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  1. Rules
    1) I hate one liners. I don't expect a book, just a well written paragraph will do. I tend to favor more, but quality over quantity. So long as the one paragraph is written well I prefer that to three so so paragraphs.
    2) No chat speak! It just ruins the mind set and takes me right out of the role play. I don't expect perfect grammar, just know where to put the periods...and try to have your sentences make sense.
    3) If you don't like how the role play is going tell me. I like my partners to enjoy our story and I will make changes to suit them.

    About me
    Call me what you want, just nothing profane. I've been role playing a few years now and I enjoy it a lot. I tend to reply within a few days. If I do not it has nothing to do with you. Most likely I'm just busy with work.
    I do like fantasy, magical, medieval, historical, Egyptian type settings. I love a good romance and adventure. On the flip side I do not care for scifi or futuristic settings. I also try to avoid playing cannon characters as I feel I can't play them as well as they were written. Although, if my partner presents me with an interesting idea revolving around cannon characters I will give it a try.
    I will double up if need be. If I do play a male though I will strictly do Yaoi only and I love playing a good trap.

    Current Cravings
    Hunger Games, Inuyasha, Game of Thrones, Pokemon

    General Ideas
    Arranged Marriage
    Nations at War
    Human/Mythical Being (Mermaid, Vampire, Werewolf, Dragon, Minotaur)
    Crush on a teacher
    Time Travel
    Pirate/"Cabin Boy"

    Harry Potter
    One Piece
    Kingdom Hearts
    Game of Thrones
    Hunger Games
    Sword Art Online
    Swan Princess
    Alice in Wonderland
    Corpse Princess
    Warriors (Neko like)
    Gregor the Overlander
    Attack on Titan
    Dagnan Ronpa
    Persona 4
    Spirited Away
    Wolf Children
    Ouran High School

    Sample Writing
    Show Spoiler
    Dull lights flickered overhead, casting an eerie shadows upon the rows of bus seats. One of which was occupied by a pale lonely girl. A small suitcase rested at her feet containing all her wordily possessions. The bus creaked and groaned its way up the dirt country road, there was nary a sign of civilization in sight for the past ten miles. At long last it rolled to a stop in front of a single lonely looking bench off the side of the road. It was here that the bus driver let his passenger off.
    Clutching her stuffed dog Zachariah to her chest the young girl watched the bus trundle away leaving her behind. Twilight was creeping over the landscape, the cold reaching icy fingers into the threadbare jacket she wore. With no options left the pale young girl picked up her bag, turned, and followed the overgrown dirt path. Fifty feet in brought her to a fork in the road, a worn sign pointed down the left hand side. Rose Garden it read. This was her destination. Lights burned in the windows of the mansion, glowing like yellow eyes. Someone was waiting for her at the gate.
    “You must be Catherine, well come on we haven't all night.” An elderly man with glasses stood just inside the gate. He was stout, white haired, wrinkled, and cross at having had to wait so long. His voice wheezed as if each word was a battle to get out. His name was Mr. Hoffman and he was to be her new caretaker. Taking her by the shoulder he forcibly steered her inside, the foyer was dark, but Mr. Hoffman required no light to lead her straight to his office, just off the entryway. A desk lamp struggled to light the gloom, an overstuffed armchair rested in the corner surrounded by a pile of books. A fish tank green with mildew rested in a corner, instead of fish it held a mermaid doll sunken at the bottom. Right over the unlit fireplace was a self portrait of a younger Mr. Hoffman. Nothing about this room put her at ease, from the thin rug underfoot, to the yellowed hand drawn pictures on the walls. If this room had been designed with the idea of “cozy” in mind, the designer had a skewed definition of the word. It was dark, cold, and musty. Bad things had happened in these four walls, she could feel it.
    No seat was offered, no tea, no meal, not even a drink of water. Catherine was left standing there in her scuffed up marie janes, white stockings with a tear in the knee, black and white plaid skirt, and white button up blouse. All covered up by a jacket two sizes too large for her dainty frame. All of nine years old the pale, blue eyed, blonde haired girl had lost her parents in a fire that had taken everything from her. Safe for her pajamas, jacket, and Zachariah. Every item she owned otherwise was a gift from distant cousins who had cared for her in the few days before sending her here. To Rose Garden, an orphanage.

    My Ideas
    Who? (Multiple Personalities)
    After being taken away from her abusive father Aly is placed into the care of her uncle and his family. They are welcoming and do their best to make her feel at home. But as days turn into weeks her cousin starts to notice strange things about his cousin.

    I'm not who you think I am
    Sora is a painfully shy young man. The crush of his life happens to be his popular best friend, who also happens to be of the same sex. Eric is a ladies man bouncing from one girl to the next, he has zero interest in guys.
    One night Sora receives a package from his eccentric aunt. Inside is a ring. The next morning Sora awakens to find his body is now that of a females. Armed with a short skirt and breasts Sora now conspires to win his best friends heart. Though what will happen when the ring is lost and the truth comes out?

    Two Halves of a Whole
    When a soul and its power prove too great for a single body the soul splits in half and twins are born. Combing their powers twins can preform feats impossible for a single man alone. A king learns of a prophecy that threatens his life and his reign. Upon learning this the king orders the death of all twins born. One young priestess newly made mother to two babes sends them away to be raised separately rather then see them slain by a mad king.
    The children are grown now feeling incomplete they each set out on a journey to find their missing half.

    A Hired Blade
    Trained from the cradle in the art of stealth and assassination they were to take any job, no questions asked. Hired by an ambitious cousin afraid of losing his ill gotten throne, Kyle was ordered to kill the only threat to him. The previous kings sole heir, his daughter. But killing the young woman turns out to be a bigger challenge then Kyle thought.

    Sirens of the sea they were called, and aptly named. For centuries mermaids lured sailors to their watery graves. They would spirit the men away to their underwater home and imprison them there, until the mermaid produced a daughter. Once the man served his purpose he was left to die.

    Parallel World (Related to a dream I once had)
    It was a typical day, she was merely going to the market for eggs when a strange gentlemen rolled up in a carriage drawn by a horse. Smiling at the woman he withdrew a small device, a red light started blinking rapidly. The man and his cart disappeared and she finds herself grabbed and dragged away to a small room. There she is held down while her hands and feet are smashed. When next she awakens she finds an older woman peering down at her, the woman claims to know of her missing father. After using a potion to heal her the woman helps her to escape.
  2. Can I do the 'Two Halves of a Whole plot' with you please? :D
  3. Absolutely ^^ I will shoot you a PM and we will discuss it some more
  4. I saw you like Furries and wondered if you had anything you'd want to add that element into.
  5. @Anthro_Lord I can't think of anything specifically because it can all be turned furry if we want lol is there anything in particular you are interested in that we can change up?
  6. Would you be up for a One Piece game?

    If you have no ideas, I feel like a 'standard' One Piece 1x1 would be fine: my character meets yours, they form a pirate crew and go off on adventures, adding more of our characters to their crew. The setting is pretty vast though so I wouldn't mind other suggestions.
  7. @Craftsdwarf nothing wrong with standard and vast it just gives up plenty of opportunity to do as we wish. Not many express interest in doing a One Piece rps so I would love to. Though I'm none to good at doing cannons if that was what you were looking for.
  8. Nope, I was thinking more in the line of OCs: quirky characters and the situations they find themselves in.

    Shall we switch to PMs to hash out the details then?
  9. I have a plot I've been itching to try out. (found multiple partners but it never got off the ground)
    Think you'd be perfect for it.

    It's romance/adventure, I suppose. Some hilarity as well.
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