Knights of the Line.

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Hi there! I'm looking for a person to fill in a role, which will ultimately be shaped and crafted by them before this role play begins.
I would prefer this to be a FxF, though I could be convinced to do MxF if there's a good enough reason for it. Ultimately it doesn't matter, but preferences are preferences. ^^;

Things to keep in mind (not rules!):
-post length doesn't have to be drastically long, but substance is something I'm sure both of us would like.
-feel free to chat with me OOC! I honestly don't mind making a friend or two. ^__^
-surprises! They're more than welcome, though perhaps a hint or two would be fantastic so as to not kinda force things out which perhaps neither of us really want to happen.
-if you can't post for an extended period, be sure to let me know, this is as close to a rule as I'd come, really.

So! With that out of the way, I'll let you in on what's gonna be happening~! The lore, if you will.


The Knights of the Round Table.

A legendary circle of knights who brought about peace and prosperity to the lands of Venivelz, all being blades and shields for their king, Cassandra Arthos Pendrake the First. They were the the reason why the light of the world was conserved within the table in which they held meetings, unknown to the public, to save all of their souls with a drastic change of climate.

Up, it was the only way to go with the swamp, filled with vile creatures and dark lords who wished death upon the living, encroaching on their lands and tearing away at what little life was left within the world. The floating continent would hold mankind's dream aloft, at least, until it was shot down by magic far beyond the darkness itself.

A bright flash of light struck down the holy continent, and into a mass of death and disease it and its citizens would go. The round table was sapped of light, and an obscure darkness fell over Venivelz.

As usual, however, there was one last hope left. A knight, a descendant of the original Knights of the Round Table, held an abnormal light about them, and their blade was silver for the hunting of beasts and undead alike. However, another hope existed out there, but as always, humanity could not plunge too deeply into the dark, hence why they missed it.

A dark knight, also a descendant of the original Knights of the Round Table, was used to the conditions of the changing world. It wasn't that the world was getting darker due to the swamp, no, rather change was so difficult for citizens of Venivelz to grasp. Their blade was also silver, though it held a corrosive effect useful against beings of a different nature.

For now, however, Venivelz was sinking into the swamp, and humanity could only hold out so long... That is, unless, they sent their hope out into the swamp to find a myth that would bring forth the end of the swamp itself.

The Holey Mail.

A suit of armour which appears to be absolutely outrageous, but, the lack of armour appears to give one immense power and strength, and with this, they could lift Venivelz into the sky, and then proceed to destroy the swamp. However, such a... confusing garment could not simply be found, but only seen if it wished to be seen.

The light and dark knights would have some thinking to do, on this particular quest. They would be known as the Knights of the Line, but that was if they would ever return from hunting down the myth itself.


Now, with that said and done, I'll pop a little character skeleton for you to use, or not, for your character! We'll decide who is the holy knight and who is the dark knight after some chatting and discussion.

Brief History:
Special trait/s:
Not-so-special traits:


Thanks for reading! And hopefully, an awesome roleplay is to come~
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