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  1. Knights Of New Gotham |

    Knights of New Gotham is looking for dedicated players who are willing to take on the role of Heroes who are willing to protect Gotham City after the fall of the Bat Family and the rise of criminals who feel that the city is ripe for the taking with the loss of Batman and his allies. Feel free to take a look and if you are interested, feel free to post a character and join in the action.​

    The Bat Family Tragedy was a moment in history that would be deemed as unforgotten, their sacrifice for Gotham and its people, a sacrifice that ultimately led to the unfortunate turn of events that would forever change Gotham. It all would begin on a night unlike any other, a time Batman would seek to take the Joker in for good. As the two long time rivals traded blows, it seemed the overall intensity of the fight overcame the caped crusader, he suddenly clutched his heart and began to collapse, he was having a heart attack and there was nothing to be done. Joker's reaction was all too surprising, instead of reveling in the Batman's death he seemed to be angry about it, deeming his death unfair in his eyes.

    The clown prince of crime would go on a week long rampage, showing a ferocity like no other. Calling the Bat Family with every act of malice, his mind so broken he was positive that they were just as strong as the Batman. He fought them just so only to find they were not as resilient, every attempt he made to ensure his long time enemy's tenacity would never die, he killed them all. Eventually the Joker was taken in by the GCPD, but not by use of force or any other means, he actually turned himself in in proclamation that he was done.

    A month would pass before the waters were truly tested by the crime society of Gotham, in full force, the acts committed reached a statistic higher than anything ever seen before in the categories of Burglary, Homicide, and Rape all in that order. The police were being literally and figuratively slaughtered on the streets, it was horrible until a day came, two heroes found their way to Gotham, quickly sweeping the streets clean in their own special way, albeit efficiently, letting the whole city know, the Knights have made their stand and they're here to stay.
  2. I'm game for joining in.
  3. This sounds like a good idea. I'd be interested in joining.
  4. I'm interested too. Love to play a sort of anti-hero or even straight up villain.
  5. Feel free to create a character in the OOC :)

    We can always use more Anti-heroes xD
  6. Please tell me your still accepting
  7. Sure. I'd just need to take a look at your character if your interested.
  8. Bumping this. We are looking for a few new people to join.
  9. Hola, just giving this a bump
  10. Bumping this. We're always looking for new people.
  11. As of today, we are no longer accepting Villains but heroes and Anti-heroes are welcome.
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  12. Still recruiting?
  13. I'll have to check with the GMs. I will get back to you when I can.
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  14. yes, we are.
  15. Where do I sign up? :)
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