Knight Hunters: Phoenix Reprise

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  1. Knight Hunters: Phoenix Reprise

    It is said that there are worlds within worlds. Conspiracy theorists have been preaching for decades that the governments society looks to for protection and guidance have really anything, everything, but the people on their agenda. And it’s true. Your leaders have bigger things to worry about than whether you’ll be able to afford the heating bill come winter. More important things.

    Government is just anarchy brokered for the masses approval; a puppet show you would never suspect- could never really accept and believe- until it’s your strings that are caught tangled in the gears. The Illuminati, Skull and Bones, Esset, and The Monster With 21 Faces, the Free Masons; the powers behind the powers that be; playing a game that stopped having rules a long time ago.

    ‘We the people’ are cattle, lambs to be offered up at the table of wolves- but therein lay the catch. It is these Secret societies, these webs of bribery and blackmail that remind the government to feed you, to shepherd you; if only to fatten you up.

    And this brings us to Kritiker. The Critical Eye. These other forces keep each other in check, for the most part, by agreeing to turn a blind eye to each other- mostly… But Kritiker sees where they fail, remembers what even they forget sometimes. What is an organization but the people who agree to it?

    Just as people are sheep; so too do all men have the wolf in them.

    Justice- true justice- does not care who you are, or how wealthy, or who you have in your pocket. Kritiker targets corruption, exposing those who would prey on the still innocent who depend on them and punishing those the law, for whatever reason, fails to reach. They seek not truth, nor riches, nor power; merely vengeance.

    This is what defines Kritiker’s justice. Once you’ve tasted blood make no mistake: You are living on borrowed time.

    Genre: Action/Drama/Scifi

    Rating: This RP will be rated R for violence and language and general dark/weird/adult content. I have faith you all understand the line between R and NC17 blah blah blah you know the drill.

    Theme: Loosely; ‘You can’t go home again.’ There are things you will learn, things you will do, that you can’t come back from. Whether or not you can move on, well, that depends on you…

    Plot: A ragtag group of spies and assassins juggle working undercover at lame day jobs with fighting crime- all the while being drawn ever deeper into a sprawling paranormal conspiracy.

    If you aren’t familiar with Knight Hunters cannon that’s ok, we’re not re-hashing the plot, just using the universe as a platform. Think of it like the X-Files, but a little cheesier and with more ass-kicking. We aren't out to win and kind of award for best story. Just have fun.

    With the former Director’s murder the organization was nearly torn apart by the long festering ambitions among its own ranks- in the end the man’s pet assassin team, Project Weiss, who were forced to step in and clean up the mess.

    Kritiker likes to sew pretty words on what their killers do; “Knights” “Vigilantes” the-ever-poetic-but-admittedly-rather-long-winded “Hunters of the Darkness that Plagues the Human Condition” but in the end that’s really all it is. Clean up. You can’t make the world right; you can only try to stop what horrors you are confronted with from happening again. You shoulder the cross you are dealt and hope the price you were offered for your soul is worth it in the end. And sometimes it is.

    In the wake of the purge Kritiker’s new head has made some changes. Dispatching the remaining members of Weiss, the organizations most trusted agents, to make contact with surviving operatives and re-organize. It’s not an escape, but due to a fire in records agents are considered to have a clean slate. Obviously if you want to be part of the role-play you aren’t choosing to walk away completely but this time you have the option of rejecting any order, refusing any mission- you have the choice, the chance, not to bloody your hands again.

    I'm closing application to the team unless/until someone dies or looses interest. If you are still interested in feel free to post your idea for a character and/or subplot but while I;m overwhelmingly overjoyed at the response this is getting I am an amateur GM and a leetle overwhelmed. Let me get this going and we will work you in from there.

    I have a basic plot outlined for this, but I encourage you to bring your own sub plot for character development purposes. Feel free to get creative- I will make a point to work it into the story. As far as posting requirements go, I’d appreciate it if you could post once a week- if you don’t post for a week I will hijack your character to keep the story rolling. ‘Committed players are preferred’ is, I believe, the politically correct way to say I will harass the living crap out of your pm box if you wander off. If you lose interest please let me know that I am a failure of a perso- I mean… Please let me know so I can kill you off horribly and recruit new players. I mean your character- characters! Not you. Heh.

    Moving on then.

    Character Sheet

    Code Name: (Traditionally something related to your day job.)
    Name: (This will be based in San Francisco, you can be any nationality, born in America or Immigrated or Whatever.)
    Age: (I should hope this is self-explanatory. Kritiker doesn't pick up idiots. Well, sometimes they do...)
    Physical Description: (Kritiker does not keep photos on file, but I'd like a picture along with a physical description because I'm...more...visually oriented...? It doesn’t have to be animated but I’d prefer Not-Photographs.)
    Psychological Evaluation: (Your Personality. "Psychological Evaluation" just sounds cooler...)
    Agenda: (Everybody has one.)
    Specialty: (Computers? Reconnaissance? Strategy? Combat? What are you good at? What does Kritiker use you for?)
    Weapon: (All Kritiker agents are armed. You may not choose to use a gun as bullets are so easily traceable these days, but you will have one, and you will keep it loaded.)
    Work History: (How you came to work for Kritiker, and what you do for them- or were doing for them before things went to hell. Your bio, essentially.)
    Surviving Relatives: (To be notified if something happens to you. Or... yanno... to possibly be kidnapped by mutant cultists... It happens...)

    By way of Example:

    Code Name: Weiss
    Name: Aya Fujimiya
    Age: 29
    Physical Description: 5'6", Japanese, Red Hair, Blue Eyes.

    Psychological Evaluation: Aya is a fairly classical "loner"; intelligent, serious, not completely ruthless, but focused.

    Agenda: Find surviving agents and put together a team that can take care of each other. Kritiker wants one designated ‘lethal operative’ per team, but Aya’s more concerned with their ability to work together and stay alive.

    Specialty: Investigation and execution. He stands out too much to be used in regular undercover work, but for long term assignments (or missions unlikely to leave witnesses) there are few agents more capable.

    Weapon: Beretta 8000 Cougar; accurate, reliable, a basic, emergency handgun Aya rarely has use for, and a plain, un-signed shinken katana he prefers.

    Work History: Aya has been one of Kritiker’s elite operatives for over nine years. He was originally picked up by Kritiker after the murder of his parents and offered the only two things he felt he had left in life: revenge, and the care and protection of his then comatose younger sister. It is not such an unusual story for Kritiker operatives. If they can't get you by the balls they will have you by the heart. Aya got his revenge, and his sister is safe and recovering well… Kritiker disbanded Weiss once, and Aya coped, but didn’t know quite what to do with himself. With no higher education and no work experience… Besides which he’s not of the opinion people of his circumstance are safe to leave wandering about. He trusts the new director of Kritiker implicitly, to do what needs to be done, and to do what ought to be done. A very dangerous combination in someone licensed to kill.

    Surviving Relatives: His younger sister, Aya Fujimiya. The real Aya Fujimiya (There are a grand total of maybe ten people alive who know Aya's real name and exactly two who are allowed to use it.), currently still living in Japan under Kritiker's protection. She knows very little about her brother's life, but he keeps close tabs on her.


    Project Reprise

    Escritoire Juliette Bianchi- Hacker and Computers expert. Brilliant, capable, trustworthy.
    The Ego Samantha Briggs- Human Relations Beautiful but deadly. You understand why the director is sending you.
    Keys Frank Hector- Infiltrations and Demolitions This man makes the Crashers look like amateurs.
    Komar Fyodor Dimitriev- Forensics and Clean-Up Thorough and reliable- and fast.
    Jager Matthias Wolf- Close Combat Consider for recruitment. Was involved in the Hamburg Incident.

    Molotov Mikhail Portov- Vehicles and Extraction - in reserve for future use.

    [Slot reserved for Alarice]


  2. Code Name:

    Juliett Bianchi


    Physical Description:
    Has long, brown hair she often keeps in a ponytail so she can see properly. She wears glasses at all times due to myopia, but that doesn't at all subtract from her hypnotic eyes of brown. Her flesh is a cream coloured, though easily tanned by the sun because she's half Italian. For height, she's 5' 7". For weight, she's about 145 pounds. Juliett's figure is curvy and frail, dressed in professional clothing that her day job requires. She finds makeup to be a waste of time and money, however she does put on gloss from time to time.

    Psychological Evaluation:
    Juliett comes off as 'robotic' at times, showing few emotions and speaking in large words people don't really understand. She rarely makes any smile beyond a smirk or a laugh beyond a quiet chuckle. All in all, she's a serious woman. Although she may seem boring, she's actually quite the opposite in privacy. She feels that she can only have fun and be fun when not at work. Julie also has a strong passion for technology, always eager to learn it, fix it, play with it--anything with it.

    Honestly, she just wants to be helpful and continue doing what she's doing. Juliett worked a job just as a repairer for computers for Kritiker with the occasional hacking assignment, but more than anything, she wants to be a team member on the go. Especially since her day job as a front desk secretary is very dull to her. Life needs a little more excitement.

    Computers, for the most part. Old models and new, she can familiarize herself with them, repair them, program them, even build them! Not just the computer anatomy, of course. She can pry into highly protected documents if given the right tools and patience. Hacking is a typical assignment for her, as is researching.

    She keeps her emergency handgun, a Beretta 9000S, on her at all times. This particular one was a gift from her grandfather after he passed away. That's a measure she prefers not to take, though. If she needs to defend herself, she has a taser as well.

    Work History:
    Juliett has worked as a secretary for over five years at a medical center. Mainly, it was to strengthen her people skills and keep her by a computer. The job is not something she goes crazy for, but it gets food on the table. It also troubles her at times because she has to pretend she's happy to see people. Medicine, nurses, doctors--none of it interests her. Everyone appreciates her organizational skills, though.

    One day, a curious looking man came to the center asking for a file on someone in particular: a criminal. Her superiors refused, though because that wasn't information to be shared. Fortunately for that man, Juliett knew how to tap into her work's case sensitive filing system, having done it before out of boredom. She told that man, who was a member of Kritiker, to wait until nightfall so he could have what he wanted.

    The file was delivered, of course. Impressed with her punctuality and abilities, she was offered a job for their technology department. She got to fix computers with hacking assignments on the side. They tell her she's not allowed to quit her day job, either in case they might need some other information of criminals who visited that doctor's office. It's a request that she loathes, but respects.

    Surviving Relatives:
    Juliett's parents are still alive somewhere in a retirement home. She doesn't keep contact with them too often, though. She doesn't like to be bothered by them, plus they didn't have the best relationship with her in the first place.
    She also has an older sister named Kayla, who she talks with once in a while. The bond of two sisters is something precious, even to a stoic woman like Julie.
  3. Ok, you got The Good Doctor and if noone else takes the 'ex' criminal....
  4. Art by Myung Lee (click image for larger version).​

    Code Name: The Ego.
    Name: Dr. Samantha Magdalene Briggs.
    Age: 30.
    Physical Description: Standing at 5' 5", Samantha is of the average height for females in the U.S. and has carefully kept her Body Mass Index in exactly the right recommendation. She looks, and is, the sort to take out of the way measures to keep herself looking beautiful. Her skin is tanned only naturally by the sun, one hour a day until it's gained the color it has now. Any make-up she applies is in nude, subtle colors that wouldn't ever detract from her natural beauty. Vain, would be the word and an accurate one at that.

    She tends to dress in expensive, modest clothing during the day; the sort that doesn't make one look twice except for it they'd seen the price tag. Her hair is almost always left down, and while putting it up would be more profession it would also have taken away from its natural beauty. Samantha is all for flaunting her good looks without using exterior applicants to enhance them.
    Psychological Evaluation: Vain, proud and with a touch of wrath, Samantha has a volatile mix of sins in her personality. It makes her very easy to cross, and she holds grudges quite a long time. While she gets angry without difficulty, her mood swings just as easily and it's sometimes hard to predict what emotion a situation will illicit. Not to mention that she often never acts how she's feeling, a rather common thing, but what makes it so eerie when Samantha does it is her ability to act out purely for a reaction. Borderline sociopath, she strangely sees nothing wrong with manipulating others or playing them for her own gain. In fact, one could guess that she almost takes delight at it.

    Samantha plays the political game with her cards close to her heart, and takes almost everything she does as politics. Her psychoanalysts occupation allows for the ability to use others quite easily, and her motto is that if a person leaves themselves open to influence, then they shall be influenced. Why should it not be her to get there first, when she sees the opportunity? Really, Samantha can be a cold-hearted bitch, but her desire to do great things and to become a strong, unstoppable force gives her motivation to not care about others. Whatever needs to be done to make herself better, she will do it.
    Agenda: To become one of these new agents that're being gathered. Well, she doesn't exactly know they're being gathered, but she refuses to leave Kritiker. It was the one place her strength at bend human will to her own was valued. She doesn't care for their whole morality of cleaning up corruption. She just likes being able to do what others can't - the ability to kill without guilt, to destroy with a cause.
    Specialty: People. Thinking like them, predicting them, gaining their trust and hurting them. Each and every sort of person is her specialty. She's your go-to when you're having problems with corporates or individuals, and while she's not a prodigy with them she's good enough. Human Relations is what they title it though she hardly ever bothers to do the whole relating part - unless it's necessary, then Samantha's all for relating.
    Weapon: A simple handgun. She's not exactly a natural in combat situations, but she's devoted enough time to training with her gun to become reliable with it. To stop from being tracked, she has stolen all her ammunition and the weapon itself. Samantha has almost no close-quarter combat skill, however.
    Work History: Samantha was a talented psychoanalyst, going to college in New York straight from high school and dedicating her entire life to psychology. She graduated in the top five of her class and went to intern at a psych ward for four years. After completing the internship, she was hired by a rather fancy therapist in California. So she left behind her entire life, family and friends - boyfriend included, to accept this job. As his assistant psychoanalyst, her life was mostly paperwork. It was boring and mundane, and she absolutely detested the man. They argued quite often, almost every other day, for two years. It was about then that Samantha convinced her boss to kill himself, berating and coaxing and just generally confusing him into depression until he shot himself in the mouth. It wouldn't have mattered if he had resisted, since she had a gun herself to finish the job.

    Kritiker found out, of course. They found Samantha and offered her an ultimatum; work for them or die herself. Without hesitation, she agreed to become an operative. Since then, she'd been their human relations. With the mix of her silver tongue, good looks and sociopathy, she served them well for the two years before Hell broke loose. During that time she actually grew to enjoy the secret society. Not the people, of course. It's almost impossible for Samantha to get along with others. No, she liked playing the part of their human relations, and was very upset as Kritiker nearly imploded upon itself. So, while she continues her job as a private psychoanalyst, she's waiting to be contacted again. Waiting to rejoin their forces.
    Surviving Relatives:
    Mother: Carolyn Briggs - estranged
    Father: Harold Briggs - estranged
    Sister: June-Marie Briggs - estranged
    Aunt: Chelsea Hoffman
  5. So code names aren't names of drinks anymore?

    Code Name: (Traditionally something related to your day job.)

    Name: (This will be based in San Francisco, you can be any nationality, born in America or Immigrated or Whatever.)

    Age: (I should hope this is self-explanatory. Kritiker doesn't pick up idiots. Well, sometimes they do...)

    Physical Description: (Kritiker does not keep photos on file, but I'd like a picture along with a physical description because I'm...more...visually oriented...? It
    doesn’t have to be animated but I’d prefer Not-Photographs.)

    Psychological Evaluation: (Your Personality. "Psychological Evaluation" just sounds cooler...)

    Agenda: (Everybody has one.)

    Specialty: Mechanic/Pilot/Driver/Helmsman

    Weapon: Kimber Tactical II with teflon-coated bullets (illegal).

    Work History: (How you came to work for Kritiker, and what you do for them- or were doing for them before things went to hell. Your bio, essentially.)

    Surviving Relatives: (To be notified if something happens to you. Or... yanno... to possibly be kidnapped by mutant cultists... It happens...)
  6. No, the bar is still going to be there because it seems like a practical hangout, but yes, I think it would be a little more interesting if you had your own day jobs so drinks aren't the code names anymore.

    And if you have nothing you want to change about Dr. Soulstein Vay, I might go dig up his Bio and edit a blurb on him into my start as 'your villain this evening' so you don't have to.

    Otherwise everything exceeds my hopes so far! I look forward to seeing your finished characters. ^_______________^
  7. Yay! Finished your public relations sociopath.
  8. [hugs] I love it! She's perfectly horribly perfect.
  9. Mine's finished too. c__c; I'm grossly sick, but somehow I managed to actually DO something today. Wow! Hope that she's acceptable... This is an entirely new thing for me in the RP world, but I wanna leaaarrrnnn and stuff.
  10. She's great! And while it's immensely flattering I was on your list of things to do even though you're sick don't push yourself too hard, drink lots of hot tea and rest hard. And take a bubble bath. I'm so excited!!!
  11. Code Name: Keys
    Name: Frank Hector
    Age: 32
    Physical Description:


    6'2. Bald. Moves with a fluidity that contrasts with his bulk. His eyes are never still glancing around, always alert under his sunglasses. Always dressed professionally though under expensive colored suits is usually lightweight body armor covering his torso.

    Psychological Evaluation:

    So you want to know if my brain still ticks right? Is that it? I've been up to my eyeballs in scum for the last decade, from even before you boys picked me up. Of course there a few lose wires but I still got what counts. Guts. Thats what you guys don't get. When you're in a room full of hitmen listening to the head hitman who thinks you're a hitman you just get a feeling if something not all shiny. I rely in my gut, I don't take orders I disagree with, and I don't like you lot telling me what I already know, got it?

    Agenda: I just want fair compensation for what i'ze been through since you guys failed to keep it together.
    Specialty: Infiltration and demolitions.
    Weapon: Garotte. Silenced colt M1911 (illegally acquired), Mini crossbow (loaded with darts), Dragonov (AK47 sniper variant, only taken for special jobs) plastic explosives.
    Work History: Well when the shit hit the the Johnsons had me in cover, casing a 'less than legal organization with possible links to cult activity' as they so eloquently put it. Bunch of uptight mobsters if you ask me. But hell I stayed with them once krit bit it, not like anyone could get me out without me being fed a gold plated beretta. You even know where they had me? Mexico... There s civil war going on down there and I was on the side of the druglords. Before you krits showed up I was happily making my money in sunny Cali, appreciate change I really do.
    Surviving Relatives: None here, might be a could back home but doubt they'd miss me much.
  12. Excellent excellent! I never expected I'd have so much to work with! O.O

    Alarice, don't feel like Effort is stepping on your toes by being a civilian fighter. If you are still interested in being a combat specialist I look forward to seeing what you come with. *Desperately doesn't want to lose Alarice.*
  13. Character Sheet

    Code Name: Komar (Russian for 'mosquito')
    Name: Fyodor Dimitriev
    Age: 22
    Physical Description: [​IMG]

    Psychological Evaluation: Suffers from a severe lack of personality. You would have more luck starting a conversation with a brick wall. His job calls for being tight-lipped, but he goes above and beyond the call of duty. If he does choose to speak, it's usually only in short, laconic sentences of no more than five words. Keeps his mind on one thing and one thing only: the job.

    Agenda: Earn monies to bring his family to the US of A

    Specialty: Forensic Clean-up

    Weapon: An M-10, with the blade from a combat knife placed where the magazine would usually be

    Work History: Starting out working for the Russian mob, Fyodor made his way through the ranks of the underworld doing the dirty work that comes after every blazing shootout, cold blooded murder, and authorized assassination: the cleanup, in other words. Eventually, he received an offer for work from a mysterious organization that lurks on the lowest part of the underbelly of society. Now he works at a bloodbank during the day, waiting for the next call telling him he has to clean up after the Knight Hunters' latest misadventure.

    Surviving Relatives: Father- Dimitri. Mother- Ivana. Five brothers and sisters. Over 17 cousins.
  14. Awesome! I get such wonderful characters I'm running out of adjectives!

    Alrighty! I'm getting the IC ready now, it should be up round the time Alarice an Effort get their characters done- probably before. :D

    IC ( ) is Up and Away! Introduce yourselves, I want to see a clip of your lives. Then I'll be picking Vay up at the airport and we can have an initial confrontation regarding compensation for the suck Kritiker left him in and we can all meet up in the bar for Orientation. This way we get the ball rolling but Effort and Alarice still have time to finish their characters.

    Questions? Comments? Wild Interjections? Fire away.
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  20. Always :) Effort seems to have wandered off and something is holding up Alarice... I'm not sure my PM went through but it's only been a couple days so I don't want to spam her yet. She's expressed an interest in being some kind of combat specialist but it's not like we won't need more of those...

    So hit me with whatever you got Okami. :D You can see what we have already, I look forward to seeing what you got in mind.

    And EEP I'm already behind. Kay, Aya's got a to-do list. Pick up Frank, and providing no one else shows up at the bar early (You found the one tiny flaw in my flier plan Leander- you brilliant thing you XD) run into Samantha on the way home.

    Now Leander, it crossed my mind last night, I'm not saying Samantha killed the agents previously sent to bring her back to working with Kritiker, though if for some reason you want to go with it- well, things were really chaotic for a while so no one would blame her- I just didn't want you to think I was pigeon holing you. Aya is going to be a bit suspicious of her for a while though regardless.

    Off to post, see you guys around. :D