*knock knock knock* Penny? (x3)

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  1. I'm just a girl standing in front of a bunch of roleplayers telling them....I'm ready to get my game on. I've created a character for a game already, but I'm such a fiend that I MUST HAZ MOAR! I filled out my Roleplay Resume pretty extensively and included a sample of my writing for those of you who can be bothered to take the time to check it out. (No pressure! Just an invitation to make this whole awkward 'meeting strangers' phase a bit easier. :) ) Anyway, feel free to respond here or start a conversation with me, whichever you prefer. And thus ends my efforts to pimp myself out. :D
  2. Nickel!

    I hate it when I can't find enough roleplays to fill my time.
    Do you have any ideas for stuff you'd like to do?
  3. Eee! I'm sorry that it took me so long to get back with you, it's been a crazy week for me. I like to do all different kinds of things! Currently, my love for vampires and werewolves and that sort of thing is going unanswered, how do you feel about that genre?