GROUP RP PLOTTING Knights of the Order of the Rose Cross

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  1. So this is an rp that I almost always come back to. It's actually the first rp that I ever came up with. It can evolve in a lot of ways however the basic premise is this...

    A young man has recently been named the commander of an order of knights due to the death of his father. He and his father parted on decent terms. The order is known throughout the land as the Order of the Rose Cross, they are demon hunters. They have been hunting demons for as long as anyone can remember.

    Demons are pretty typical, vile, bloodthirsty creatures with only the desire to pillage and kill anything and everyone. However the young commander is unconvinced that all demons are evil, he doesn't understand the need to kill them. He's faced them before, he's been hurt by them, seen others die at their hands, and he knows they are primal beasts with little emotion other then anger. But he can't help but think that they cannot be the only ones out there. There have been subtle clues in the past but nothing definite.

    However now he doesn't have much time to dwell on these matters, a new darkness rises against the borders of his country. Demons have never posed much of a threat, small groups perhaps, but nothing a dispatch of the Knights of the Order of the Rose Cross couldn't handle. This is something much larger, the demons are gathering, all kinds showing themselves and attacking quickly and far more efficiently then they have in the past. Which leads the young commander to believe that someone must be pulling their strings, but to what end?

    So this is a rp designed for a small group, usually no more then 4 but could be done with as little as 2 (1 would be just ridiculous now wouldn't it?) I don't want there to be a ton of people just because this can help the plot move forward. I will be playing the role of the commander who has just taken over. If whoever joins wants some romance involved all the better. I actually kind of like a little romance in these types of rps. And if those that join want to pair off that's fine too.

    A note to the females, while the commander's father was a good and just, leading the best he knew how, he did not accept females on the front lines. I feel like this keeps more with the traditional time period of the medieval era. However! The young commander has made the decision that the women deserve just as much a place on the battlefield as the men. It's not something that is accepted by all, but as the commander his word is law. I like to give the impression that he and his father, while they did love one another, didn't necessarily see eye to eye on everything.

    However if the above information is not something you like or want to deal with, we can change that... it's just something I use to give a little more depth to my character which happens to effect others.

    So! Any takers?
  2. Sounds interesting xD
  3. Excellent! I'm not too sure if this should move to the OOC and plot signup area. But I'll go ahead and post a character sheet.

    Background: (Doesn't need to be super lengthy, but the more info we have the better things usually go.)
    Weapon: (Your main weapon choice, can also be magic if you'd prefer a magic user. No epic weapons please, like a sword that can rip the fabric of time or some such. I'm ok with unique weapons.)
    Appearance: (Can be a picture or just a description)

    Also any ideas for some plots can also be included!
  4. This seems like something I'd be adept to.
  5. Can you give us any information about the world at all? :)
  6. I'd love to know about the world and the flavor, but I'm interested either way. Suppose I might be a bit late, considering you're only looking for four people, but this sounds fun and I figured I'd just throw my name in for consideration.
  7. Hehe, it worked! lol. So piper, yes you can join... I actually chose 4 under the assumption that I would actually receive 5. Don't ask me why I thought I was going to receive 5 but I did... so yeah. You can all join!

    As far as the world... here is what I imagine when I think of it.

    It's based loosely on medieval earth, England/Scotland area. So rolling hill, a few forests of trees, technology is much the same. However it's a little more advanced due to the fact that we have magic available to us. There are elves, dwarves, halflings, and other various races. I don't see too much of vampire and werewolves fitting into this and based on the prevailing disposition that demons are bad. I feel like those would be too close to demons. That being said I could see something like succubi, imps, and archdevils. But please I'd rather no one play the opposite side at the moment. I want there to be a moment of finding out who is pulling the strings.

    Magic is still in a lot of its infancy... it's not a huge part of normal society, basically a part of upper-class or naturally talented races such as elves. There aren't really any super powerful magical related spells. Just fireballs, lightning bolts, light, and some telekinesis... I would even say that there would the possibility to imbue your weapon with flames.

    Demons are your pretty standard fare horned, talon-ed beasts of extreme ferocity. Because of their sole desire to destroy they are perceived as stronger and faster then humans. It's really just the absence of any thought out side of these desires. It's not particularly easy for a human to kill a demon, but it's not something that cannot be learned. If you guys want we could say that the Knights weapons have been blessed by magic which makes it easier for them to kill demons...

    I kinda feel like I'm rambling on, but if you guys have any questions go ahead and ask. Really I'm not too picky on worlds and stuff I just don't want over the top crazy weapons that have the power to cleave the fabric of time or create tornados in their wake... lol. We're not a very well funded group of trained individuals that's purpose is to kill demons.
  8. Is there a special sort of training that Knights of the Order of the Rose Cross would go through?
  9. I was thinking that the knights in the group would have already had most of that training. However! I don't think it would be too far fetched to have someone that was in training at the beginning of the rp and gets the training as they go along. That would be kinda cool.
  10. I was just wondering what the sort of training a bunch of elite demon hunters would go through. For backstory plotting.
    Have you put any thought into the cultures of the elves, dwarves, and halflings? :)
  11. I'm wondering the same. Lore is a big deal for me. That being said, I'm on board whether you've put tons of world-building hours into this or not. You've piqued my interest and I already have an idea for a character. I'm looking forward to playing him!
  12. if there is space i would like to join this rp if you make it as im interseted in the plot.
  13. To be perfectly honest... I haven't given it much thought. I'm very much of the idea that a world is made for the benefit of the rpers not the rper to benefit the world if that makes sense. An rp to me is meant to evolve with those that play in it. The only reason I included elves, dwarves, and Halfling was because there was one version of this rp where my second in command was a half elf.

    I guess keep it to the standards on them, elves are long-lived, humanoid type creatures, pointy ears, normally long hair and revere nature with dignity and defend their homes and lands with the ferocity of a dragon. They enjoy music and the arts, I wouldn't go so far as to say that they are immortal to the passage of time.

    Dwarves are your standard stocky and prideful group who would much rather chip away at rock beneath a mountain or throw back the newest brew of their legendary brewers. Braided hair and beards, somewhat rough attitude and some of the better large weapon fighters.

    Halflings... I'm not too sure... sorry! lol. Favor not being seen to outright fighting. Usually much more clever then the other races.

    As far as the training, it would really be based on the weapons that the favored. They would be skilled at working in small groups, I imagine most of them have joined up because they have a passion, due to some past event such as the death of a loved one, or their village being destroyed by demons. So they're skilled, or perhaps even have some training before hand. I imagine that they would focus more on stealth then fighting toe to toe. It's much easier to kill a demon that has it's back turned then to kill it with it trying to kill you.

    So, tight knit and relying on the person that's standing next to you, strength training... They're not well funded because the demon's haven't ever been a real threat until around this time. So I don't think there would be magical enhancements to their abilities. And in my opinion nothing beats some hands on experience. Limited because they don't want to kill the recruits, obviously, but keeping a close eye. There would be lots of weapon practice, physical exercise, and the like.I hope that helps a little bit...

    And if you have ideas, please share them! lol.
  14. Fair enough!

    How dark are you intending the setting to be? Because when I'm left to my own devices with world-building, I tend to lean towards Grim-Dark.
  15. I don't mind it being fairly dark... we are dealing with demons. I expect this to be kinda diablo-esque if you've played that. Though with the Knight's around there is a bit of hope... outnumbered hope, but there is hope that they can somehow pull outta this!
  16. I'm thinking that relations between humans and non-humans might be strained in some ways ; which could make for some interesting tension. Elves and dwarves don't get along because of different cultural values and belief systems, whereas humans and elves could not get on because of some sort of past event ; maybe having to do with the demons? Dwarves and humans have a relationship of customer-to-customer, basically the dwarves believe that they can just make a quick buck off of the humans, so they do so.

    Just throwing a few ideas around. :P
  17. Oooh, that'd be kinda cool. As long as all the others are fine. And Laval, I think we can make room for one more if you're still up to it.

    Maybe the reason the humans and elves don't get along is because the humans managed to dig up, or create, or invite, the demons into the world and the elves basically told them it was their fight. They brought it in, they must take it out, so they kind of left them. Which has led to some bitter feelings?
  18. That could work; perhaps humans directly went against Elven warnings about the demons; and thus, the elves rightfully see the humans as directly responsible for the destruction of much of their homeland.
  19. So, I plan on playing a dwarf and I sorta wanted to create some tension there as well. My initial thought is that the dwarves were initially in league with the humans when the demons were released. Perhaps they were working together, mining for something or other and they "delved too greedily and too deep" (because I'm original, dammit). And then, when the demons pop up, they retreat back to their underground cities, abandoning the humans and allowing mass decimation. So elves hold them responsible for the demons, along with the humans, and humans hate them for leaving them to their destruction.

  20. Piper and I worked on this together, so I'm on this page as well!