EXERCISE Klutzy's Writing Challenge #1: Dresser top from a new perspective

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  1. You go to bed one night. The next morning, when you wake up, you find yourself to be tiny--no bigger than the average size of an adult pinky finger! You also find yourself to be atop your dresser. What items do you see on it? How does it look from your new perspective? What are you going to do to get out of this crazy situation? Write as much or as little as you'd like for this challenge. :)

    This is my first challenge so I hope it's cool. ><; Just wanted to try it.
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  2. ((I don't actually have a dresser, and the most appropriate alternate would be boring. If you don't mind I will alter it to another place I might be likely to awaken: my computer desk. If you object, please let me know and I will remove my post. ^^ ))

    Ugh, it's been one hack of a night. Stayed up late trying to do some code, and dozed off at the keyboard. I'm stiff, I'm sore, I'm tired and... When did I get hardwood floors? My chair is gone too! I'd blame this on dreams, but I almost never dream; at least, I never know anything about dreaming once I'm awake. I look around again, trying to ignore the fact that my room seems to have a horizon instead of walls.

    At my feet there is a pale surface, like wood, but vast in size. Before me is a black slab of... something which has a glow to it: green before me, red to my left, blue to my right. Away to my left is an... orange mass; it's fibrous and rises nearly waist-high! The word "ruggose" comes to mind, though fortunately not "squamous". As I peer right, I can see a pile of something, plywood? I can't really tell, but it rises higher even than the ominous orange mass.

    There are gouges in the ground. They pose no danger to me, but what has caused them? Several of them are almost perfectly parallel, and they gap over a finger's width wide with slightly raised edges. As if something massive has sliced into the surface. As I wander I find other patches, some don't look like wood at all, buy are white or brown and have a slightly fuzzy texture.

    Not far from me is the edge of the world. A perfectly straight cutoff beyond which there is an incredible fall. Down there lies... my chair? That massive alien construct might almost be it, except a hundred times too large. A giant of 8 times by height would be a toy still against its bulk. I turn back and notice the glowing, horrible blackness behind me. If that down below is my chair, then this is my keyboard. Up above, the unmoving sun is my light. I am diminished, or the world is increased. Either way I had better hide before the cat wakes up...

    Fortunately I will wake up soon, and not remember any of this. Right?
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