Know what? You guys know what?

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  1. I love Iwaku! Like maybe to unhealthy levels! Here I am, checking in here when I have mere days before DragonCon! I literally dream about this place.

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  2. r u ok
  3. Apparently, not! I'm an Iwacko and I live it! ^_^
  4. Is Diana forcing you to type things at gunpoint?

    Is this a cry for help?
  5. Witness the birth of @Gwazi Magnum 2.0.

    Oh, God, Gwazi's breeding.
  6. Let's start with something simple.

    love me
  7. That's called an addiction. You're addicted to Iwaku.
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  8. Like this post if you need help.


    I mean, #SaveSteelHteana
  9. Not even I dream about this site.

    I'm more likely to dream about...
    Huh, I can't even remember my dreams.

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