Knights of the Light

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  1. Knights of the Light

    Knight of the Light, is an organization that deals with the issues, happening of behind the scenes of the world. These Knights are equipped with a magical battle suit, known as the Light Gear. The Light Gear's dormant state is a small device, that can be fit in a pocket, or anywhere, that can be easily stashed. Some Light Gears use magic, some are in a form, of a mechanical suit, or some give you a weapon with upped strength. Most Light Gears aren't made the same.

    Mech-type Light Gears- Will give you a wet suit with, mech-like add-ons.

    Magic-type Light Gear- Will give magic attire, or a simple attire, but will give you, either a magic staff, a book, or you will have the ability to use magic with your hands.

    Enhanced Body-type Light Gear- You get super strength, with a weapon, and an ability to turn your energy into an attack (a beam, sword slashing energy attack, energy explosions, etc).

    Max amount of people I'll accept will be 2. Send me a pm, if you are interested. I'll make my decision from there.

    Plot: Knight of the Light, is an organization, that protects the people from demons, criminals, and any other issues that normal enforcement cannot handle. They mostly work behind the scenes, but if necessary they will handle their jobs even if seen. Most Knights are very young (15-20), that attend special schools. A group of kids are assigned a mission to investigate a high school, for clues of a powerful demon that may be disguising itself as a human.
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