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  1. I need some new stories as I am now finding to many coming to a end TwT

    Well then... where to begin? Well I have been Rping for 12 years now so I am definitely no stranger to RPing. I am a 23 year old Male, and am currently in the military. So with that said I guess I should go over some of my likes and dislikes, but for those of you who just want to read my story idea's you can just skip right down to the bottom of this page where I'll place them.

    ♥Originality♥ (open)

    What can I say on this one I LOVE IT. If you pitch a original idea to me, or request one of my original pieces you will most likely have me immediately hooked. Though don't get me wrong I am not against doing fandom rp's just don't expect me to jump into a rp that follows very close to the original script. I am also not very big into playing Canon characters unless their secondary. I do, however, love playing Alternate Reality, or Multiverse type fandoms so I do have some leeway when it comes to Fandoms.

    ♦Content♦ (open)

    As with my age I am well fine in participating in 18+ material stories, and can/will play both sexes in all my stories. However, when it comes to pairings their is only one I cannot accommodate when it comes to the more smutty type situations, and that is M/M pairings I can play them I just can't do anything... behind the door. Any other pairing, however, I have no problems with so if you want to play them out, or fade to black ill let you decide.

    Per rules I will only play out sensual scenes with those within my age group so if your little star is red were good to go x3 if its blue only light silly romance for you x3.

    I also love to play multiple characters in all my stories yet wont require my partner to do the same so please don't feel intimidated by that factor. In fact I have been in quite a few rps where my partner had one character to my five so trust me I am quite use to it.

    As for grammar I am by no means a Nazi on the subject so I will not attack the slightest slip up here, and there... that doesn't mean, however, that I will tolerate illiterate people so please don't expect me to respond well to text lingo unless that's how your character speaks which in that case I'll be just fine with it.

    When it comes to my own writing style I am about a High-Casual writer, but if you don't trust my word you can request a example of my works. I usually will respond with as little as two paragraphs up to seven depending on my muse, or what I am working with so basically I'll mold the material you give me to work with.

    I will state one thing with adamant resolve... I will not respond well to godmodding. Powerplaying possibly depending on the situation, but godmodding is a big no no in my book. Trust me it wont end well. Also if you like to converse with your partners while rping I am all up for that hell you can talk to me about whatever you like as long as it doesn't distract you from the actual rp.

    As well since I am in the military there are times I may have to sacrifice time to the job... however I will let you know before hand if I am going to disappear for any long length of time.

    ♣Plot Twist/Creativity♣ (open)

    So I am sure after reading my standing on originality I am sure you can deduce where I stand on creativity... so I'll just say that's self explanatory. I do, however want to add that if you would like to change anything with any of my suggested stories, or possibly brainstorm some idea's before getting started I am all up for it x3. As same to those who pitch me idea's I may try to suggest changes, but will not be hurt if they are rejected its your idea after all.
    As for Plot Twisting I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when my partners catch me off guard with a unexpected twist to are tale... trust me unless you think your idea could somehow hurt the actual story you do not have to pass every single one of your idea's through me before throwing it into the story. Trust me I'll be throwing a few plot twists of my own as well.

    ♠Being Partners♠
    Alright I swear this is the last one. If at some point we do decide to rp with each other I do want some things known. I consider no question, or complaint as stupid so if there is something going on in the story you don't like, or if your starting to get bored by a certain element LET ME KNOW trust me I will definitely let you know vice versa. Being partners means I will listen to what you have to say even if it may be a kick to the balls. Trust me I am a big boy I can handle change, or the fact that you don't want to rp anymore... all I ask is that you at least give me a chance to mend the problem before dropping out on me. Or if it can't be mended tell me before you just up, and vanish on me.

    Well for those of you who were willing to read through all of that I thank you x3, for those of you who skipped it to find out what idea's I have I DON'T BLAME YOU XD. So basic rule if the idea is listed that means no one has taken it, and its up for grabs. So if any tickle your fancy just shot me a PM, or post on this thread to let me know what I can do for you. Though if your wanting to shot me one of your idea's I suggest PMing it to me.

    Writing Example

    The Genie & The Thief (open)

    The deserts of Arabia are very cruel to poor, people die everyday in the streets for small thefts, or via starvation. Senal is one of many poor souls who struggle everyday fighting for their life in the desert lands of their kingdom. Everyone is a thief though right? The rich steal from the poor everyday. The boy see's a chance to get some money from some strange, and skittish man walking about looking for someone, or thing. On his back is a fancy looking satchel... it has to have something well valued right? The Arabian boy see's a chance to make a few coin nothing harmful... the man looks well feed surely he wont miss a few coins right? the bazaar is filled with people selling their wares as the street performers dazzle the buyers with intense, and dangerous tricks. A lot of noise is produced by the shows as the teen moves ever so slightly closer to his target switching between hiding spots well laced together in positions of random objects from the bazaar. The columns, the boxes, the camels, and many other objects help hide the starving thief as he gets ever so closer to his target. He knows he has to act fast for the palace guard could appear at any time making their daily rounds about the city. All that's left is distance, and quick movement as his target laced in the attire of silk and jewelry briefly admires a silk rug being shown off by a lowly merchant. The dash is quick as Senal pulls out a small dagger, and in one fell swoop he silently cuts off the satchel from its owner slithering it off in such a quick movement that the owner would not notice the theft until he reached for it.

    The thief Senal, however, would be long gone off with his prize well earned by the rules of the poor. As soon as he is safe, and well hidden in the back alleyways the boy would check his earnings... a few coins... and a map? It seemed the boys luck was short today though the coins would feed him a day or two. Looking over the strangely old map the teen is suddenly over taken by a clattering sound. Looking to his feet reveals a ring. With wide desperate eyes he plops to the ground hiding it within his arms. Looking around to make sure none have notice his new reward he slowly opens his hands to observe his prize. A beautiful gold ring encrusted with a well rounded emerald rests in his palms. A fact that brings much joy to the thief... looking around again he gets a small silly idea. It wouldn't hurt to try it on right? With not as much as a thought to the silly notion he slips it upon his ring finger, and raises it to the sun... such beautiful craftsmanship shines gorgeously in the sunlight. Satisfied with his findings he lightly rubs the emerald, and then proceeds to... remove it?

    The boy has become frantic, scared even. Now within the confines of his own shambled hiding spot he fights the ring well rested upon his ring finger. It wont come off no matter how hard he tries. Neither water, nor strength help to even make it budge from his finger. However, fatigue has quickly caught up with the street thief as he plops upon a few stolen pillows that make his bed. Looking a at his finger yet again he rubs the emerald, and suddenly feels a presence behind him... the sweet scent of fruit fills the air as a strange aura slowly clouds around him sending shivers down his back. Very slowly the teen turns around, and is met with something not entirely human.

    (My role is always the first one, and yes I have actually idea's for each one, but it would take forever to write them all down XD. (* means its a long term idea though)

    Summoner X Familiar

    Familiar X Summoner

    Shaman Apprentice X Ancient Spirit*

    Steam Punk Merc X Steam Punk Detective

    Pokémon Trainer X Pokémon Breeder*

    King of Thieves X Knight Commander

    Monkey King X Tiger Queen*

    Alchemist X Convict

    Hacker X Advanced Robot Girl

    Thief X Genie*
    (yep the one up top XD)

    OC Bounty Hunter X Samus Aran
    (From Metroid... OTHER M NEVER HAPPENED >3>)*

    OC God Eater X OC God Eater
    (God Eaters Burst)

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  2. Is the genie and the thief still open cause I would love to role play that idea.
    (I also think I have something swimming around in my mind for the fallen angel/angel)

    Just get back to me whenever you can.
  3. Unfortunately that one is a more lewdly based story with pretty aggressive gore elements TwT(also its already taken I was just using this as a example).

    However I would love to hear your angel idea x3.
  4. I'd be interested in hearing something about your idea for the Dragon Knight and Dragoness. A while back I had a fine story between elves and dragons, so I'm interested in hearing what this is about. If that is alright with you.
  5. No problem I'll drop you a line once I catch up with the PM requests oO.
  6. Oh! I want to do the summoner x familiar with you so badly!
  7. Alright I'll Pm you the idea x3.
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