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  1. Hello every one hang town here I'm looking fore some one to start and rp with not really sure what yet but please stop in I'll as plots ideas as the time goes by I play
    male-female and

    Pairing I know

    Child hood friends
    School basses -magical or normal-
    Work place boss employee or employee employee.
    Master slave
    Brother sister
    Teacher student


    Shadow a lone wolf through out his life his mother and father both past a way at a young age,taken in by the black snakes and organization that trains kids from a young age to be true blooded killers.shadow learns fast and killer many at the age of 27 he left trying to get away he moved back into his old house. His child hood friand Sasha still lived near by from what he knew one day he walked to the local park and saw her.

    What happens from this point is in known how the two will react is up to them will this turn out to show love or will it be a tale of untold vilince only you know.
  2. I can play a male character if you're still looking for a partner.
  3. Would you be willing to do a Female x female Mistress x slave Teacher x Student role play. I'm willing to do either the dominate or submissive role.
  4. Childhood friends or brother x sister?