Kissing Weirdos

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  1. Kyle relaxed on the fourth floor balcony of Franklin Hall, his eyes glued to his Sketchbook and his ears were surrounded by Paramore blaring through his headphones. This was his usual routine after his one o'clock class. He had the afternoon to himself, which was how he liked it. He was always a peaceful guy, never bothered anybody. When he lifted his head away from his work, he took a deep breath and admired the view. Summerset University was a beautiful campus. Not too far from the city but still it's own little piece of the country where he felt he could be himself.
  2. Dillon, on the third floor of Franklin Hall, blasted Panic! At The Disco at full volume while writing a song, her paper read, 'Peter Pan, Peter Pan,
    Will you take me to Neverland, Neverland, I can be your forever girl, I can show you a whole new world. She sang it to herself quietly, knowing no one could hear her over the music.
  3. Over an hour went by and Kyle thought it was time to head home. He liked beating his brother to their apartmeet simply because he wanted to make sure it still stood. He never trusted his brother Elias by himself. As he stood gathering his things to leave, he remembered that he needed to stop by the Admissions Office on the third floor. He made his way there, turning down his music and placing his headphones around his neck.
    He took the stairwell to the third floor. When he arrived in front of the office, he saw that it was closed and locked. He looked at his watch. He was too late. Cursing under his breath he turned to leave, until he hear the faint sound of music. He walked further down the hall to see a girl sitting, engrossed in her notebook. He recognized the tune, but what kept his attention was the girl listening to it.
  4. Dillon finished writing and decided to head home, she shut her notebook, turned off her music and stood up getting ready to go home. She turned around to see the boy, she kept her eyes to the ground and said, "Oh, hey."
  5. Startled by her movement Kyle took a step back. He watched her as she approached him and spoke. "Hi."
    He watched her actions. Seeing her with her eyes glued to the carpeted floor, he wondered if she had been shy as he was. He needed to say something anything to make the moment less awkward. "I'm Kyle."
  6. "Dillon." She said, she was very shy, she barely talked to her own sister, let alone someone she just met. She also had really bad anxiety.
  7. Kyle could tell she was distant. He wasn't quite sure what to do at that point. He asked himself repeatedly
    If he should just walk away. Instead,.he attempted to try and relax her. "That was a Good song you were listening to. One of off my favorites." He concluded with a sigh.
  8. "Yea, they're my favorite band." She said looking up, for some reason, she felt a sense of comfort around the boy.
  9. He sighed in relief as he watched her relax and meet his gaze. He took a moment, letting her appearance sink in. She was very beautiful. He was glad to be getting somewhere. This wasnt his cup of tea, but somehow he felt more comfortable and relaxed. "I like the band too...." his brain froze. He didn't know what else to say.
  10. Dillon didn't say anything, she was scared that the boy had heard her singing, she had never sung in front of other people, it made her anxiety kick in. What if she wasn't good? What if they didn't like her? What if she got bullied because of it?
  11. When he saw her reaction, he thought he may have said something wrong. He was confused. Maybe it was a good idea that he leave. "I-Im sorry to bother you. See ya." He started to walk away. He stopped only a few feet away from her. Then he turned to her. "Nice to meet you, Dillon. have a beautiful voice." He shot her a ahy smile before he turned away, leaving the building and heading for his car in the parking lot.
  12. He did hear her sing, right when he left the building she broke down, she didn't know why. She just saturated to cry and couldn't sleep. She ended up in the corner, arms around her knees, her tear-stained face buried in her elbows.
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  14. When he got outside of the building, something inside just didnt feel right. Maybe he should apologize. Maybe he interupted her and threw off her focus. He decided to go and apologize. When he entered, he hadnt expected to see what he saw. He walked swiftly to her. "Hey, whats wrong? You okay?" He knelt down, but kept his distance in hopes that she would see he didnt want to hurt her. "Did i say something wrong? If i did im sorry."
  15. Dillon tried to stop crying but tears still fell down her face, "No, No I'm alright." She didn't want Kyle to think it was his fault.
  16. Kyle had been beyond confused. But he couldnt leave her there like that. He looked at his watch. He still had plenty of time before he should get home. He out his bag on the ground next to him and scooTed to her aide, pulling a napkin don't his pocket. "Here." He said as he passed it to her. He had an inkling to touch her. That's usually what people did when someone cried, right? Hold them? But he didn't know her. Didn't want to freak her out. So he sat there. "Is it because of your singing?" He said turning to her slowly. "Think you're not that Good? If that's the case I get it. Im the same way."
  17. Dillon accepted the napkin and nodded. She was always embarrassed when it came to singing.
  18. "Sorry. Guess I should think before I speak." He leaned his head against the wall and sighed. For once he met someone he understood, at least that aspect. "Look I dont want to make you unconfortable. Should i go?"
  19. "No." She said, "I mean of you want today you can." Silliness the best at making friends.
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