Knights of the New Republic: Star Wars EP I - Of Light and Dark (OPEN) (OOC)

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-A soft reboot of The Knights of the Old Republic-
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Three-thousand years after Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Order:

The Era of Peace


The world is much different then when Ben-Kenobi watched a young Luke Skywalker on Tatooine. Different then the galaxy left after the decimation of ancient Sith Artifacts after the Kylo Ren incident. The Galaxy now is one where the Jedi have become more a political party, as opposed to a religion of humble knights. They've cut their ties with their iconic blades and now wear them only as decoration. All knowledge of the Dark Side is hidden; and all that had been great is now a different kind of greatness.

Without the Jedi, the New Galactic Alliance that had been formed after the fall of Emperor Palpating and his Empire has become a lawful land populated by lawbreakers and not nearly enough men to bring the criminals to justice. Gangsters, like the Hutts - in particular Morria the Hutt - have started with a street and taken a block, a town and eventually the planet and a whole system before the Alliance on Coruscant knew how serious the issue was.

Once the Hutt's got a system, the small issue became a huge problem as system, after system began to slip out of Alliance Control. Now, the inner core systems are split between Alliance Space, no longer the Galactic Alliance, and Hutt space.

Unlike the most notorious Hutt prior to them, Jabba the Hutt, the new family of Hutts were interested in a lot more than money. The Alliance, although much more friendly than the Empire, had enforced rules that had forced them to end their very way of life, and when ever there is oppression (even of criminals) the government usually finds itself facing a Revolution. This revolution was only possible thanks to the number of mercenaries available in the universe. Although the Hutt's power was limited, their wallets were not, and before long every sell-blaster in the known Galaxy was a member of the Hutt Army.

Rise of the Hutt Cartel

Although paid, and ordered, by what became known as the Nova Hutt Cartel, the army was lead by one man - clad in a particular armor that had been passed down from generation to generation. His name was Mandalore, and this army became known as the Mandalorian Army.

Suddenly the Alliance was facing an army of it's own citizens that had been funded by it's biggest economical input - the Hutts. Threatened by both a economic depression, and the threat of the Mandolorian army, the Alliance went to war under a new flag, and a new name. The Republic.

Although the New Republic was backed by a considerable army, they had been taken by surprise, and before any fleet could get to any of the outter-rim systems, they began to fall to the Hutt Cartel and the Mandolorian Army.

As the Republic went to war, one they were losing, the Republican Senate looked to the Guardians of Old for help. The ones who had laid down their swords to guide the Senate in the right direction. Generations of Jedi Peace Keepers were being asked to take part in a war they had no way of fighting. Faced with imminent doom that no one needed the Force to see, Jedi Grand Master Yvellta Khan used a slight of hand to save her fellow Jedi, while remaining in the Republic's favor. She proposed the Jedi Alliance be moved onto Dantooine, on the opposite side of the galaxy from the war, so the Jedi Scribes and Scroll-Writers could train to become the Knights and Guardians of Old.

With little choice, the Republic agreed, and the Jedi influence vanished from Coruscant.

The Mandolorian/Hutt War

Although the Republic was losing the War, the Jedi Master knew the Mandolorians would not take them in anyone's life time.
Children would be born into this war.
Die to this war, and raise their own young to fight this war.

Yvellta Khan knew this war would last centuries, and although the Jedi had changed so dramatically, she knew... this was not the Jedi way. Generations would die fighting a losing battle but - eventually - all she'd worked for in life would crumble, and the ways of old would return.

-Seven-hundred and fifty years after the start of the Mandolorian War.-

Although going into the war with a disadvantage of both manpower and funding, the Republic -through some act of sheer will, luck or, as the Jedi Alliance on Dantooine would say, the Force - had pulled enough to get on even ground with the Hutt's impressive Mandolorians. This was soon to change, however. What began as guns-for-hire coming together under one man, that one man inspired generations to become a race of honorable, ruthless fighters. They became ceremonial and brutal. Letting the strongest bloodlines go where the weaker ones couldn't. The future.

Due to the War, science on both sides began a race for some kind of new first aid. Bacta worked, but it wasn't efficient enough, and it's results weren't worth the time.

The answer to this was on the ocean planet of Manaan. The Jedi, who still participated in the war from Dantooine through the Force, tipped the Republic that their answer was on the Ocean system. Through various spies, Bothan or otherwise, the Hutts and Mandolorians learned of this and the race for the latest edge in the war was on.

The planet of Manaan, although a member of the Republic was controlled by a very protective race known as the Rakata and the Selkath and would have no part in the war. As soon as the flames of war began to ignite the skies of Manaan, the Rakata took action. A planet wide force field that, although penetrable, was back by a planetary tractor beam. Anything that broke through the force field would be pulled to the planet and dragged under the boundless oceans.

As the battle proceeded over the system of Manaan, the Hutts began to pull more and more forced from the planet. Seeing the battle as, although beneficial in the long run, costly now. The Mandolorians disagreed, and threatened a rebellion of their own if the Hutts forced them to retreat from a battle with the Republic on such an even playing field. The Hutts, although greedy and pompous, agreed. They stepped down, for now, scattering to random planets in Hutt space while the Mandolorians fought the war. The Hutts could rest, and begin hording more credits, while the Mandolorians beat away at the Republican war machine.

The Mandolorian War

Back on Dantooine, it was no long a rare thing to see a Jedi with a lightsaber. After centuries of progress, Jedi Knights were a thing of the times again, and massive in numbers. Being inactive in the war had allowed the Jedi Alliance to travel Republic space and pickup any Force Sensitive they could find with promises of the child, or their bloodline, eventually winning the war for the Republic.

Not all is great for the Jedi, however. During their time of withdrawal, the Republic has turned their back on them. Seeing them as cowards who ran from the war as soon as it reared it's ugly head. They were discriminated against, and treated as traitors. The Elders of the council knew this, and what's worse... the young Knights knew this. The Knights who had heard of the War all their lives. The Knights who knew they had a love for the Republic.
Knights that wanted to help in the War.

Knights that would help in the war.
Regardless of the Council's Orders.


This will be expanded upon as things proceed in the RP​



Character Sheets:

Force Sensitive: Y/N

Affiliation: Republic, Jedi Alliance, Hutt Cartel or Mandolorian Army
Brief History:

(For Jedi)
Job: (Guardian - Force, Knight - Saber , Sentinel - Force+Saber)
Saber Color: ( Typically, Guardian - Green, Knight - Blue, Sentinel - Yellow. They can also be Orange and Purple)

(For Republic Soldiers)
Job: (Trooper - Blaster, Vanguard - Explosives, Commando - Heavy Blasters)



Rules: (Subject to Change)
1. Abide by Iwaku's own rules.
2. No power-play, Mary-Sues or John-whatevers.
3. By no means can you control another player's character without permission
4. At this point in time, no Sith or Dark Jedi. They don't exist yet.
5. Explicit gore has never been seen in Star Wars. Dismemberment and severe burns are as far as it's gotten. Anything worse has been done off-screen, and the same will take place here.
6. If two characters, player-character or no-player-characters decide to...advance their relationship, please move it to the appropriate forum or, as I'd prefer, fade to black.


Story Building:

In the beginning, our characters will becoming from any side of the war, allies or foes, and will meet on the surface of Manaan in the Capitol city of Ahto. We will work together or fight against one another until we discover the medicinal aid, Kolto and then the climax (a special surprise for anyone familiar with KotoR).


Accepted Players/ Characters:

Azuremoon // Nii'ah Ulya'oh​
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Name: Nii'ah Ulya'oh
Age: 20
Gender: Female

Force Sensitive: Yes
Race: Mirialan/ Human hybrid

Affiliation: Jedi
Job: Knight
Saber Color: Blue

Brief History:
Born on the planet of Onderon, the possible home world of the human race, as the daughter of a Mirialan mother, and a human father. This was during what was known as the Jedi-Expansion Era in the Republic. This Era began when the Hutt-Mando War began, and the Republic called on it's Knights of Old to stand and fight. The Jedi had, for centuries now, traveled Republic Space, searching for Force Sensitive children to take to the Jedi Academy on Dantooine. This was the fate that befell Nii'ah Ulya'oh.

From there, she was raise as a Knight of the Jedi Order - by the seventh-generation of Jedi Knights. One of the firsts in comparison to the vast history of the Jedi.

Nii'ah found herself a student of the Jedi Holo-crons. The Master's teachings were nice, but they didn't seem as genuine as the masters in the holo-crones. Jedi Grand Arch-Master Skywalker, and those who followed his Jedi Order seemed so much more connected to the Force than her teachers now - and this buried the seeds of mistrust for the present-day Jedi in Nii'ah's heart.

As the girl grew, believing that her everyday of training as far back as she could remember, she moved forward with the belief that she was to be one of the first Jedi Knights since Master Skywalker's Academy. As she grew though, taught to repress her emotions as her Grand Masters embrace them completely, as the Jedi Alliance did, and the Jedi Order did not.

When the Jedi Alliance finally came forwards, saying they had information that could win the war for the Republic, Nii'ah found herself finally have some faith in her order. However, when the information came out simply as 'the key is in the oceans of Manaan' and the Jedi would not be going after it - that was the last straw. With her handcrafted lightsaber, her armored robe, and fifteen years of training she ran from the Temple, escaped Dantooine and somehow found her way to Manaan, with hopes of reviving the Jedi image to the Republic and turning the tide of War against the Mandolorians.



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