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  1. Hello there! :D I am hoping to get a roleplay with this plot up and running.

    Knightly Honor (Female knight x male knight) : In a time when women knights are slowly being shamed into the noble lady’s position at home—(enter name here) does not bow down easily. When she is put under the command of a male knight with much less experience than her, she must either do as he says or risk losing her shield and her title. Will she bow or will they find an uneasy truce in which both are given the respect they deserve? When she is wounded by a stray arrow during a battle will he stand up for her against the critics that jump up and accuse her of being too weak for battle, or will he keep his silence because he may not want her around for a reason he doesn’t want to admit?

    I am really hoping to play the female knight in this. I am open to magic, or other additions to the world.

    Also, the last two attempts on my part to get a roleplay with this plot has ended with the other accounts becoming deactivated within a week. Please, if you have no intention of sticking around, ;-; warn me or ... well I hate ditchers. -.- Thanks!
  2. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm....insteresting
  3. Interesting enough to catch interest you in taking a part?
  4. Hehe I figured as much, but just wanted to make sure. So! Did you want to play the male knight or the girl?
  5. male knight :P
  6. All right. :3 Do you want to take this to pm then and discuss more?
  7. as you wish :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.