Know what? You guys know what?

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  1. I love Iwaku! Like maybe to unhealthy levels! Here I am, checking in here when I have mere days before DragonCon! I literally dream about this place.

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  2. r u ok
  3. Apparently, not! I'm an Iwacko and I live it! ^_^
  4. Is Diana forcing you to type things at gunpoint?

    Is this a cry for help?
  5. Witness the birth of @Gwazi Magnum 2.0.

    Oh, God, Gwazi's breeding.
  6. Let's start with something simple.

    love me
  7. That's called an addiction. You're addicted to Iwaku.
  8. Like this post if you need help.


    I mean, #SaveSteelHteana
  9. Not even I dream about this site.

    I'm more likely to dream about...
    Huh, I can't even remember my dreams.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.