Knives and Lint

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    Chapter 1: Victim
    Date: October 25, 2009
    Day: Friday
    Location: Los Angeles California
    Time: 12:15
    Luke looked through his apartment window and out onto the streets. He had wrapped a large blanket around him and was sitting in one of his kitchen chairs. Luke only did this kind of thing before he went out into the night. When he was outside he was a different person, he was insane. The past several nights he had taken a victim out from the streets and preformed several dark deeds upon them, and so far only two out of the three have been found. Luke took specific people in general, it was usually women in dark dresses and red lipstick. Whenever he saw a woman walking down the street alone his mind would slowly start to drift. Every time he did it he never remembered how, only why. Luke rubbed his hands together as he got up to get dressed. This night was special, and this night he would try to find his last victim before moving on. It was sort of fucked up in a way but he never saw it that way. Sometimes Luke thought himself doing God's work for the world, other times he was just trying to find someone to hold for the night. It was always so simple too, they would scream, he would get pepper sprayed, every single time. Over time he had grown used to the feel of the spray, and sometimes loved it.
    Luke stood up and packed his things to go out for the night. He packed the usual things, a knife, a rope and a pistol. This was his last victim before he moved to Germany, where he would settle down and forget the world he had lived in. California just wasn't for him. Before he left his apartment he put on his black coat and black hat then continued on his way. Every time he went out the door, Mrs. Cumberland gave him the strange look like she always did and then he walked out into the night.
    Maybe Luke was crazy maybe he wasn't, but tonight would be the last one to die.
  2. Aurora sat on the edge of her black recliner, staring at the static on the television. It was just about that time and her mind became increasingly dark as it approached. She stood, strolling over to the bay window and looking out for a moment before making her way into the kitchen. A quick glance into the freezer reminded her that a box of orange pop sickles was waiting for her. Orange had always been her favorite flavor of anything and everything. She grabbed one, ripped off the wrapper and stuck it in her mouth. The grandfather clock bitched at her from the living room, reminding her that it was now time to take off. The young woman headed into the bathroom, grabbing her scarf from the door and wrapping it around her neck while staring at her expression for a moment. Her long, auburn hair moved around freely as she quickly walked to the front door, flinging it open and taking off into the night.

    At this point it was incredibly dark, not that Aurora minded much. She'd always preferred the night over any other time. The streets were empty as well, which was always a plus. A smile made it's way onto her face as she walked, finishing off her pop sickle and tossing the stick into the street.
  3. Luke walked around for a couple of minutes trying to find a place to hide. He usually picked the spot behind Andrew's Bar by the beach. He saw a couple of cigarettes from the night days before when he was there. This spot was his favorite. Many people passed by either drunk or keeping to themselves as they headed home or into another's house. He hated people who did this, they were unloved and they didn't deserve to live on Earth. Luke waited for fifteen minutes or so until he saw the perfect target, she looked just like the others. She had a dark gown on and was smoking a cigarette that had red marks on it from her lipstick. Every time he saw someone like that he felt an instant where he would go berserk but instead paused and breathed. He took out his pistol then started for the woman in black.
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