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  1. Yes, this is a grab bag.

    Today, I have some miscellaneous characters that need plots and can adapt to most settings. I will, as always, be happy to play NPCs, manage the plot we pick, and run the world we decide on-- I just can't think of any ideas, and think trying might limit the usability of these characters.

    1. Ability
      I expect my partners to be capable of proper capitalization, spelling, punctuation, and to use readable sentence structure. I prefer a length of between two sentences (for dialogue or action-heavy scenes) and two pages (or more, I won't be scared off).

      I expect careful attention to tense and person, and I will only roleplay in third person, past tense, and I will correct those who use the word "would" in place of a past tense verb. I can supply examples and explanations on request.

      As an important note, typos and occasional errors are fine. It would be hypocritical of me to say otherwise.
    2. Roleplaying Manners
      I ask my partners do not take control of my characters (including NPCs). I also ask that said partners do not try to use their characters to overpower the setting or antagonists, or to alter my characters or settings in ways not previously asked about and consented to.

      When I am GMing for a partner, I expect that partner to adhere to the rules of the world and to the notes I have listed. I have put a lot of work into my settings and plots, and I would appreciate said work being heeded.

      Another request I have is that my partners do not steal art and edit it. Artists put a lot of effort into their work, and seeing someone take it, change it, and not offer even a line of credit to them is disheartening.

      For prospective partners uncertain about good roleplay manners, please ask, and I will do my best to explain further.
    3. Format
      I will play either in PMs or threads. I will not play over skype or any other instant messaging client. I might be convinced to play over Google Documents, but it is unlikely.

      It is important to note, I have a hard time reading when text is colored or small.
    4. OOC
      I am seeking neither OOC romance nor roleplay with one person exclusively. Few things make me feel more uncomfortable than a jealous partner.

      On the subject of reminders (because sometimes I do take a long time to reply), I would like my partners to remind me to post if I have taken more than a day. My mind is not always up to the task, and if I cannot post for some time, I will inform my partner and ask that we continue when my mind is once more able.

      If I take more than a week to reply, it may be that I am having difficulties with my depression. I ask my partners please understand, and to be there when I return so that we can continue. As with before, I will try to let my partners know when this is the issue. I pride myself on being an honest player.

      I will not roleplay with anyone below 18.


    Sleeping Doll

    Fantasy Setting
    Adventure or Domestic

    A porcelain doll who sits on a damaged chair in a haunted house, where she has sat for so long her skin's color is lost to the harsh sunlight that filters through the windows.

    Outside of this small, dusty world, big events are shaping the future. Is there war? Revolution? A rising threat of eldrich proportions? Whatever this is, the world is changing, and the doll's lonely world is about to be invaded. Will she be taken into the world as a toy for a well-meaning soldier's child? Will she become fodder for a black market auction by a group trying to earn funds? Will she join others in a museum, forever locked behind glass?

    I want to tell the story of the world around this delicate doll, and I need a partner to share it with.

    I will take the roll of the doll, the setting, the NPCs, and the manager of the plot once we have our story figured out.


    Fantasy Setting
    Adventure or Domestic

    A mysterious, tall high-elf who lives to serve the Queen as a low-ranking member of her covert forces.
    Seeking: RP set in either The Elder Scrolls, or any world that has multiple flavors of elf. His cohort(s) should be interesting people.

    Baroness Silyn Treebreaker

    Political or Domestic or Adventure

    A standoffish, small noblewoman who cares too deeply for others.
    Seeking: RP with some sort of larger conflict-- maybe not full on war, but some reason for there to be fighting, assassinations, and that sort of thing. Silyn would do well with a fighting type to interact with.
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  2. Still looking. =) Come on, I'm not scary!
  3. Still looking! I really want to play as my doll.
  4. I updated the information about the doll, who is my highest RP priority right now.
  5. It seems interesting. I love Elder Scrolls, and I love elves. I don't think I can do two pages each post, but I can definitely write a lot compared to others. :) Could you perhaps give more detail about your characters and what kind of stories you expect?

    (Also, I'm not 18, but in just three months I'm technically an adult.) I hope you'd like to roleplay with me? :)
  6. Hello! Thanks for popping in and showing an interest. =)

    Before I make a decision, I'd like to ask you to please fill out your roleplay resume for your profile, if you don't mind. A lot of newer members haven't been getting the mail that tells how and where to do that, and it'll help you in the future too.

    For the Elder Scrolls Online world, I just have Vianmil. He's the altmer listed above, though that information is out of date for his current position in-game, I can still play him at that 'level'. I can even play him fresh off the boat wearing mis-matched clothes because he has no idea which luggage was his.

    More information about him is in this link. He's a fairly simple character.

    The other character I have in this thread is the doll, whose information is all written and linked as I wish it to be seen in the first post.
  7. Anyone looking to play with a doll?
  8. Nobody wants to play with a doll today?
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