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  1. Jason looked at her and his eyes widened in surprise, "Well shit....." he knew he had been supposed to come be a roommate but he wasn't expecting the person to be the girl he had kissed last night. He looked up and ran a hand through his hair and sighed quietly. Looking back to her he extended his hand and introduced himself, "My name is Jason. Jason Stark. It looks like I am your new roommate." he silently prayed that she didn't remember last night. He had been drinking a little too much but he still remembered everything. Even how soft her lips had felt.
  2. The girl gasped as she saw the man from the night before she was sure she
    would never see him again as she hadnt her make up less face had turned slightly pale, she looked up to him, she was a very short girl for her age only being 5 foot except when wearing heels.

    She gulped as he had reached out his hand to her she was hesitant at first but eventually took his hand in his and shook it lightly.
    "Ugh.. Sorry nice to meet you. I'm..."
    She heard her cell ring she had still remind in her pajamas as she hadn't planned on leaving. She let off his phone and invited him in as she walked towards the bedroom.

    It had been her boyfriend ringing to apologize for this morning she told him it was fine truth be told it bugged her but why bother.
    Returning outside she half smiled at him maybe he didn't remember. They were both drunk it was impossible to act that casual right?

    She shook the thought from her mind and curled up on the couch her legs resting underneath her.
    "I'm Rose Darling. There's two bedrooms a bathroom in each mine is the one to the left. You can put your stuff in if you like. The kitchen and sitting room were joined together they were big enough to be cozy. Two couchs and a arm chair faced regular flat screen. The kitchen had the essientals:
    fridge, oven, microwave, toaster, dish water and cabinets full of food cutlery pots and pans and anything else.

    She had her blonde hair in a messy bun and she now wished her class had started early or that she hadn't persisted that Matt had stayed. She didn't have class till tomorrow and had
    planned on relaxing. Her green eyes looked at him he was her last option as ever other person she was sure they were weird unknown strangers so had already promised him the spot when on the phone but no regretted the decision.
    "If you smoke you have to go outside or in the back yard. I smoke but we're not aloud in here. Haven't a clue why."
    She smiled slightly pointing to the small garden.
  3. He nodded as he listened, "Makes sense. I don't smoke so that won't be a problem." he smiles and shifts his backpack then moves down the hall to one of the room,"You said I could use this one right?"
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