Knowledge gained from going door to door.

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  1. I'm making this thread with the purpose of collecting what I learn and share that knowledge as I learn.

    Just a few weeks ago I got a job as a door-to-door salesperson, this Monday was my first day on the field. Here is how this thread will work:

    - This is NOT a ranting thread. I'm not doing this for sympathy or pats on the back.
    - It's NOT a bragging thread either. I'm not going to post about every sale I get, only the ones that bring knowledge
    - I won't be giving places, addresses or names
    - Anyone who reads can make an input about the things I'll write about
    - The anecdotes that will pops up will only serve as examples to illustrate what I've learned.


    What I first learned was that working sales can make the most harmless-looking person seem scary.
    There was one woman who literally fled inside with a look of fear once I had introduced myself.

    Once you become a salesperson you literally lose your identity, they are far less willing to show care towards a salesperson on their door than a stranger. It even goes to the point where you become an acceptable target for ire.
    One of the guys who scolded/yelled at me actually made sure to close the door behind him before ranting about how much of a nuisance we were. I hardly got in a word while he was standing there (hotdog in his hand the whole time I might add) talking about how we who work sales were horrible for reaching out so often while he was struggling with his economy. (They were apparently struggling financially, not sure if the wife knows or not, either way he didn't want the kid and possibly here to witness what he said and did)

    You don't need to raise your voice to yell at someone. Yes, I felt the anger quite keenly. Thank you for the ire.

    There are those cases that a person who will show consideration towards you, but only if you show that something is visibly wrong. You can stand there, smiling because you have to, being cold and wet and they will close the door on you. Though if you happen to still be feeling the hurt (yes, I admit that I cried) from the first unjustified anger aimed at you then you will be sympathetic enough to get understanding and a paper towel for your troubles.

    Most importantly: People are still able to like you. They just need to find you likable first, which means you need to seem similar to them.


    These are the things my first day taught me. Updates will arrive as I gain a stronger insight into people from the point of a salesperson.
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  2. Strange thing is I read those parts of being being insanely angry and had two thoughts going on at once.

    "Wow, those people are insensitive Jerks".
    "I would probably do the same thing in their shoes".

    ... This does seriously highlight a stigma to sales people that I've completely overlooked. :/
  3. Is this your first sales job?

    cause those first two paragraphs are definitely not specific to door-to-door sales O.O

    /me won't start providing examples cause we'll be here all night
  4. Haha, yes, it's my first proper salesjob. I used to work in a craft store before but you get a lot more friendly folks in that kind of store.

    And yes, I'm aware that some experiences not unique to my specific job
  5. I'm fairly certain I've always been respectful to people that come to my door, even if I'm not really pleased to find salespeople there. I usually fob them off with some kind of excuse, like that I don't have any money (I definitely have some :D) or that I don't control the finances of the house and my mum's out (not always a lie).
  6. Probably because in a store the customers are choosing to go there.
    While with a door to door sales person you're the one going to them.
  7. I try not to get annoyed at solicitors because they're just doing their jobs, but I dislike when they don't take "sorry, I'm not interested" for an answer. Mind you I dislike that in nearly any context :(
  8. (I know this looks long and dangerous, but don't worry about it. It's not that dangerous. Just thoughts about why I don't like door to door knockers and phone salespeople, and reasons other people probably don't like them. Note that I am well aware that not all salespeople are like the ones described in paragraph 3)

    I say "No thanks" immediately when someone calls or knocks on the door to sell stuff o__o I dun like strangers, and I dun like strangers selling things. Not at my door at least, because I can't be certain if their company is legit or not. I wanna check things up first. Stranger danger! I prefer to go to a store or an online store (though only if I've used it before and know they are reliable or someone I know has used it a lot. I dun trust the internet!) That way I can compare prizes and usually there're people rating the product on the internet, and such things. So I can check everything before making the decision of buying it. I won't trust one person's word that this product is the best thing ever. I want to check up the ratings, check up reviews, check alternatives, check what others takes for the same product.

    Personally I think the biggest reason people don't like door to door knockers and telephone sales people is because they intrude on private property. Like, "my home is not your store", and if a salesperson comes without a warning, it's as if a store would suddenly come home to you and ask "Wanna buy bananas now? I bet you are running out of bananas. Our bananas are the best. You don't even need to check the prizes of the bananas in that other store, cause ours are definitely the cheapest." It's too much in your face and might be during a time when you are busy, stressed or in a bad mood. Most people go to the store or order online when they feel that they need something. They want the freedom to do it whenever they wish to do it, when they feel comfortable doing it, when they are in a good state of mind to do it. If someone randomly gets to the door of an introvert, stressed, annoyed or sick person, they might take out their bad emotions on the random stranger at the door. Then there are of course douche bags that will be mean no matter when someone comes. Bad day or not.

    It doesn't get better by some salespeople being so persistent, they really get on peoples nerves. My dad said no four times to a guy before he turned the phone off while the guy on the other end was still talking, and my dad is a pretty patient guy. Those kind of calls probably make some people harsher towards other sellers coming their way. Also there are all the scammers giving all salespeople a bad reputation. They go from door to door and sell bad products even though they KNOW their products are shit. (My friend once got a job offer for a sale job in which they told her she would learn how to trick people, even her friends, into buying their products. Of course she said no.) Or they sell over the phone and if you say yes once during the call, they will edit the phone call and say that you said yes, you bought the product, and then you're stuck xb So yeah, tricksters and too much into your personal bubble salespeople are giving all salespeople a bad reputation. It doesn't get better by the fact that they often teach people to be persistent. It might make some buy a product, but a lot of people will be annoyed.

    There are salespeople who actually call first and asks "are you interested in this product and do you want me to come over to talk about it?" and then if they get a yes, they drive over to the person interested in the product, take the product with them and makes a demonstration. Personally I think this is a good form of door to door selling. You are announcing your arrival beforehand so that it won't feel like an intrusion, and people can choose if they want you to come over or not. Personally I would still say "No thanks.", but it would be a pleasant no thanks with an undertone of 'thank you for not coming over without announcing your arrival first. That was nice of you, but I must still decline.'... ... I wonder if that undertone will ever be noticed I: ... Not because any of those sellers ever have come to my door... Phone... whatever.

    Sorry if I rambled too much. I have too many thoughts.
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  9. I am always polite to salespeople and other door knockers. @____@ When I was really young, my parents were the door-to-door kind of Jehovah's Witnesses and that taught me a LOT about how patient and how rude many people can be.

    I am very very shy and scared of strangers though, so I avoid answering the door when it's not someone I know. XD But when I can't escape it, I let them do their whole pitch and then I will tell them I'm not interested or I'm not able to swing it. I figure giving them a chance to do their pitch lets them practice it on someone safe. O___O
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