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  1. Ok so I have had this plot around for awhile, and I have tried to get it started before but it's just never come into fruition. So I am trying again. I would be playing Oliver, the Knight, and you would be playing the Prince. My character will be dominant and I do not want to rush into the romance and such I want this to be a slow build where YC could even hate my character at first. My posting ranges from several times a day to once a week, depending on my schedule because I work full time and I go to school (which is actually coming to an end, got my finals to finish up then I am freee but I have a lot of plans this summer soooo yeah). I would prefer someone who is willing to chat with me and come up with some ideas that could keep this rp exciting and fun, especially since a lot of it will be them traveling and that can get so damn boring. Anywho here is the plot, I will also post my CS:

    _____ is the oldest son of the king and as a child he was extremely secluded because the rival kingdom would do anything to kill the future king. However he did manage to make one friend, a young orphan boy he caught stealing from his kitchen. But instead of calling his guards to take him away he offered a helping hand to the orphan, telling him that he could come by whenever he needed food or a place to sleep. of course this all had to stay secret since his father would never allow ____ to hang around a peasant. They soon became best friends, and spent as much time as they could sneak in. For years they snuck around in the gardens of the castle, sometimes ____ even snuck Oliver inside of the castle, which was extremely risky for the both of them. he found out that Oliver was the apprentice of a blacksmith and lived at one of the orphanages in the small town just a mile away from the kingdom, the town is in incredibly bad shape due to the war between the two kingoms. ____ promised Oliver that when he was king he would bring the kingdom back to it's former glory and wouldn't allow his people to suffer the way his father allowed.
    Then the unspeakable happened, there was an attack on the village and everything burned. ___ waited for weeks for Oliver to return but he never did... for all he knew his one and only friend was dead. Years passed and it was now time or _____ to take his fathers place as king, but it's not as simple as coronation and a crown put on his head. Over those years the two kingdoms came to an agreement that they would unite instead of fight. So ____ is betrothed to the kings eldest daughter and he is to travel to the other kingdom for the wedding. Of course the King is no fool, he knows that his son will be mark for assassination because many do not want this wedding to take place. So he hires a guard. But this isn't any ordinary man he has hired, no one has seen his face, and those who have don't live long enough to explain what he looks like beneath the hood he wears. He is an assassin and a killer but he is also the only person who could 100 percent ensure his sons safety because he never fails a job. It takes awhile but he finally manages to hire the hooded assassin. ______ is not exactly happy about this, he does not want to marry the daughter of the king that killed hundreds of his people (including the only person he has ever considered a friend) and he doesn't want some guard following his every move. But he sucks it up and what he doesn't know is that this guard... is his supposedly dead friend Oliver.

    ((so timeline would be they meet when YC is around 5 and their friendship lasts until he is 10, then there is 9 years before he is assigned this special guard and betrothed to the princess. Also I already have it all planned out for where Oliver has been and what happened to him))

    Name: Oliver
    Age: 19
    Personality: Oliver does not speak unless spoken too, he prefers to be secluded and never allows himself to lose control. However when he was younger, he was bright and happy always smiling despite his living conditions. He could never be that person again.. that much he knows.
    Scars/Piercings/Tattoo's: From his left brow, down the side of his face, licking his eye and lips, to his neck and even further is a terrible burn from the attack on his village. It even extends down his left arm and his chest. This is one of the reasons he wears a hood to conceal his features. He also has scars all over his back and chest.
    Bio: Oliver was abandoned when he was 4 years old, left at the door of an orphanage to be taken in. Of course the orphanage was practically overflowing so he was forced to fend for himself at such a young age. His begging and stealing led him all the way to the castle, where he found a small hole in the large wall that surrounds the castle. he went in and tried to steal from the kitchens, not thinking about whether or not it would get him thrown in a cell. Of course the last thing he expected was to find a friend. he and the prince became best friends and things were finally looking up for the orphan, he was taken in by a blacksmith who was teaching him how to create and even use weapons.
    Then the attack happened, he woke up to find the orphanage on fire and he tried his hardest to get as many of the younger kids out. But on his last trip inside of the orphanage the building collapsed down on him, nearly burning him alive if it weren't for one of the soldiers who attacked the city who pulled him out and took him with several other young boys. They were all taken to a camp, their wounds tended too before they were all thrown into training. Oliver took the longest to heal so his training was belated but his strength and will to live was impressive enough for the men in charge to keep him around. It turned out to be a very good idea because as the months wore on he became the best child soldier they had. The one thing he wouldn't do was kill, which was incredibly disappointing to the men who ran the camp.
    One day all of the men were extremely on edge and rumors of a powerful black night coming to visit ran rampant through the camp. The rumor rang true when he appeared the following day, he was clad in black armor and stood at around 6'4 towering over any man that stood near him. All of the children cowered at the sight of him, but Oliver. He didn't fear this man, he didn't fear death. By now with everything he had gone through he would gladly accept death. This caught the knights attention and the next day Oliver was thrown into the ring. Which was where two of the boys would fight until one was either dead or unconscious. It wasn't the first time he had been thrown in, but it was the first time it was with one of the older boys. Somehow he ended up on top, and that night the black knight took him from the camp with the intention of training Oliver himself.
    For the next 5 years he was this knights apprentice, he learned that it was kill or be killed after some very rigorous training and borderline torture. After 5 years, Oliver challenged the knight to a dual and killed him. This was his freedom and this was the start of his legacy. For the next two years he made a name for himself as a hooded assassin. Then he was approached by a man saying that the king wanted him to protect his son... and he remembered a time when he wasn't a killer... when he had a friend... At first that scared the hell out of him but then he realized he had to preserve the one person who remembered him as a good person... had to make sure that the last piece of him that was still human didn't die.

    His outfit:
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