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  1. Hello there! I'm Knightknight. I'll come up with some form of nickname somehow, I suppose. Or you can give me a nickname. I don't mind, really.
    So! To the point. I love role play. Of mostly any kind. I have a soft spot for roleplaying romance, though action, drama, so on so forth are also loved.
    I don't mind any sort of rp length at all. I'll usually try to match whatever average length my rp partner tends to have.
    As for pairings, I don't mind any kind as long as there's no huge age difference? MxM, MxF, FxF, so on so forth. I don't mind rping any specific gender, so that would be entirely up to you!
    I have no idea what else to put here besides ideas? There are ideas and such below, but I'm perfectly okay with doing something you suggest instead! As long as we're role playing something fun. I'll edit regularly with new ideas, too.
    Most of these are just ideas I've seen around the internet that I'd love to try~!

    Character A is reluctantly dragged out to a host / maid cafe by a friend. While largely uninterested in such things, Character A is suddenly completely shocked to find that their classmate, Character B, works there. And hot damn do they look fine. Character B pullsCharacter A aside and asks that they keep the job a secret, to which Character A agrees. HoweverCharacter A can’t unsee this new, stylish, attractive version of Character B
    So Character A ends up becoming a regular at the cafe just to have an excuse to talk to and hang out with Character B.

    Soul mate AU wherein humans are divinely assigned soul mates via small cards, much like how a teacher might assign partners for a school project. However the cupids that slip the humans their cards sometimes have a nasty sense of humor. And, no, you’re not allowed to trade.

    Character A and Character B have always hated each other. When their school decides to hold a student auction, allowing the students to auction themselves off to their classmates in exchange for money for school events, popular Character A accepts a nomination to be auctioned. The agreement is that the auctioned student will be the date of the purchaser at the upcoming dance.
    Character B, thinking this would be an excellent way to get revenge for years of aggravation, wins Character A.However, Character A decides to take the high road and decides to be the best damn date Character B has ever, or will ever, have. And Character B has no idea how to deal with that.

    Character A is an empath with the ability to sense the emotions of others, but has never told another soul about said ability. Character B is a troubled youth who sinks further and further into a silent depression hidden behind a mask of laughter and smiles. Character A realizes that Character B is putting on a farce. Character A decides to befriend Character B in order to help figure out what’s going on.

    Character A goes to the hospital regularly due to a health condition. They have never told anyone, and don't plan on telling anytime soon. Character B is their rival at school, and gets injured badly and stuck in the hospital for a week. That week, they see Character A come like clockwork after school is over and doesn't leave until the next morning. After that week, Character B confronts Character A about it at school.

    Character A chats with an online friend almost all the time. They have never seen each others faces, but are best friends, tell each other everything, and are essentially inseparable. However, Character A has an enemy at school, who is Character B. They cannot stand each other. Plot twist, character B is the online friend and neither one is aware of it.

    In an alternate universe, everyone has a small tattoo on the inside of their wrists. That tattoo is a small icon, which gives away a quality of the person with it. It can change throughout the years, and sometimes from month to month. A person who feels lost all the time might have a compass with multiple needles. A person who is scared might have slash marks. Character A's icon has never changed, ever. It is an icon with multiple arrows heading in different directions- they're always busy, and always trying something new. But when they meet Character B, their icon changes for the first time- to a question mark. It only does so in the presence of Character B, and Character A is determined to find out why.

    Character A falls into a coma, and has an 'out of body' experience. No one can see them, but they can see everyone and walk and talk just fine. Character B has been in a coma for ages, and shows Character A the ropes. Two people in comas really shouldn't be having this much fun in a hospital.
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  2. I love the empathy one (considering I am on!) is there any way I could write as a female empath for that one? We could double up if you'd like. (:
  3. Sure thing! Just PM me about it and we can discuss it and start!
  4. Added a prompt!
  5. Added another prompt!
  6. Ooh, that first prompt isna huge weakness of mine, heh. Could I do that one with you?
  7. Sure thing! Just pm me and we can start!
  8. The first and third prompts sound like they could be incredibly interesting. ^u^
  9. The Auction one sounds interesting.
  10. Hey there the soul mate idea you have is really interested.
  11. Thanks! Just PM me about it and we can pick one and role play.
  12. Thank you! If you want to try it, PM me and we can discuss it.
  13. Thank you! If you'd like to try it, PM me about it and we can role play it!
  14. Added a new prompt!
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