Knight Hunters: Project Shine

Thank you Vay!

I want to see this movie now...

Okies. I say...if no one else shows by (hm. Dangit I'm going to be freakin busy this weekend) Sunday we just go in. I hate to wait but I'm going to be busy too and two days isn't so bad. So we have til Sunday to stand around checking equiptment and getting fitted out.
There's something this outfit needs...



"GODDAMMIT I'm SEXY...oh sorry what?"

There's a third one too I believe... then there's the Gluhen outtakes, which, even if no one liked Gluhen, were still pretty darn funny.
Warmaster, get us in the air! I know nothing about helicopters or insertions so Aya will pretty much be following your orders/lead until we have exited the helicopter. I'msoexited!!! I had something important to say and I can't even remember what it was...

Helicopter is hard to spell after three shots...

I'll be a better gm nao...
Hewlichopter in da air!

...i havnt even had a beer yet. that spelling thing is messing with me!
Arsenal you wanna show off your knowladge of fast roping or shall I skip us to touch down?
No rush. Never rush. I just didn't want to skip ahead if you did wanna post about it.
I had dialogue between Molotov and Wild Turkey planned.

Molotov: To victory, life or death.

Wild Turkey: Death for them. Victory and life for us.

Insertion complete. Let's make this quick. Roulette's waiting for me.
Post in progress I'm just a little slow today. My brain feels like its full of soup.

I figure we should probably get the disk before vay starts hurling ninja bots at us. *cue creepy atmosphere and clickity noises in the dark...*

I'm using martini and jd as npcs right now since neither Alarice or Darkness are posting, but don't kill them off in case they show interest later. And I have... plans...
AI, post up.

Yes, Joel brought a bomb with him.

For good measure AND GREAT JUSTICE he's also got a Zippo lighter.