INTEREST CHECK Knight Quest! Where duty rhyme with valour!

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  1. What if you were a newly knighted youngster tasked with protecting their prince or princess? What if said royal charge was a little... difficult? In a world that wants your beloved monarch-to-be dead, you will have your work cut out for you as mystical monsters, discontent populaces and even the curse of bad luck and other magical ailments plague your charge, you will have to be the strong one and protect them at all cost!

    Barely out of adulthood, you will learn, week by week, to handle the perils of life in the royal court, the valorous art of questing and the diplomatic chore of cleaning up after your Prince(ss). It will not be all sunshine and daisies for sure, but you signed up for this, didn't you? Just don't get killed... and that means keeping the Heir of the throne alive, for a dead charge means a dead knight! Luckily for you, if you die your legacy will continue in the form of your younger siblings or, if you make it, your children. Each successive generation will retain knowledge of the previous, at a less skilled level, of course, but what can you do...

    Now, your Prince or Princess will be out of your hands, but you can choose one of the eligible young ruler and thus have some kind of control about what you will have to march on through... to an extent. Yourself, you will have entirely control over, and will be able to choose your first skills and decide what each week will hold and what reactions your character will have.

    More information will be provided about this medieval fantasy tale of magic, beats and shenanigans if you are interested, and even more will be available if this goes to the OOC stage, so don't hesitate to state your interest :)!
  2. sounds interesting.
  3. Thank you for your interest!
    Do you have any questions for now?
  4. just how difficult is this charge xD
  5. That depends, he or she will add a layer of whim to the whole thing.
  6. understood~ so is there magic involved? or allowed at least? what other things are there to play around with?
  7. Yes, magic is involved but only the beneficial, healing and elemental effects are looked benevolently upon by the populace. As for other things, there will be steeds, holds to be constructed for easy getaway, houses for the other member of your character's family and finally some times when the prince or princess will actually listen to what you have to say once a month.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.