong coffee, bitter foods, physically demanding activities. In this regards its known widely that she'll often on field day, to take an announcers spot, being unable to cope well with physical exertion.

    It could be said it hurts her spirits a bit seeing her students fail, she wants them to not end up lonely as adults, and to enjoy their youth.


    Mother: Akumo Kaede House wife, Retired, Age 57
    Father: Akumo Seijiro, Police Officer, Retired, Age 59

    Reportedly good, dutiful Daughter, if somewhat spoiled.

    Husband: Iwata Nakamura, occupation Police Officer, Age 29

    Reportedly good, though she seems more in a hurry for kids than he, which leads to some less than subtle hints from her at him.

    Heartseed's relations with others of "her" kind should be seen as adversarial.

    Relationships: As the Student Cultural Society's Overseer, Miyoko has a rough understanding of each child and tries to treat them rather well, even bringing in a few good natured trouble makers and socially isolated ones, into the club, in the hopes it will help them build life long friendships. Because of this Miyoko may be well liked, or seen as another teacher. She doesn't pick favorites or peruses matters past a professional level. Thus she can be seen as a good Sensei but one who isn't in the friend circle so to speak.

    Sadly she tends to after listing to the ground work for the clubs various fairs and activites, fall asleep on the spot, with her head on rooms work table. Often snoring and talking about random things in her sleep... from names of her children, to hatred on women with big boobs, to having a pair of her own, or even about plates of meat.

    Weakness: Most of her weaknesses would be around her age, size, physical ability and being spoilt. Because of this while she is a good teacher, she can throw surprisingly childish tantrums. Normally easily rectified, she is a surprisingly simple minded and good natured woman. Which is likely why No.4 had so little problems with dominating her as a host.

    No. 4: Generally unknown. Given he won't play against him or her self, its likely the same as all others of "her" kind. Boredom.


    No. 4: "I'm just number four, spun off of the anger of one, the failure of two, and the collective rage of 3, when they all failed against some brats once before. They cast me off in the name of efficiency and made something far more dangerous and Chaotic than they realize. Ehehehehe! Other than that, well an insect like you wouldn't understand, now if you don't mind.. I would have you forget this all."

    Iwata: "Um.. Well I guess after college I started working here, Married my husband, took over for Ota Senpai, three years ago now, was it so? Ehehe, the kids are sweet...mostly.. So even the current seniors I know. Other than that, pretty fun, simple life, yeah?"

    Iwata's early life is pretty typical, average grades, generally fitting in with the mold, if she had any failings it would be in her physical health. Given her father being a cop, not many dared bully her, and she wasn't afraid of using that card growing up on others who were being bullied, given her frail health and silver hair, she was often called "Hime" growing up. A name that has stuck among some of her fellow teachers, given the woman's small stature and elegant manner of dress.

    Theme Song No. 4

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  4. Name: Osaki, Ruri​

    "Lets see here.. Damn it old man.. learn to write better, and to buy things not in slums..."

    Age: 18 - Grade: Third Year Senior 3C - Weight: 54.4kg (119.14lbs) - Height: 167.6 cm (5'6")

    Personality: A true tomboy by most estimates, while she wears the girl's uniform, she'll often ditch it in favor of a track suit, finding the skirt just "weird" to wear for long periods of time. Ruri knows very little in regards to fashion or most girly things, though ironically she mostly dresses in colors complementing one another. The only exception to this would be a black hair ribbon, ever present around the girl's long pony tail. Normally friendly if uncouth, Ruri is a rather nice girl, if not a bit smart mouthed and violent. Curiously seems to always have a bit of gum with her, lacking in some basic manners, this could be reflected in her ill breed upbringing, as some would term it.

    A fierce defender of justice, Ruri has often engaged in conflict with bullies, or a bit of a stand off, is a surprisingly good wrestler. Unfortunately this reputation often paints her as a violent delinquent, with first impressions going poorly, or nicely... Curiously unlike most Tomboys, Ruri is fully aware of her... physical growth. While quick to anger, Ruri is mostly fearless in the face of danger. Willing to protect her friends from bullies and other threats, to be such a gruff ill mannered girl, she lives up to her childhood icons. Has a strong interest in Manga and Anime.

    While she seems like a ill mannered girl, who lounges around class, she'll often pull all nighters, helping out her father, and studying, desperate for a university grant. She seeks to prove her brother wrong, that they can rise up in society and help the family legally. Because of all of this, she has a soft spot for hard workers, the poor and those willing to give there all... However she's not exactly up to speed on the law, often drinking in spite of her age, alongside her father, for example.

    Given this she may miss the true feelings of others, even herself, but she can be counted on to be honest and direct. Can be surprisingly easily embarrassed in regards to being treated like a girl.

    Likes; Anime, Cars, Guns, Manga, Sentai Rangers, Kamen Rider, Chocolate, bubble gum, family, friends, putting down the "bad guys", Beer and food stall carnival foods. Loves Takoyaki and Unagi.

    Dislikes; Bullies, snobs, "silly laws" (such as the drinking limit), liars, pushy people, those who bring up her ancestry, or make fun of her family.


    Family: The Osaki family is rather poor, at the bottom rung of the ladder, be it society or economics, albeit happy. A rough, some would say, simple minded family. Managing a scrap yard and small bread stall, they barely make it by. Frustrated with the family the Eldest son Kenta has turned to crime, while Ruri is torn between joining him on that, or continuing her own difficult path.

    Father: Osaki Kenji, Junk dealer, Age 44

    She and her father get along well enough, though differences in their life choices, and ambitions can lead to some strained arguments. Its not unusual to see them at odds, or for her to be hanging off of his back in a choke hold. Overall their relationship seems fairly "normal".

    Mother: Osaki, Suzuki, seamstress/baker. Age 42

    The pair get along rather well, though her mother doesn't seem quite normal, often experimenting with bread recipe's, or ignoring the reality of life around her, being rather happy go lucky in a poor situation. She's a rather loving mother that makes the best of a bad situation, because of this Ruri is often respectable with her mother, and its one of the few times she seems like a girl. Suzuki is half Japanese, half white American, and is where Ruri and her siblings get their less typical Japanese features.

    Three Brothers: Relations tend to be rather cordial with her brothers, from mutual roughhousing to typical sibling interactions. Though not always peaceful.

    Osaki, Kenta: Yakuza gang member, Age 24

    Relationship can be friendly, to violently clashing, he is the only sibling out on his own, often tries to bring the family into what he sees as the "only way ahead", to most of their displeasure, though begrudgingly they'll admit the boy has more money than they.. His personality tends to be rather gruff and head strong. In spite of this, Ruri tends to be close with him, though the pair often literally butt heads.

    Osaki, Tojiro: Helps family with odd jobs, works at a convenience store, Age 22

    Generally taking after his parents as a bit of a middle child Tojiro is given to roughhousing, and trying to help the family out. He had rather poor grades in school, and has some difficulty in socializing, seems to agree with Kenta more and more as of late.

    Osaki, Ota: Middle school Student, Age 12

    Largely a bit of a good natured brat, he takes after his fellow siblings, aware of the problems in his household, he's rather close to his "Nee-san" as he's given to calling Ruri, this one seems aware of his sisters hard efforts to improve and aid the family honestly, rather than turning to crime or accepting the reality of it. Overall the most normal member of the family.


    Relationships: others tbd.

    Shibuya, Makoto: Long term childhood friend, often has him over at her house, seeing him as a brother, she harbors some feelings for him, though she doesn't consider it love, more of a comrade, an ally of justice, like herself. Though at times even she is unsure of that, curiously she doesn't pry into his visits, which have been commonplace, even as a small boy, tends to turn down his offers, preferring to build her own future, with her own hands..

    Kin, Oshiro: See's her as a sweet girl and appreciates her honest nature, tends to be on alright terms with the girl, seeing her as being a big kid with a mean temper.

    Asakura, Natsu: See's him as a bit of a clown and friendly person, wishes he would strive harder for his own sake, but doesn't push it.. Well not too often..

    Yoshiko Tadatsume: Generally, Ruri does not like her. While she'll be "friendly" enough with the girl, Ruri often assumes her to be a rich snob, just in here to kill time, or as she wants something. Given the hugely differing personalities, upbringing, and income, there may be some animosity, but given Tadatsume's manner of being, Ruri attempts to be friendly, not out of obligation, but out of concern for the girl.

    Iwata, Miyoko: Sees her as a good teacher, and has rather cordial relations with her family, first as a delivery girl, 2ndly as a trouble case. Relations with the family is largely that of teacher and student.

    Kobayashi, Rentaro: See's him as an underachieving sort, hiding or wasting most of his capabilities, very much the tsundere sort. Having noting him helping others before vanishing, or at least rushing it. Short of Manga and games, the pair have little in common, wishing he would try harder and to make use of his talents, Ruri is at times disappointed in him, wondering just what, if anything would make him serious.


    Weakness: Too be such a strong girl, Ruri is rather weak on several hidden fronts

    Predictable Situation: Given Ruri is quick to anger and to use physical violence, getting her to dance in ones hand, is rather easy, if not extremely dangerous to carry out. Her secret fears in regards to wanting to be a Mechanic or Police officer, are also a constant worry, plus the situation with her brother.

    Also taken into account, the buttons in regards to her family poverty, tomboyish nature and liking ungirly things, are all weak points for barbs from Heartseed. With Failure being an ever present option before the girl, she may not be as strong as she seems, more so if faced with no way out.

    Dogs: Given an incident in her childhood from being bitten and left trapped on a rusting car for hours, Ruri is scared of dogs, its one of the few physical beings she'll keep away from, or be scared of. Sadly dogs seem to like her, more so bigger, larger species like Saint Bernard's, burying her under their massive paws and tongues.

    Its not unusual to see her freeze up and cry. While to some it may be cute, its clear soon after its not a game, she is terrified of them.

    Superstitions: Given her family influence, particularly her grand parents, Ruri can be fearful of the supernatural, or outright hostile towards it, without reason or plan. Because of this, she's a known devout shrine patron.

    History: Ruri in principle came to join the club, by following in the wake of Makoto, she ended up in the class, though she seems to know Miss Iwata's husband, having had run in's with him, on her various vigilanty actions, curiously the Iwata family have taken an active interest in the girl, trying to encourage her down a better path than that of her brother... though Iwata Sensei is given to calling her Barbie, and mumbling to herself about the others comparatively large bust size.

    The other students of the club, Ruri had meet over the course of her years in school, having differing opinions on each, it could be said the teacher and Makoto are the main reasons she joined. While always willing to help out, she's not among the most out going with event planning. Minus with games, those she loves to plan.

    Her General history is marked with violence and poverty, though in a stable caring home. Given her heritage and social standing, the girl was no stranger to being bullied, being the only girl around a den of rowdy boys, she knows how to fight rather well. In her early years, given hand-me-down clothing, she was often mistaken for a boy, even her childhood best friend, believed she was a boy for the longest time.

    Until puberty anyway. Of course by then, anyone that would take an interest in her, would be fully aware of her violent nature, this has lead to several rumors around the girl, including her being a delinquent. Like her parents she seems apathetic or bored, blowing her gum.

    If an injustice, or bullying attempt is around her however, she tends to get fired up. Given her family history and difficulty in her situation, the Iwata's often will speak with the girl on campus, in hopes that she doesn't follow in Kenta's footsteps. Both know the virtues of justice, more so self written ones, are easier to obtain on his side of the fence..

    Given all of this, Ruri works part time as a delivery girl in the Family Junkshop, studying tirelessly, when others assume she's likely off starting a fight. At least with her current club, the girl's nature is useful. Her activities after school, normally means she can't socialize, or at least doesn't much.
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  5. [​IMG]

    Mizunohara Yuki

    Age: 16

    Grade: 2-B Sophomore

    • Height : 5'3"
    • Weight : 52kg
    • Hair Color : Jet Black
    A brutally honest person, would often come rather snarky with his comments. Yuki would often seeks solitude rather than being in a crowd. He had a real soft spot for lollipop candies, often seen having one in his mouth. He prefers to be with his friends rather than with a crowd of strangers. Comes out harsh and unfriendly, though he's actually caring beneath that behavior.

    Very intelligent, would often be seen working on homework in the clubroom. He is also quite observant for anything that happened around him even though he looks busy doing his own thing.

    Mizunohara Family was a family that would probably be regarded as a rather normal family. Owning a small family business and having a stable life with some up and downs.
    Father - Mizunohara Minoru - Ramen Restaurant Owner
    Yuki's father is an outgoing man who likes to relate with his customers. He would playfully mock Yuki due to his build and appearance while in business. Yuki undestands his father's behavior and just go with it. He would apologize later anyway.
    Mother - Mizunohara Kana - Housewife
    Yuki looked a lot like his mother. Often spoiling him, sometimes causing disagreements over how to raise the kids. But overall, he's quite close with his mother.
    Sister - Mizunohara Kaede - Middle School Student
    The younger sister that is the direct opposite of Yuki. A very outgoing tomboy who often gets into trouble. Yuki often bickers with his sister. Though Yuki would also oftenly listened to whatever rant that she's got.

    Iwata Miyoko -
    Yuki sees her as just another teacher.

    Kobayashi Rentaro - Yuki used to consider Rentaro as some sort of 'role model' when he used to be called a genius. Nowadays, Yuki is disappointed about Rentaro dropping his reputation. Mostly as he thought that Rentaro holds himself back to not have that reputation.

    Osaki Ruri - Yuki thought Ruri alike to what he thought about his sister. Though his relationship with her is somewhat neutral and a little distant.

    Oshiro Kin - Yuki surprisingly gets along with Kin. He had suspicions on the disorder that Kin hides from him. But he wouldn't bother dealing with it unless Kin brought it up.

    Asakura Natsu - After that time Natsu feels Yuki's chest, which Yuki reacted by punching him as hard as he can. Yuki now sees him as a nuisance.

    Tadatsume Yoshiko - Yuki could see the similarity between him and Yoshiko. Though he didn't seem to be close with her.

    Shibuya Makoto - Makoto once stood up to the bullies who bullied Yuki. Yuki sees Makoto as one of those fools who never regards their own wellbeing. Though he is worried that one day Makoto's lack of self-care would severely affects his wellbeing.

    Angel Aki - Yuki is somewhat surprised with Angel's optimistic behavior. And also her inability of lying to save herself. Even if Yuki is a very honest person, he would still lie when lying would save his skin from trouble. He is also very close towards Angel.

    His Figure -
    Being a boy who is build like Yuki really attracts a lot of stuffs that is unwanted. Such as bullies, people who would mistook him as a girl, and others

    Supernatural or Disturbing Situations -
    Yuki is somewhat easily scared, thus probably inviting him to watch horror movies of any kinds are generally a not so good idea. He also got easily disturbed from hearing scary stories.

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  6. "Every time I close my eyes, it's like a dark paradise."


    Kin Oshiro

    17 years old

    Senior (Class 3B)

    - Has a small birthmark on the right side of her neck
    - Her height is 157 centimeters which is approximately 5 feet 2 inches
    - She weighs an approximate 110 pounds (50 kilograms)

    She is seen as someone that has a bubbly personality as she is almost always seen handing out small chocolate candies to people she knows, from her secret stash. This is not to be confused with outgoing or sociable as she does feel uncomfortable around strangers at times, and will ‘cling’ to anyone she is acquainted with. Other than that, with compliment to her hair color, she is a very hot-tempered person who is seen as somewhat too blunt at times. This is because she dislikes, or to be more exact, disapproves of people who beat around the bush rather than going straight to the point. She can be seen as childish at times, due to her love for chocolates, but her thinking and mind set speaks otherwise.

    Kin Oshiro is also very skeptical when it comes to first impressions. Although she knows that first impressions are not always right, she believes that every human being holds a certain vibe, or to be more logical, has a way of composing or bringing themselves up. Therefore, she does tend to avoid individuals that give off a rather bad impression.

    Tsubaki Oshiro (Father)
    - Her relationship with her father is good. They have spent a lot of time together from since she was a childhood, but as of recently, they were not able to do so because of Kin starting high school and being occupied with the StuCS, as well as her friends.

    Choi Hye Gyeong (Mother)
    - The two are almost twins as she practically inherited her traits from her mother. The only difference between the two is that her mother is very rational, patient, and gentle.

    Ren Oshiro (Brother)
    - Kin Oshiro's relationship with her elder brother is as solid as a rock, even though at times he does treat her like she is a baby. Although, there are times where she does show him she is the boss of the two.

    Rentaro Kobayashi- Kin sees herself on friendly terms with him, considering his almost 'carefree' attitude makes her least guarded with him on her disorder. Despite what many may think, she actually finds him friendly- he may say that everything would work out eventually, but he has always been someone she could count on.

    Miyoko Iwata- Like all instructors, or at least the ones that love their jobs, Iwata-sensei is a teacher who is passionate about her students, and well, her teachings. She may seem like a tyrant, and Kin thinks so too at times, but the female would prefer her over a too....'soft' instructor.

    Ruri Osaki- She admires Ruri for being able to conduct herself in front of others the way she truly was. It does get awkward at times because most of Kin's childhood friends are close to her too, maybe even closer, but she doesn't blame her for that.

    Yuki Mizunohara- To be frank, Kin sees herself hanging out or spending more time with Yuki, compared to the others. It's not like she did not like them or anything, it is just that she relates more to him. How they were honest, preferring to be with his friends rather than strangers, as well as their love for sweets. Well, his are lollipop while hers was chocolate. She has a suspicion that he knows of her disorder considering he is observant and quite analytic, but she was not going to find out.

    Natsu Asakura- She would not say she is on bad terms with the male, but if she was to be stuck with anyone in a room alone, it would not be him. The only reason being is that almost every time they interact, one of her other two sides will show up. She is trying to 'mend' their relationship, but she would not know how he will take it.

    Yoshiko Tadatsume- She generally does not get along well with this female, considering she is quite a grumps to talk to, or generally not a people's person. But what she dislikes, or more like envy, about her was that she could control her feelings. At least, most of the time. Kin tends to keep away from her as she does have a short fuse. She would rather not cause anything.

    Makoto Shibuya- If she were to choose who she would rely on the most, she would say Makoto. From a young age the male has helped her. Even until now, despite her objections. She sees him as a chocolate bar, at times. Maybe it is the child in her, but he is strong and firm on the outside, but with the right push or reasons, he was actually very soft.

    Angel Aki- She did not mind mixing with the female, but generally, they were more of acquaintances rather than friends. The other's aggressive nature keeps Kin on her toes, but she does think that the female is a rather optimistic person, which is someone she admires.


    - Clowns: To many, or at least some, clowns are associated with fun and games, but growing up as a child, Kin Oshiro could not help fear the entertainers who painted their face a striking white, alongside other bright colors while accompanied with frenzied and messed-up looking hair. Not to mention if they were to get soaked and their makeup begins to run down their face.

    - Amusement park: Disregarding her previous fear of clowns, she was not one to fear the dark. Neither was she claustrophobic, but combining these two fears, as well as the dread of being stuck in an amusement park at night makes Kin sweat slightly.

    - Her personality disorder: None of her good friends, or for that matter, any of her friends know about her personality disorder. She definitely was not proud of it. People who have found would call her crazy, smile sympathetically as though she was mentally challenged, or even just pretend to understand her before cutting off all ties with her. She did not mind not having friends, she just does not fancy facing everyone's judgmental eyes.

    Her parents met when her mother, a journalist, had to work side by side with her photographer father on a joint project from the companies they work for. Long story short, the two fell in love and were married. Kin Oshiro’s family was not rich, nor were they poor. They were somewhere in between, but she did not complain. It did not really matter to her.
    During elementary school, because of her smaller frame, she was bullied quite a bit. After a few years, while in middle school, her parents realized that she 'changes' at times. Not only from her attitude, but from the way she conducted herself. At first, they assumed she was experiencing a pre-bipolar stage due to the transactions of her school and work life, where her father was sent to America for a year to work. But after having been in this stage for quite some time, she was taken to a psychiatrist friend of her mother’s and found out that Kin was indeed diagnosed with personality disorder. This was built up over the years as she needed someone, or rather a part of her that was someone else, to protect and cope with the world as it is. It was discovered that Kin Oshiro’s personality consists of three: her usual cheerful self, her sarcastic and harsh self, as well as her sadistic self.

    As for how she met the members of StuCS? She had met a few in elementary school, while the others were when she was in middle school. During those times, she was not close to most of them, maybe a few, but since beginning high school, she has been gradually growing closer to everyone. None of them know about her 'condition', and she would like to keep it that way. Maybe a few might find her acting differently from time to time, but she does not think they know.

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  7. [​IMG]

    "When nothing goes right... go left."

    Name: Asakura Natsu | Age: 17 | Grade: Senior Class 3-A| Height: 5'11" | Weight: 171 lbs. | Hair Color: Ash Blonde | Eye Color: Reddish Brown | Complexion: Fair

    As a slacker by nature, Natsu maintains a carefree, laid-back attitude about everything, even with achieving his goals in life—if he has any. Natsu is someone capable of doing work, but is too lazy to do it correctly. He is intelligent but doesn't really feel like doing anything. He is someone who puts off doing things to the last minute, and when the last minutes comes, decides it wasn't all that important anyways and forgets about it. He has even gotten a signature phrase: "everything will work out" as a way of seeing things. He is rarely on bad terms with anyone and always decides to make friends with the people he meets. Often the one making jokes or suddenly laughs when something serious is going on, he is the comic relief or the class clown. He is deeply caring for his friends and is even ready to get into trouble for them. Although he has a kind and caring nature, when he is alone he keeps things to himself and is often seen deep in thought or with a distressed look on his face.

    Despite how unmotivated Natsu is, he has inferioity complex. He has a lack of self-worth, a doubt and uncertainty, and feelings of not measuring up to standards. It is often subconscious, and it somehow drive Natsu to overcompensate, resulting either in spectacular achievement or extreme asocial behavior. Although he has a tendency to help motivate others, he has trouble motivating himself.

    Natsu also has trouble conveying his "true" feelings. When asked how he really felt he would—habitually—smile and tell you: "everything is a-ok" although things are certainly not.

    Natsu grew up in a family whom others considers as "elite" and him being the odd one out. His inferiority complex started when he began to notice people were compairing him towards his own family members.

    Asakura Junichiro, 48 years old, Alive
    A doctor and a businessman, Natsu's father is very much an outstanding person with a big heart. Owning and working in one of the largest hospital and a few pharmaceutical stores in the city, Natsu's father is knowledge and talent at healing the sickly as well as for his generosity in selling cheaper medicine. Natsu always feels awkward whenever he hangs around his father.

    Asakura Miyuki, 44 years old, Alive
    Natsu's mother was a nurse before she became a instructor for future nurses—though at times tends to help out at the hospital. Everyone admires her for being kind and understanding, as well as still looking quite beautiful and graceful for a person of her age. At an early age he would tell her everything about anything but after she gave birth to Haru, he would always hesitate in talking to her then eventually won't tell her anything.

    Asakura Aki, 24 years old, Alive
    The eldest son and heir to their father's business, Aki has always been told that he is just like their father when he was his age. Although Aki would always reach out to Natsu and ask him to hangout like they always did with Fuyu, Natsu on the other hand would decline and tell him that he was busy—although he really isn't.

    Asakura Fuyu, 23 years old, Alive
    The second son and is the most intellegent one in the family, he is currently studying in abroad—America. He and Nastu were really close, Natsu would always tag along whenever Fuyu was around. But after Fuyu had departed to study in US, Natsu had lost all contact with him due to the fact that Fuyu was always too busy.

    Asakura Haru, 11 years old, Alive
    The youngest and is the most cunning of all the brothers. Natsu is always jealous of Haru—since he was the youngest before Haru was born, now all attention goes to him.

    Although most of them are childhood friends, sometimes Natsu wonders if they are actually "real" friends.

    Shibuya Makoto | Best Friend | @Yzmael
    Altough the term "best" is loosely used, Natsu considers Makoto as a companion at best. He admires how hardworking and kind-hearted Makoto is despite the difficulty he is in but at the same time thinks of him as an eyesore and annoyance... not because of the way Makoto is but Natsu feels rather inferior to him.

    Kin Oshiro | Friend | @Makomin
    Think this girl is quite strange but doesn't think too badly of her. Whenever he tries to be playful to her, she always reply differently—as if she was three different people and it confuses him. Although he brushes them off and say: "maybe she is on her period?"

    Mizunohara Yuki | Friend | @LowDefinition
    A nice guy, although at first he couldn't tell whether if he was a boy and a girl. Did some drastic measures in trying to confirm it (felt his chest) and comfirmed he really is a boy... Natsu did get punched though but still mission complete. Though not completely... Yuki may be just a flat chested girl.

    Osaki Ruri | Frienemy | @RedArmyShogun
    They met through a common friendship with Makoto. Since she was Makoto's best female friend, then Natsu had to befriend her too. Although they have very little in common. He sometimes feel rather annoyed whenever she is around since she is quite nosy and keeps telling him to do something with his life. Wishes she'd just leave him alone.

    Yoshiko Tadatsume | Friend-ish? | @EmperorsChosen
    Natsu finds her difficult to get along with—due to her indifference with everything that breaths. Although he tries to humor her with his antics but has yet recieves positive results. But when it comes to having an unmotivational partner during active events, he'd partnered with her any day.

    Kobayashi Rentaro | Pain-in-the-ass | @Akashi
    There are times when he get's along with Rentaro but most of the time he can't bring himself to accept him. Maybe it is because he can't stand how smart the guy is without making the effort. Natsu may be smart if he studies a bit but Rentaro's in a whole different level of smarts—somehow pisses him off (not in a 'I hate you' kind of way but the 'I want you're brain, let's switch" kind of way. If Natsu needed a wingman then sure enough it won't be him. ;P

    Angel Aki | Family Friend/Childhood Friend | @Alexstrasza
    Due to the fact that their father's work together and had been friends since their univeraity days, Natsu and Angel had been acquainted with eath other since a very young age. Though they only get to see each other during company parties, outtings and the occational birthday parties. Thinks she is a pretty sweet kid and admires how much she loves her family. Doesn't open up to her since he has bothering her with his problems.

    Iwata Miyoko | Teacher | @RedArmyShogun

    His Kind-hearted "Elite" Family
    He hates them. He hates how kind-hearted, hardworking, intelligent, understanding and caring they were. He hates how perfect they were. He hates hearing people talk about them and compairing them to him. He hates how much he feels so small and useless he is compared to them. He hates how much he can't be like them.

    He hates himself. Period. Sometimes visualizing himself jumping off a building or drowning in the ocean or getting hit by a car. He has a scar on his left wrist—one that he is not proud of—tends to hide it using a wristband or a big strapped watch or using long sleeves. Long story short, he was curious. Tried it. Didn't liked it. The only person that knew about this incident was Fuyu.

    Natsu is the third son of a family full of a medical focused family. Being the third son, he wasn't required to follow in his parents footsteps and could pretty much choice and follow his own path in life. That being said, Natsu did try his best in following his father's footsteps. He studied hard and tried his best at sports. But for some reason, no matter how much effort he put himself at the things he do, he was always second compared to his brother that always gotten first place in everything. Although that didn't bothered him since his brother's were always there to tell him that he was the one who was the best.

    Natsu's inferiority complex started when he overheard some of their relatives talking during their mother's 34th birthday. When they talked about how blesssed Miyuki was that she had such a wonderful family leaving Natsu as the odd one out. And that poor Natsu, despite how much he tried his best he'd always ends up being second or third placed. And that no matter how much he tried he could never be like his brothers. This devistated Natsu but didn't let their words get through him. But as the days pass, then turned into weeks, then months and eventually a year, there wa sstill no improvement and it was there that it finally sunk into him: he wasn't the best nor he will ever be.

    After he had finally got the message that he was a hopeless case, he stopped trying his best. Would settle with passing grade instead of top ranking ones. His whole family started noticing the sudden dropping of his grades and asked him if there was anything wrong and that they wanted to help. But Natsu only smiled and told them that everything was fine and that they shouldn't worry about him. Although he said that but his family still worry. Then things just became awkward and Natsu suddenly became distant towards his family.

    He then eventually met Makoto while he was trying to fight off the bullies that were bothering him. They didn't became instant friends, mind you. Natsu was being difficult at first as Makoto tried to help him. Natsu would bluntly tell him that he didn't need his help from a poor guy like him, but even so that didn't stop Makoto. And because of Makoto's persistants, they were forced to become friends. Natsu was then introduced to Ruri. Of course, Natsu and Ruri wasn't on good terms at the beginning either. It took time for them to warm up to each other and eventually thought she wasn't so bad.

    It was because of those two that Natsu became his friendly and energetic, playful self again—minus the hardworking one.

    When they all started highschool, Natsu didn't really like joining any clubs and feels unmotivated to do so until he randomly blurted out: "let's just start our own club" he said half-heartedly during their first year of highschool.
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  8. [​IMG]
    Name: Yoshiko Tadatsume
    Age: 17
    Grade: Senior, Class A3
    Appearance: Height - 5’7”; Weight - 129 lbs
    Personality: Yoshiko is an unfeeling well of rudeness, sarcasm, laziness and shit-talking… at least, that's what many have come to consider her as. Honestly, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that that opinion was deserved. Yoshiko typically maintains a blank, cold or grumpy demeanor at most times, easily annoyed or aggravated when one interrupts her indulgences in escapism via games, music, comics, movies, TV, etc. due to such vices being her only way of clawing out of her responsibilities and pressure set on by her family. It is as such why Yoshiko for the most part has trouble caring about much of anything or taking time to simply enjoy herself; pressure and stress never quite leave her mind, withholding from her the ability to just be happy.

    Reiko Tadatsume- Yoshiko’s mother, a perhaps too—energetic individual for her kind of work. Reiko, while being the most supportive of Yoshiko in the family, it isn’t saying much. She isn’t around much more than her father and with how pushy and persistent the woman is, Yoshiko finds it very difficult to stay around her for an extended period of time. Yoshiko can’t understand the feeling herself, but she just can’t bring herself to trust or let her guard down around the woman. Not to mention that her mother tends to uncover whatever she has hiding with little effort; a snake with a silver tongue, as Yoshiko sees her.
    Ryotaro Tadatsume- Yoshiko’s father who proves to be damn near the opposite of his spouse. Unlike Reiko, Yoshiko’s father remains cold, apathetic and strict with the results he gets. He sees no point in getting involved with his family less he is required to take control in order to get more results out of his child. Straight to the point and condescending, the only time Ryotaro spends time with his daughter is when he sees a possibility for improvement and to demand said increased proficiency.

    Kobayashi, Rentaro - Yoshiko for the most part, if she does socialize, it'll be with Rentaro. Mainly it is as she sees them as kindred spirits and similar. Not that she'll be overly chatty with him, but she gets along well enough with him.

    Iwata, Miyoko - Yoshiko sees her as a nice teacher and understands when she does things, she's only trying to help. It was because of her that she joined the club in the first place. The woman gets on her nerves a bit when she gets pushy, though understands that she means well. She is, after all, the only one that gets on her case to do something that might make her happy, rather than grades.

    Osaka, Ruri - While the girl keeps on "friendly" terms with her, Yoshiko can't help but feel some animosity coming from her whenever the two associate, like someone who's nice even though they dislike you simply because of where they are or to keep up appearances, which irks the girl a bit. Yoshiko doesn't mind it when someone dislikes her, it's nothing new, but she doesn't care for beating around the bush or pleasantries for no reason.

    Mizunohara, Yuki - A trap. When Yoshiko first encountered the boy, she assumed that "she" was going to be the princess type off looks. When that bubble was burst and she saw how the boy really is, she noted some similarities, and when others take his words as hostile or rude, she'll usually just take them as blatant and brutally honest. They'd probably talk more—if they weren't both so withdrawn.

    Oshiro, Kin - An alright girl, if not a bit ditzy and shy. Yoshiko has no issues with the girl. She seems to be avoiding her for whatever reason, which Yoshiko makes no outstanding effort to find out why or close the gap.

    Asakura, Natsu - Somewhat of a kindred spirit, but appreciated nonetheless. The boy mainly spends his time humoring those around, even trying to lift her spirits a few times albeit with not much success. Yoshiko appreciates the effort, just can't focus on the joke without all her worries burying all humor she would have found in it. An easy choice when it comes to trying to skip out on events that don't seem too interesting or look like too much effort.

    Shibuya, Makoto - Makoto remains as the surprising other reason Yoshiko agreed to join the club, possessing a bit of a crush on him, to say the least. Thus far, Yoshiko has been able to relax around him and forget her stress and obligations for the period of time she spends with him, which is something she has not experienced, even hanging around people she likes and enjoys the company of. Needless to say, Yoshiko thinks rather highly of Makoto, if not thinking his hero complex gets him into more trouble than he should let it. She still finds some charm in that aspect of his personality though.

    Angel, Aki - Not much of a relationship is built between these two. Yoshiko doesn't necessarily dislike the girl, but she seems to not be too keen on the heiress. Rather than be rude, the girl seems to avoid her altogether, much like Kin. As such, Yoshiko doesn't spend much time trying to form an opinion of her.

    Weakness: Yoshiko’s weakness is her lack of ability to care. There are people filled with ambition and hope everywhere and Yoshiko is certainly not one of those people. Her future is already set for her and due to constant pressure and stress set on by her family, the girl is incapable of caring about really anything, nor can she just be happy or enjoy herself. Tests, conflict, love and stressors most her age would be dealing with, Yoshiko could not be affected by them even if she wanted to—aside from maybe that last one…

    Regardless, this issue has left Yoshiko with a withdrawn, unsociable personality and without much drive or feeling for much of anything.

    History: Born as the only child to Arms Corporation CEO’s, Yoshiko was pressured since early on as the only plausible successor to her parents’ company. Yoshiko spent her early life pampered, likely as much as most other her age would dream of living, unfortunately the girl felt it difficult to enjoy her downtime due to the constant reminder of her responsibilities and worry towards her duties and the future. Add that to the fact that her father was only ever around when he wanted to berate her, it was unsurprising when the girl began to enter a phase of rebellion somewhat.

    During her grade school days, the young heiress was home-schooled. However, once she stopped caring and trying, her mother thought that her newfound depression lied with being stuck in the company building all day. So, she switched her to a school, which worked in terms for grades. However, this presented a new problem; conflict.

    Yoshiko’s grades most definitely improved from when she was sheltered, however her attitude seemed to worsen and she somehow got herself kicked out of several prestigious private and charter schools, leading to her simply transferring to a public school and sticking there for the remainder of her middle school years. Mainly, her expulsions were as a result of her conflicting with those around her. Obviously, the girl wasn’t a social butterfly and unlike her mother, did not possess a silver tongue, so when it came to dealing with people that were the tiniest bit rude—Well, they would say things, she would retort, then it would either go back and forth like this or escalate further.

    In public school these incidents lessened—officially. It seemed as though there were less tattle-tales and those that sought to get involved than in those snob-filled academies. This life has lead up to her current status in the Student Cultural Society. Truly, Yoshiko was only dragged into it due to the constant nagging by the club supervisor. Well, there might be another reason—but it’s unlikely she’d make it known.
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  9. Name:
    Shibuya, Makoto

    Height: 6'2" | Weight: 170.5 lbs/ 77,3kg | Eyes: Amber | Hair: Light Red

    "Hey, there. Anything I can help with?"

    Age: 18
    Grade: Senior | Class 3-B

    You don't meet Makoto randomly... Though that has more than often happened.

    Makoto is the delinquent with a golden heart, the sick man who'll help absolutely anyone in need, even if they have backstabbed him a few minutes ago. He is a caring man that always seems to be smiling, but knows when to be serious and when to work hard. Makoto is kind, caring and tends to be direct and blunt at times. This doesn't mean he doesn't have a sense of humor, just that he doesn't like to joke while he's working... Which is most of the time. Has an incredibly strong sense of justice, never accepting anything he sees as wrong and going as far as beating bullies or anyone who does bad acts, which has earned him quite some reputation as a delinquent. Whenever asked about it, he doesn't seem to mind.

    Although extremely kind, helpful and never hesitating to help anyone in need, this also can hurt him pretty badly, specially his health. He doesn't seem to mind the situation, however, and has had situations in which he had just woke up from one of his collapses, gotten up and starting to work once more. He doesn't seem to care if he doesn't rest and usually will require outside aid to stop and breathe, otherwise he won't even breathe until he's done.

    When it comes to his favorite sport, in this case, Basketball, he is slightly more passionate than most things, which hints at the possibility that he actually may go down this for his future. He has a strong sense of responsibility towards the sport, moreso than he does for his own well-being, but not as much as he does to the club and everyone else in it.

    In truth, however, all of this is done to prove a point to his parents and to fan off their hatred of him, which often doesn't seem to be successful, no matter how much Makoto tries. Though he'll often take the psychological beating quietly or just close the door to his room, he'll, most of the time, just not go home at all, sometimes avoiding going back home all he can, others going to Ruri's house to help her.

    The Shibuya family is an extremely rich family, although most of the money is divided to the 12 brothers who own business all over the city. Some are currently owning stores, others are managing corporations. Although this much is true, Makoto's father is most likely at the bottom of the line.

    Shibuya, Miya - Housewife Mother: Makoto's mother is the only reason he still cares to go back home, as she might be in need for something. Makoto will often go home just to see her and help her with housework and cooking. Miya avoids Makoto in most ways possible. She doesn't speak much to him and doesn't seem to show to care for him at all. During his visits, they usually just do housework and then she tells him to go off to his own life, even if she sounds reluctant while doing that.

    Shibuya, Daisuke - Unemployed Father: The person that Makoto probably hates and dreads the most. Daisuke has more than often expressed his hatred towards the boy in violence, which results in the two fighting most of the times they meet now, but before it could also be resumed into all forms of psychological pressure and harm he could manage to do. Daisuke hates Makoto for reasons the boy doesn't understand and this is more than visible to anyone that has known Makoto for long enough.

    Oda, Mamoru - Corporate Owner Uncle: Though his father hates him, Mamoru, one of the brothers of Daisuke, owner of a great corporate and most likely the richest brother of the family, seems to harbor some protectiveness of Makoto, who sought him out in an attempt to have at least some family. Mamoru has expressed interest in even adopting Makoto at points and acts like a father for the boy who has nearly nothing else to do. He is the reason Makoto is always helping someone.


    Osaki, Ruri:
    Makoto and her are the best of friends. A long story from their childhood up to now leads to a friendship that has caused him to completely ignore the fact she's a girl and act much like the two are brothers. He will many times attempt to help her out regarding her family's difficulties, some times even doing odd jobs and sharing the money with her family for overstaying, as he believes he may be a in their home far too often to help... He is constantly asking if she needs any form of help with her family, even going as far as guaranteeing her a job in one of his uncle's stores or corporations.

    Oshiro, Kin:
    Makoto met Kin in elementary school, where he beat many of the bullies that were attempting to bullying her. Though she'll often playfully say he was actually beaten, he'll just laugh it off and say that it was completely the opposite. He doesn't seem to mind nor notice the fact that the girl sometimes acts differently than her normal, just believing that she may be a girl that's going through some difficulties. He's often offering her help in that regard, but she seems to blatantly refuse to explain the situation or even accept it.

    Asakura, Natsu:
    Makoto's trusted friend. He sometimes will act playfully with Natsu when there's no work for him. Unbeknownst to Makoto, Natsu currently faces a problem very similar to him, so the two might have more in common than they think. Outside of that, Makoto finds him to be trustworthy and friendly, laughing from his jokes and agreeing with them most of the time. Natsu's evasiveness towards him tends to be something he doesn't understand, and he often offers to help regarding anything that he may need.

    Tadatsuke, Yoshiko:
    Makoto met her through contacts with his father. The two mostly found themselves doing relaxing things at most. The interesting fact that is mostly hidden to everyone is that he actually enjoys Yoshiko's company more so than he looks to. He's usually trying his best to make her relax from her typical pressure probably put on her by her parents, which he also has been aware of. He has no idea of it's intensity, however, and believes her to only need some fun and to keep away from studying or working so that she can do those things effectively.

    Kobayashi, Rentaro:
    He finds Rentaro to be very different from him. If anything, they are polar opposites. The boy is naturally talented, whereas Makoto is average at everything. The boy usually does only what's necessary while Makoto strives to do absolutely everything he finds of possible. The boy has a loving and caring family, but Makoto's hate him. He doesn't dislike the boy, though, but gets rather angry at the fact that he is not using his natural skills for a great good. He also deeply dislikes the boy's manipulative nature and somewhat self-destructive intention towards his social circles, much akin to Makoto's self-destructive nature towards himself.

    Aki, Angel:
    Makoto sees her as a complicated person. Although she is often honest and friendly towards him, he feels the necessity to protect her more as a sister than as a friend, which is amplified by her naive personality. Although Makoto himself can be somewhat naive, he is far from her level, and the two share as somewhat brother/sister relationship with him caring for her well-being but not caring at all for his.

    "I must do whatever it takes!"
    Makoto will, always, go overboard. It's not hard to see that he doesn't know how to control himself and this lack self control added to the lack of self-caring causes a massive setback that always causes him to go overboard. He also is quite easy to manipulate, specially if there's anything related to helping other people. Of course, this doesn't mean he'll strike a deal with the devil, but if there's any way he finds to help people, even if it costs him something, he'll probably do it.

    His family's hatred towards him also causes quite some distress, specially regarding the word "useless". Makoto fears the fact that he might be useless and the fact that he might be seen as completely mediocre, which in truth, if one doesn't consider his skill in basketball, he is. His grades are mediocre, his cooking is average, his abilities are average. The only thing in which he excels is sports, in which he tends to have an above average grade. Even then, he still isn't too far from the normal person. This mediocrity can be easily used as a weapon against him, since he understands that's probably why his family hates him.

    Caution to the wind
    Makoto will easily throw his own welfare to the winds if it means someone else is being helped in the process. He doesn't seem to care about his health and well being at all, sometimes fasting for almost an entire day or working/training until he collapses. The later has happened a dozen times already just this year, mainly in school during the basketball team training.

    The Weight of my Sins
    Makoto's biggest fear, biggest weakness: Being a burden to others. Makoto feels like this is the main reason his parents disliked him and this is why he was abandoned the way he was. He feels that a burden is never remembered, but always a relief when it is left behind. A good analogy would serve as this: Makoto believes everyone is in the sea. Makoto is below the sea, but he's not at the bottom nor near the surface. He's exactly at the middle. Makoto feels forced to bring up people, but once they're above him, he has to let them go. Otherwise he's just a weight to them. He'll often find himself begging other people's pardons for being too useless to aid them when they might need.

    Makoto's story is not that of a happy childhood or a comforting family. Makoto was born to an already rather dysfunctional family, and during his baby life, he was actually extremely well-treated, raised by a happy father. However, upon reaching an older age, something drastically changed. The parents started to constantly fight, with his father beating his mother regularly. As time passed, the two became more and more estranged and the love they possessed for the poor child became void.

    Since then, his life was pretty much hell on earth. His father would abuse of him and beat him sometimes almost daily. His mother would abstain from the cause, always avoiding him and trying to stay away from him. His entire life would be turned upside down and it'd grow to the point where, one day, the boy rushes out of school and takes the first bus he sees, in this case, towards the industrial district. There, the boy runs towards the first place he'd see... A large scrapyard, whose rust and dust was only cut by the rain of that night.

    In that night, the boy met someone whose identity would never change for him, another boy like him. His name was strange, however, Ruri. The kid comforted him, they played outside for some time and he even went as far as letting him sleep there. That night, Makoto found a brother that would live with him for the rest of his life. He thought of his friend as a refuge, a peaceful respite where nothing could harm him. The two were inseparable. They would meet every evening and go to play together, to find trouble and to deal with trouble at times. They were so similar to one another that they sometimes even thought of themselves as heroes. They beat bullies, sometimes got beaten by bullies, but it was always the two... Always the two. Sometimes only Makoto, but he always tried to make it the two. Throughout elementary and some of junior school, Makoto mostly spent his time fending off bullies, helping other people and sometimes attending social events with his uncle. His social circle mostly expanded during this period.

    As Makoto grew older, so did him and they eventually got into the same middle school and class, a coincidence that would show Makoto who this person really was. Makoto then met Osaki Ruri. She wasn't the same person. Ruri was a girl. To Makoto's surprise, he even went as far as stating that he was extremely sorry for what had happened and how he had confused her with a boy. The situation was awkward, but in the end, they pretty much remained the same. In fact, this served to boost their relationship into that of what they currently are. Makoto pretty much started living in their house, and after a few years, he started to work to help them with the bills, as he felt that he was, perhaps, being far too much a burden to them.

    With that, the situation unfolded into what it is today. Makoto, throughout other days of his life, has seen more and more. With Ruri, his life was never as cold and dark as it was before. He'd be forever thankful for that, but some weights just can't be pulled off. Some things one can't forget nor forgive. Some actions one can't just shrug off. Makoto carries a burden with him that he'll never be able to leave behind and this is the main reason why he's forever blinded in his own guilt and fear that people might see him as his parents did... A useless person whose identity was lost to time and only became that, a weight.​
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  10. Minus adding in the other students to Ruri's list, mine are done. And don't worry Heartseed won't use a hands on approach often. :p

    "She" just loves seeing violence and suffering, she believes the worst in humanity is what they are at base.

    If there are problems yz let me know, though see all of our members haven't checked in yet :/

    Maybe should ask, or see if the late comer in interest check might want a freed spot.
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  11. It's all cool, RAS, thanks for creating them so quickly. Though the CS is simple, it seems to be actually be pretty long to create due to it having multiple bullets that add difficulty.

    I might create a Heartseed for me too... Later. =P
  12. I am pretty much done (minus the relationship with other members). I hope my history is okay though. Don't really have a clue how he would join any club without having to force him to join. Being so unmotivated and all.
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  13. Angel Aki

    1-A Freshman

    Height - 5'7"
    Weight - 142 lbs
    Complexion - Caramel
    Eye Color -Golden Amber
    Hair Color - Snow White

    Friendly but don't let that fool you to think that's all she is. Angel can be aggressive but that is buffed by her innocent naive underlying personality trait. Easy to trust people and because of she gets hurt in the process. Depending on the level of hurt she will forgive and forget and trust once again. It's a bit of a negative trait that can never really lie, not even to save her life. Angel isn't one for subtlety or diplomacy.

    Angel is pretty impatient, never nurses a grudge nor will she let you know that she is hurting. For some good points, she is honest whether or not you like it and she's a complete optimist. Failure is not in her vocabulary of words.

    The Aki family is right in the middle, though leaning comfortably on the more rich side of middle class. They are an averagely small family of five who enjoy family outings and just spending time together. Just like any other family they all have their faults separately and as a whole.

    Mom - Angela Aki - Art Director (Maternity Leave atm though works from home when needed)
    Close to her mother, she loves to do what her mother does even though her heart is set on following her sisters' career choice. Angela and Angel are the pretty little angels of the household and don't let her father forget it. That they are his precious diamonds along with her older sister Hanna, but mostly just her and her mom.

    Dad - Tsuchiya Aki - Doctor
    Not exactly Daddy's little girl but she is close to her father. They have their little spats but at the end of the day they are in each others arms laughing and crying. She does look up to her father the most.

    Sister - Hanna Aki - College Student Studying Law
    Angel and Hanna have a bit of friendly sister rivalry going on when it concerns school. Mostly about good grades, and participating in as many activities as possible. Which will be more competitive and have more things to better each other in when Angel goes to college. Though for now Angel is following dutifully in her sisters foot steps.

    Baby Brother - Onda Aki - Infant
    There really isn't much to say about Angel's relationship to her brother Onda other than the fact that she adores him and his tiny little body. She loves to joke around about baby back ribs, tiny toes and fingers for supper. All in good nature and fun.


    Rentaro Kobayashi
    Somewhat friendly acquaintances.

    Miyoko Iwata
    Standard neutral teacher/student relationship.

    Ruri Osaki
    Angel may be off on the young side but she can appreciate the kind of person Ruri seems to be. She's like a Tomboyish grizzly bear, a bear only due to her somewhat violent nature and habit of actively picking fights with bullies. They have more of a friendly acquaintance/school mate type of relationship but nothing beyond that. Though Angel wouldn't mind furthering her friendship with the older girl because she seems like such a wonderful person mainly because of fierce defense of justice. Those kinds of people are usually good people.

    Yuki Mizunohara
    The moment Angel laid eyes on Yuki she knew she wanted to be his friend. Whether if it because her first impression was that he was a girl or a very feminine looking boy.. no one really knows. Though for a fact she knows Yuki is indeed a male and she doesn't mind. She does question what he.. 'likes' but keeps it to herself. Angel likes that he is honest, not many people, especially guys, are honest. Angel ignores the fact that he be off putting sometimes.

    Kin Oshiro
    They are on friendly terms but not really friends as Angel finds it difficult to get into Kin's friend circle. She isn't quite sure why. The girl is always sending Angel mixed signals.

    Natsu Asakura
    Not really best friends but somehow got to know Natsu when she was very young. So would that make them childhood friends? In any case Angel sees Natsu as a challenge but don't take it as she doesn't see him as a true friend. She does. Angel sees Natsu as a challenge, in the way he is always unmotivated, though she does love his laid back attitude (Whenever she's around him she feels like the world is moving slow and she can take her time and not stress, which is wonderful thing). She doesn't pressure him or prod but she does gently push every now and then but otherwise leaves him be and let him be him.

    Yoshiko Tadatsume
    Not really on the best of terms, seeing as Yoshiko seems to have a toxic personality and Angel doesn't really want to receive any negative type of attitude from Yoshiko. So she usually just stays away from the older girl.

    Makoto Shibuya
    Angel sees Makoto as a much older version of herself...and the male version at that. He's pretty much the only other person besides her sister Hanna, that she looks up to. Her interaction with Makoto is more of that of a younger sister.

    Deathly afraid of physical pain. Temper is on a very short leash.

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  14. Hey, guys just gonna ask you to add classes to your grade info as well, sorta like mine.

    Classes go from A to C, so it's either 1-A, 1-B or 1-C and etc.

    Just a minor thing really to help out sort classes and teachers... =D
  15. So like...
    1 - Freshies
    2 - Sophies
    3 - Seniors
    Then either A, B or C for class ranking?
  16. Exactly. Not exactly ranking, just three different classes for each year.
  17. I think it might be the reverse. Numbers being position, letters being grades. But that's just me :/

    Though I can change Ruri's and Iwata's in a bit, want to finish adding who I can to the relationships.
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  18. Added it. Though I first wanted to be classmates with Makoto but then again, he had to deal with his s**t for another year... so A. XD
  19. It's just you. Classes there work like that, for example 1C is a first year class. 3C would be a third year class. The letters only serve to classify the different classes of the same grade.
  20. Heheh.. The diversity.. Everyone is a senior, and only one sophomore so far.. XD
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