Kiss [or] Kill

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  1. Simple as pie. Do you want to kiss or kill the person above you?

    *KILLS SELF* X___X
  2. ( o 3o) chu~
  3. [noparse]< script type='text/javascript'>

    Function = KissOrKill

    if (Name = Corvus);


    Else ;


    < /script>
  4. Kill. For making me read that shit.
  5. *Grabs Tegan and smooches!*
  6. *pulls Diana in for a passionate kiss*
  7. *grabs Fluffy and kisses her cheek cutely*
  8. *dips Harpy back and gives her a smooch*
  9. *makes 'butterfly kisses' with Leo and then gives a real kiss* <3
  10. *Passionately makes out with fluffy*
  11. too much smoochy not enough killing sorry GMK *stabs him in the throat with a knife and watches him bleed out* kill!
  12. My thoughts exactly, Angel. :) *Releases the kittens.*

    Faster Pussycats! Kill Kill!
  13. Hypnotoad says make out.
  14. ;] *removes Sith Lord's mask and snogs*
  15. Fuck it, kill.
  16. *Puts a bolt round through Darkness' skull*

    Sorry dude, only non homo option
  17. I have to resist the new trend...DAMN YOU PEOPLE! I WAS LIKIN THE KILLING!

    *quickly pecks GMK on the cheek then smashes a fryingpan over his head* does that count?
  18. No.

    *Drops a sack of bricks on Angel.*
  19. umm...well....this is awkward....

    *Awkwardly makes out with tegan, and everyone watching felt awkward....EVEN YOU!*
  20. I'd kiss you, but you're not the homo, sadly.
    Well, only one thing left to do.
    -euthanizes GMK. With fire. Lots and lots of fire-
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.