Klutzy's Writing Challenge #1: Dresser top from a new perspective

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You go to bed one night. The next morning, when you wake up, you find yourself to be tiny--no bigger than the average size of an adult pinky finger! You also find yourself to be atop your dresser. What items do you see on it? How does it look from your new perspective? What are you going to do to get out of this crazy situation? Write as much or as little as you'd like for this challenge. :)

This is my first challenge so I hope it's cool. ><; Just wanted to try it.


((I don't actually have a dresser, and the most appropriate alternate would be boring. If you don't mind I will alter it to another place I might be likely to awaken: my computer desk. If you object, please let me know and I will remove my post. ^^ ))

Ugh, it's been one hack of a night. Stayed up late trying to do some code, and dozed off at the keyboard. I'm stiff, I'm sore, I'm tired and... When did I get hardwood floors? My chair is gone too! I'd blame this on dreams, but I almost never dream; at least, I never know anything about dreaming once I'm awake. I look around again, trying to ignore the fact that my room seems to have a horizon instead of walls.

At my feet there is a pale surface, like wood, but vast in size. Before me is a black slab of... something which has a glow to it: green before me, red to my left, blue to my right. Away to my left is an... orange mass; it's fibrous and rises nearly waist-high! The word "ruggose" comes to mind, though fortunately not "squamous". As I peer right, I can see a pile of something, plywood? I can't really tell, but it rises higher even than the ominous orange mass.

There are gouges in the ground. They pose no danger to me, but what has caused them? Several of them are almost perfectly parallel, and they gap over a finger's width wide with slightly raised edges. As if something massive has sliced into the surface. As I wander I find other patches, some don't look like wood at all, buy are white or brown and have a slightly fuzzy texture.

Not far from me is the edge of the world. A perfectly straight cutoff beyond which there is an incredible fall. Down there lies... my chair? That massive alien construct might almost be it, except a hundred times too large. A giant of 8 times by height would be a toy still against its bulk. I turn back and notice the glowing, horrible blackness behind me. If that down below is my chair, then this is my keyboard. Up above, the unmoving sun is my light. I am diminished, or the world is increased. Either way I had better hide before the cat wakes up...

Fortunately I will wake up soon, and not remember any of this. Right?


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...What was this? The recurring dreams I've been having are ridiculous, but I'd much prefer them to this new nightmare. At least the ostrich-llama has a sense of normality to it now. With a huff, I stare around at my surroundings. A white floor stretches out from me in all directions, but at every angle, it eventually comes to a halt, blocked by obstacles and tall spirals of junk, piled high.

Finally, I start off toward the shortest obstacle, noting the raised cracks and black marks that mar the painted wood surface. Here and there, a few large, brittle red flakes crunch underfoot and as they do, a strange, stomach-churning odor rises from them. It's almost like fish food- something I haven't smelled in a while. My fish died a few months ago, and the stench of its sustenance has faded to nothing but a memory.

I walk for a while longer until I come up to a metal wall blocking my path. It's not too big, though, and with a running start, I manage to leap up high enough to grab the edge and pull myself up. A frown twitches on my face and I glare down at the smooth floor- light tan, with some darker lines and splotches on the thin wood grain. And in the middle, a metal design embedded into it.

My old hand mirror?

My stomach flips and I whirl around, wide eyes suddenly recognizing where I am. My dresser- an old piece of junk currently being cleaned off and soon to be thrown to the curb.

No. No, this has to be a dream.

I can't be this small forever!

Wake up...

Please, wake up.
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I wake feeling stiff and sore and realize I'm not in my bed but on the floor? How did that happen? I'm a light sleeper, how could I have fallen out of bed without waking up? He struggle to stand, and stretch out the kinks in my back and legs and blink a few times. Wait. Where am I? My room is NOT this big and my carpet is the ugliest brown sculptured shag imaginable. This carpet feels like...linen?

I see a huge ball to my left and approach it. Instantly I recognize it as the puzzle I built of the globe, but that is on my dresser. Looking from the globe to my self and back again I begin to feel dread fill my mind. "If this really is my dresser...my medicine bottles should be right...there.." I say to myself and point to the right. As my eyes move in that direction I see round shapes the size of refrigerators. As I approach i see my name clearly across the top of one and frown.

How am i going to get down from here? "Oh I wish I hadn't put that yarn away last night!" it was right here. I could have thrown it over the side and climbed down, but NO I had to get a neat freak bug up my butt. With a sigh I sit on the edge of my notebook to ponder my situation. "Maybe I should just go back to sleep and hope I wake up in bed..." With that sound advice I laid down on the notebook and closed my eyes.

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I really needed to clean up around here.

I sneezed as I looked about the top of the dresser I had somehow woken upon. A yellow, orange, and white crocheted blanket covered it, the holes within making it difficult to walk across without risking an ankle. Coins the size of my whole head gleamed from various spots while the television loomed like a massive monolith in ominous black overhead. Knick-knacks from various outing seemed like a junkyard across its top, capped off by the monumental PS3 standing at the end. Jars towered over full of change, and a couple of games supporting a Nintendo DS the size of a pontoon boat blocked my way.

"Babe. Babe!" I shouted across the expanse to the giant sleeping in my bed, and he rolled over, muttering something and going back to sleep. I sighed heavily, knowing that nothing short of throwing something heavy at him would wake him up. Or, something very loud and important...

I glanced around me to find something that was unlikely to break, but very much sure to clang on its way down. Finding a jar of change that seemed to dwarf me, I figured that would do the trick, and I grabbed the nearest pencil (that's where I put it!) and proceeded to use it as a lever against the bottom of the jar of coins.

It was far too heavy for the likes of two-inch-tall me. Heck, I had scanty arm strength while I was full size.

Realizing that I would have to work this one out myself, I let myself fall to my rump - only to find that air resistance was a real and present problem. It took me a full ten seconds to actually drop. The idea sparked something as I looked across to the bed only about a foot or two away.

Backing up as much as I could, I used the pencil to vault - and nearly lost my guts as I sailed through the air to land with a poomf! against the bedspread, barely hanging onto the threads with my fingertips. I gritted my teeth and hoped that he wouldn't roll over. With that, I hauled myself up onto the top and stared off - to see a massive expanse that might as well have been a mountain range.

"Oh, come on," I muttered.