KnB Partner Search [M/M]

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Hello everyone~! I am Ogi, and recently I have been craving a roleplay from the Anime series Kuroko No Basuke.

Preferably, I would love to play as Kuroko Tetsuya, and am willing to pair him up with anyone, including OCs. We can discus AUs or Canon settings, if you'd like. We can RP in PMs or in Threads, whichever you feel comfortable with. However, I am looking for M/M pairings, so I apologize to those MxF people~

If you are interested, please send me a PM or comment on this thread. I am looking forward to RPing with anyone~!


+ I am not looking for just one partner. I can handle more than one rp about the same Anime, so don't be afraid to ask away~!

+ Also, if you are interested in my other ideas, or how I RP, take a look at my Resume or this thread here:

Thank you~!​
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