INTEREST CHECK Knight Hunters: Phoenix Reprise

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  1. Yes Dammit We ARE doing this AGAIN!

    For those of you who remember Project Shine, I have overhauled the plot and am starting from scratch since it looks like most of the players from the original aren't around much anymore. Because I am so creative with names I am calling this go 'round Phoenix Reprise.

    It's a Spy VS Spy sort of thing, with a paranormal twist. Action, drama, mutant cultists and ninja robots, etc. Vay has first dibs on playing our main villain, but if you have an idea for a future villain/ess should he eventually get bored and decide to stay dead (or maybe join forces with someone even?) I am accepting all plot contributions for consideration.

    June 10th I am going camping for four days, and while I will have internet up there... it's camping so I am going to wait to put it up until I get back.

    Questions, comments, interest and/or suggestions? Let's BRAINSTORM.

    Vay? I wanted to ask, depending on the background of the operatives, is it all right if I tone down the ninjabots deadliness just a smidge- if we don't get a bunch of ex-para-military buffs this time? I just want the challenges to grow gradually more difficult this time. For plot and character development and stuff.
  2. The ninjabots were meant to go down ofter one or two shots anyway. But I'll see what can be done. They're just prototypes after all. Battle experience and modifications and refinements should make sure they remain a threat.
  3. Hrm ... Mm ... *bites bottom lip and glances around* I'm still interested. One good guy and one bad girl.
  4. YES! *fistpump*

    Just wouldn't be the same without the good doctor's cyborg daughter and her wittle kittykat.
  5. Yessss. Learning ninjabots. This pleases me...

    And absofikkinlootly. You were brilliant Alarice, I was worried cause I hadn't seen you around the past couple days I been back. I'm working on a banner to submit for an ad when I put the ooc up, and I'm thinking once we get a few people I'll put up a bare skeleton of our first plot arc for people so we're all on the same page and if they have anything they want to add or change we can all discuss it.
  6. Just wondering. Is it one arc with good protagonists and evil antagonists or two parallel and intermingled arcs one staring the agents and the other the villains?
  7. Honestly, when I dreamed this up I assumed (silly me- I should have known everyone always has more fun playing villains x)) that we would just be brainstorming up villains and conspiracies to do together...

    Don't misunderstand me, I'm not complaining, I wouldn't trade you or Alarice for the world but I'm not really sure. I figure maybe it's one arc of both things going on at once, Soulstein's camp being diabolical while we run around like ninny's following breadcrumbs trying to figure out who we're supposed to be going after... If that makes any sense?

  8. Makes sense, and *thumbs up* just wanted to know what kinds of thunder I could steal. You're the boss gmlady!

    We'll talk about evil plots another time.
  9. You betcherbutt we will. I've actually been considering a more horror themed school RP I was considering asking Soulstein to be a ..."teacher" for... But that's another story...


    If you wanted to contribute a "good guy" as well I certainly wouldn't object...
  10. Sounds interesting enough. Count me in.

    Do you have an idea when it'll be up or starting?
  11. [tackles Leander and ties a flag to his foot.] It will be up on or before June 15. Most likely WAY before because I'm the impatient sort. I"d like a couple more people to express interest tho. Maybe just one?
  12. What-- oh, ok. [stares at the flag. On the ground.] Okay, cool. I'm impatient as well! XD