Klaus vs Bafu

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  1. Klaus smirked and creaked his neck. He held up his ipod full blast. palying highway to hell. Klaus walked around looking forf a fight. Someone said some freak named Bafu the mad was a good fighter. He walked into a bar, and killed everyone inside. He grabbed a beer bottle and picked up a severed head. "Hey you know where Bafu is?" He spoke for e the head usingf ventrilquism. "No Klaus! I have no clue! "Well arent you useless.." He threw the head bored.
  2. "I know where he is!" The scull of some poor creature rose from the behind a bar table, held aloft by a spindly light purple hand. "You do?" Another skull appeared and asked the skull."Yes he's in his kingdom! Far far away from here!" The owner of the skulls and arms rose from behind the table. "No I'm not! I'm right here!" He then got in a short argument with a skull he was controlling that ended in him throwing it away. He then looked at the blood soaked man with rather deadly looking claws. "Hiya! You seem like a nice chap."
  3. Klaus laughed at the luttle stupid show, and said "That was hilarious!" He said "Oh its you Bafu! You seem like a nice guy too! I bet we make great friends!" He then ran his claws together makint a snikt noise. "Buuuuuut.....Im bored and gonna kill you. Sorry. I will throw you a Hell of a party!" Klaus said and lunged forward trying to slash Bafu.
  4. Bafu smiled at Klaus. "Hey no big man I get that way too sometimes, in fact all the time." He explained as his smile changed from warm to sinister. When Klaus lunged at him he ducked under the table. A purple honey badger leapt out and attempted assault his face with sharp little claws.
  5. Klaus screamed as the badger began scratching his face. "AHH! Its in my brain!?!" He slashed it off and growled. He ran forward and sent a few more slashes at Bafu. His eyes began glwoing red now. "I dont like badgers!" He screamed
  6. "Point taken!" Bafu squeaked as he panicky reverted to he normal form and dodged the majority of Klaus's slashes. He nicked him here and there but received no real wounds. Bafu then jumped back for some distance and scratched his hair, apparently looking for something. "Ah! Here she is! Behold my trusty weapon..." He pulled out a cast iron pan. "Excalibrew!"
  7. Klaus saw he nicked him and smirked "Woo! A hit. Not a good one thought but still a hit!" He said with a smirk. He saw the frying pan and said "En Garde!" Klaus lunged foreward and slashed the pan. It hit it a few times before making a small dent and sratch. His claws began getting red with hell fire.