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  1. Ever heard of what is considered the worst Transformers installment ever?

    I could actually breeze through and enjoy it, and I have to say, I recommend it. It's so jarringly out-of-place in the Transformers franchise that...

    ... OK I'll skip to the point.

    I'm thinking of making an RP based off Kiss Players. As opposed to taking inspiration from G1, I will take more inspiration from the Aligned Family Continuity, particularly Prime and RID(2015).

    It'll be pretty ridiculous.

    As opposed to full-on robot, I was thinking that it would be more Gijinka.

    I was thinking that the main protagonist could be one of those 'first dude to do it' trope guys, since Kiss Players are all-female.

    Also Dinobots are Decepticons in this.
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  2. Wohohoho.
  3. Anyone?
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