EXERCISE Klutzy's Writing Challenge #3: The Hunger

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  1. He was in a public diner filled to the brim with people when it happened. An urge he couldn't contain struck him in an instant. He felt it well up in the pit of his stomach, causing him to jump out of his chair. It was a hunger, a hunger for...

    Finish this thought! Write it in as many or as few words as possible, but try to explain the object of the man's hunger in detail and how the individuals around him react to his hunger. The object of his hunger may be whatever you choose.
  2. Adventure. That's what he craved. He could feel it gnawing ravenously at him, had been for months now and he always seemed to be staring off into the woods or toward the mountains that surrounded his hometown daydreaming of finding some sort of long los treasure or uncovering some deep hidden place long forgotten by time. He looked around him at the others knowing they were quite content with the simple pleasure of food and drink. The company of others to slake and sustain their lust. Games and brawl were sometimes proven to bite back he insatiable need to explore. He had been rolling around in the muck of this town for too long to give a damn anymore if he were missed. He surely wouldn't miss the lot of them. No one really cared to remember he even existed. So what held him here? He didn't even know anymore.

    With a bang of his fist, one that faded away into the thrum of the activity going on around him, he stood tossing his hard earned payment onto the table for his scrap of a meal. He pushed his way past the groups of drunkards and whores who would no doubt be throwing themselves at the so called "Heros of the Day". The loud music accompanied by the sounds of breaking glass and hoarse laughter would soon fade and he gladly welcome the drones of silence followed by the exchange of fresh air from the acrid cigar smoke of the building that he had left behind. He went home that night determined to lay out a line for a new life. He rested very little and tried to keep sleep at bay as long as possible while the ideas and courage to depart form such a depressing place was still fresh in his mind.

    As the sun rose to chase away the effect of the night before, it also led he way to new beginnings for him. Even after sitting at his desk all night trying to prepare for what may lie ahead he still had no clue as to what he was doing or where he was going. But none of that really mattered did it? The important thing was that he was going. That he needed to go. He could wait no longer to appease his appetite for new thrills and new sights. Perhaps he would even find something worth value to him?

    With his pack in tow he gave one final look to the small building that had been his home for nearly all his life and shut it the door. He didn't bother to lock it. After all, he never saw himself coming back to a place that seemed desolate to him. Besides, there wasn't really anything of value in the house anyway save for a few paintings he had done and those probably wouldn't have amounted to much anyway. In his heart he knew the decision he was making was a good one and he would never regret making it.

    He chose at random a direction to go and suck with it. Knowing no matter what new challenges he faced he would always be hungry for more.
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