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  1. (I basically checked everything under ratings because almost anything is allowed as long as it is either run by me first and it HAS to go along with this story line. This is my story, completely made up, I want to have fun with it and I want everyone else to, also.)


    It begins trillions of years ago on a planet named Klioelestia, where dozens of species lived in close harmony. Ruled by a bloodline called The Wise. The chosen had no issues finding their other halves because they were born with their other halves as a whole. When suddenly out of the darkness of space the world was hit by a giant floating rock. Thousands of Klioelestians died in the damage. Once the world was destroyed the large meteor disappeared into the void and never returned. Not only did this over-sized bolder hit this beautiful world but it split it into two completely different halves that, over the years, became round and became two newly made worlds. Now the name was cut in half and the population was split in two amongst the worlds. The Wise came up with a better plan to keep the worlds at peace, utter oblivion. The smaller half of the world, that orbited the larger half, was named Klioe and the bigger half named Lestia. Neither of the planets had any knowledge of the existence of creatures on the opposite planet. This made it easy for panic to never rise amongst the two.

    These new worlds never crashed do to the new systems they got trapped in, the Smaller world has three moons and revolves round the other world, were as the larger world has six moons and revolves around a giant blue star called Eno. Klioe is not useless though, Klioe contains these beautiful and new creatures. Lestia contains a population called Klioeians which they kind of look like humans but not quite, coloration of the skin, eyes, and hair vary between colors already known and colors never seen before. Each Klioeian come from a long blood line of a different species and on that bloodline only ONE is chosen by The Wise to carry half of a charm and to find the other half of the charm in their life time.
    The Wise: a bloodline of its own but it is the only one in existence that does not have a charm but knows who in the other blood lines gets the one charm. The Wise were the first to walk the world of Klioelestia so they are the first bloodline and they are the ones to make the charms.

    The charms: These are pieces of strangely shaped metal called Deeon, Deeon is an indestructible metal that only exists in these particular charms. Half of the charm is completely missing, that half is on Klioe with a creature. When you put your charm through the metal analyzer called The Deeonist it will detect the Deeon in the charm and open a portal that will push you onto Klioe, when you land on Klioe you will be in a room where you will await instructions from a voice called The Nightingale. Then you will enter an adventurous game either by yourself or with another chosen character (if you RP with a friend and make the two character work). This is where you will go through a very troublesome adventure of finding the other half of your charm and the creature that belongs to you for eternity, and you belong to him/her. Your charm will get warmer the closer you are to the other half, and colder when you get further. Once found and these charms are connected together a bright light will engulf the you and your creature and transform both of you (not like, morph together or anything). This light will give you five powers and a tattoo looking scar of your completed symbol (what the whole charm will look like with both halves together) in a spot of your choosing. Your creature will get this same symbol in the same spot that you choose.


    Klioe- The small planet with all of the creatures. (They can be completely made up or mythical or already made up, whatever you choose.) Some are cruel, some are not. Some are evil, some are not. Some are fluffy, some are not. Some are amazing, some are not. It completely depends on you. Try not to all pick the same thing.

    Lestia- The larger planet, and home to us. Please note that you can describe your own home style. Your own look. Your own basic background.
    The RP will start out fairly simple with everyone either finding out that they are chosen or already have their creature and then I want everyone's stories to explode and crash together and make up a plot twist and more.

    +Your character has to follow the story line but everything else is your choice really.
    +You have to be creative with your adventure.
    +You must explain in detail what happens to you and your charm or feelings.
    +No one can FOREVER loss a charm.
    +Charms are normally carried on something. Ex. necklace.
    +After creature is found please described what happens in the transformation.
    +YES. Some characters can already have their tattoo scar, whole charm and creature, but you have to provide what the charm looks like and creature.


    (Unless you are a returning character, your CS must be approved by the GM or one of the Co-GMs before you can enter the IC
    +Sex must be kept in PMs
    +Usually the player gets to decide when a character gets killed, but if you powerplay or godmod, your character's life is forfeit
    +Don't post OOC in the IC. We have an OOC for a reason
    +No more than 4 characters can be entered at the start
    +Original Characters only. I will not accept characters from animes, shows, movies, etc.. I will allow OCs based on classic literature and spin offs, however.
    +No self inserts, please.
    +While collateral damage is to be expected, you cannot destroy the entire planet.
    +If you break a rule or cause trouble for the other members you will be added to the banned list.)

    Character Sheet:

    Name!!!!!! First and last preferably.
    Age: (Actual age mandatory, appearance age optional)
    Bloodline: Ex. The Daredevil, The Artist, The Gift, The Brave. etc.
    Gender: (Identity)
    Appearance: (Drawn image please, description is okay as long as it is temporary. Ask me for help if you can't find one)
    Creature: (He/She? What is it? Put "Surprise" if you want it to be a real adventure or if you cannot think of one. Try to provide a good description or image.)
    Personality: (Details)
    History: (Try to fit the story and bloodline history. Why is your bloodline name that name.)
    Charm: (Drawn image or something, description is ok, as long as it is temporary. Help right here)
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  2. Name: Kaldan Breacher
    Bloodline: The Conman
    Sexuality: Male




    Personality: Trickster, deception and illusion artist, great at conning people and bartering, very suave.

    History: As a young boy his father and grandfather trained him. From the time the planet split their family has used their gift for deception and trickery to get wealthy and survive.

  3. I freakin approve that CS is great!
  4. Name: Shiro Kiyoshi
    Age: 19
    Bloodline: The Yakuza
    Gender: Male

    Personality: Takes what he wants when he wants. Overbearing when he deems it necessary, and militant when dealing with everyday obstacles.

    History: The Yakuza are a bloodline of hot tempered men, and loyal women. All the boys in the Yakuza take control of a gang for revenue and power at the age of 12. This passing of age ritual has been conducted since the planets split, and is why The Yakuza bloodline is still alive.

    [Cut it horizontally not vertically]
    (That good?)
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  5. Rough draft of sorts, just wanted to get it down

    Name: Leira Meerva
    Age: 21 (Even though she doesn't look like it)
    Bloodline: The Lost
    Gender: Female
    Picture (open)

    Oridicans (Creature) (open)

    Oridicans are creatures created by the confusion of the other holder of the other half of the charm, despite being made by the confusion of their other half, they are proud creatures who roam the forest with dignity and grace. Oridicans are a mix of a sort of canine, deer, and griffin like creature. Most are wearing a mask to cover the upper face, no live person has seen under the mask. This particular oridican is called Lehotoni, and Leira has not found him yet.
    Personality: Leira has a split personality, like some of the others from the Lost clan. Like two different sides of a coin, Leira has a "good" and "bad" side, there is an assumption that the true Leira is a balance between, but this third personality is rarely shown. She is aware of the different sides (due to the missing memory, and being informed), but cannot recall what had happened when in her separate mindset.

    Her "good" side is more of a childlike mindset, finding good in all things, being optimistic, and very social. This part of Leira is more dependent on others, is very loyal, and trusting. She would go out of her way to help, and is more than happy to start up the conversation. She tends to become extremely sad when someone does not want to play with her.

    Her "bad" side is antisocial, more attuned to reality, pessimistic, and had a more adult like mindset. Leira tends to avoid others due to a distrust in the Klioelestians, mainly for them kicking the Lost out. She is more selfish, and self serving then others. Independent and impatient, she will gladly leave someone behind. She can tolerate quiet people, as long as they do not comment on her brooding and glowering.

    History: The Lost are a people who strayed away from the other Klioelestians. Most of the Lost have personality other mental disorders. The Lost often suffering from bipolar disorder, and more extreme cases, they suffer from multiple split personalities. Often these people are bitter because the other Klioelestians would not interact with them, causing them to become outcasts and forcing them to stray. Often more fair haired, pale skinned, and bright eyed the Lost stay underground.

    Leira is born from a broken home, which is fairly common for the Lost due to their unstable attitudes. She had no siblings, that she knows of, and grew up mainly by herself with the physical support of her mother. Often the Lost drive each other farther into insanity, which is what she did to her mother. She became distant, but her inner desire to have friends and get to know others formed her second personality, the "good side". Due to struggling to make friendship with other Lost, she gained the "bad side" personality, growing to distrust everyone. Now Leira is stuck in between, not able to define which is her, or if any of them are her.


    The upper half (containing what appears to be a face) is a metal arm band for the Klioelestian carrier. The lower half (what appears to be a dagger and below) is a marking that covers the outer side of the right hind leg of the creature.
    Other: Leira's third personality has memory everything the other personality do, say, or think.
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  6. great so far all are going to be in, keep watching, I am not going to post the RP yet for a couple more days and then it will be up. (: I love them all so far
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