Knights High School

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  1. A high school where everyone is different.
    ((Your character must have some kind of a personal problem. For example: Cutting, Abusive relationship, Drinking, Drugs, etc... These are just examples but you get the point :)))
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  2. Michio looks at his schdule and sighs. In the middle of the school year... what a great time to transfer... not... Michio moved his white hair out of his steel colored eyes and sighs once again. Once he finds his classroom he knocks of the door.
    "Come in." A cheerful voice said from behind the door. He did. A man, who Michio assumed was the teacher smiled at him. The teacher turned his attention to the rest of the class, "Everyone, this is Michio Storm. He tranferred here do to problems at home and I am sure you guys will treat him respectfully. Now, do any of you have any questions for Mr. Storm?"
    ((Btw here is a pic of Michio.))

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  3. Luna was sitting in her desk near the window when suddenly she heard a knock at the door. When the teacher opened it a boy walked in and told us he was a new transfer student. 'A new transfer student in the begining of second semester. I wonder what kind of problems he had that made him come to this school?' She thought. She was curious to know but she really didn't want to ask since it wasn't any of her buisness. Luna then started out the window while thoughts ran through her head about what she was going to do after school today considering it was her day off at work. 'I really don't want to go home. Maybe I could visit Kali at the hospital' She thought.
    Kali is her little sister who suffers from leukemia and since her father is always drinking, Luna has to pay medical bills with her own money.
  4. The teacher waits for a moment then finally, "Ok then, Michio take a seat by..." he looks around the room then smiles again, "Sit behind Luna." he points where Luna is, Michio simply nods and takes a seat behind her.
  5. Luna noticed the new transfer student was asked to sit behind her. Although she didn't pay much attention she just kept staring outside thinking about Kali and how she was getting excited to see her. 'Maybe I'll drop by a store and buy a stuffed animal for her' She thought.
  6. Michio looks out the window and sighs. I wish home didnt have to be so crappy... Oh well I guess being here is better than being there. He didnt pay that much attention in class... he just didnt care...
    Michio's parents just recently died... drug overdose. And his aunt and uncle just wanted to take him in because of the money they get if they do keep him. They are nothing but lowe lifes... so Michio decided to just go off on his own. That was best. Michio has had a pretty crappy life and now the only way to make things better... is cutting.
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  7. Wanting to take notes, Luna starts to dig in her bag for something to write with. 'Great, I guess I forgot my pencil case at home so have completely nothing to write with' She thought to herself. Wondering if the new student would have an extra pen to spare, she turns around and asks him. "Hi, I was wondering if you have an extra..." Trailing off as her gaze fell upon his wrists which were slightly covered but could see a little glimpse of cuts on his wrists. 'Is he cutting himself? Could he have that much problems that would cause him do do that?' Were only some of the many thoughts that flew in her mind about him. Seeing the cuts also made her a bit worried and sorry for him. Luna then looked away knowing it would be rude to stare and hoping he hadn't seen her look. "Pen I could borrow?" She said finishing her question.

    ((and here's a pic of Luna))

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  8. Michio looks at her, seeing that she has noticed and casually pulled his sleeves down. He grabs a pen and hands it to her, "Here you go."
  9. 'Crap I think he saw me look' She thought as she noticed him pulling his sleeves down. Luna then takes the pen and thanks him. Still having many thoughts she said "Why do you do that?" while gazing into his eyes. Not realizing she was thinking out loud and actually said that to him, she turns around "I'm sorry you don't have to answer that. It's really none of my buisness" saying nervously.
  10. Thats when Dark (Grimm) Lightman kicks the door open with her combat bootsand walks in late aa always. she was waering a lather jaket, tank top wich says 'Kiss my ass' on it and black jeans had her sun glass on tht covered her Gold green eyes the teather looked at her unplease she smiled at him then scowld at him behind his back she sat next to the new kid didnt even notice him
  11. Michio sighs, great now she is going to tell everyone...Great, just my luck. Michio looks at her, "Your not going to tell anyone are you?" Michio notices Dark and rolls his eyes.
  12. Luna back around to face Michio. "I promise I won't. I'm not the type of person that would do that and besides i'm good at keeping secrets" She responded.
  13. "Good." he whispers and looks her in the eyes. He doesnt trust people very easily but it looks like he doesnt have a choice in this one... "Look I just have a crappy life, lets just leave it at that."
  14. "ya right Luna you could keep a secret even if you life dappand it on it" she smiled at her own joke and looked at the new kid "Dark but call me Grimm" se smiles and holds out a hand wich her sleave showed a little bit fo her rest which had burn marks on it cirrgears burns. she smoks and burns herself she need a smoke right now
  15. Luna looks at Grimm then back at Michio. 'A crappy life' She said over in her head. How could it possibly worse than hers she thought. The only reason she lives is to watch over her sick sister who can die at any moment. Plus coming home to a drunk father who abuses you isn't at all great either. "I see. Well your not the only one" She replied while looking back out the window thinking about these things.
  16. Michio looks at her hand then back at her. He gets up and being the gentleman he is", he shook her hand. It was a slightly firm handshake, some of his cuts are now visible. He notices he burn marks but decides to ignore them, "My name is Michio. Michio Storm."
  17. cute himself nice. Grimm shakes his hand then lets go to leeson to the Teacher. she learned all this but hey the teachers think she stupid and pick her she awacers them right they shut up. that's there thing shutting people up. she right now just wanted this to end so she can go one with her life. "come on stupid bell."

  18. "As eager as always to get out of here." She said refering to Grimm. Then turning to face the front of the class and starts taking note's before the class ends.
  19. When that bell rang she was gone as the wind. She left the class room to the stairs then to the roof. she need a smoke and fast. She pulls out a smoke and puts it to her mouth then lights it. she inhales then blows rings out into e sky. the roof looked disuted to her or was it?
  20. Michio took his time getting his stuff. Once he gathered it all his stuff he walked out of the room.