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  1. Hello, I'm looking for some partners to help me develop nice plotlines!


    - I am looking for advanced roleplayers.

    - I want quality over quantity.

    - My norm is usually 2+ paragraphs. Novella replies are not preferred.

    - I prefer to play the female lead. I don't mind playing male NPCs.

    - Romance is required, but not as the main focus.

    - I am a selective person. I want to see a writing sample before we brainstorm.

    - Let me know if you have any triggers.

    - I only do male x female. I don't double up.

    - Be willing to finish the story with me.

    - Collaboration is expected during plot discussion and within the roleplay.

    - I wish for a friendly person who is able to chat in general.

    - Proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling is expected.

    - I will only do explicit euphemisms if we are doing erotica.

    - I will only do light bondage if we have BDSM in our roleplay. If you want to do other things, you need to convince me.

    - I prefer to play submissive.

    - Things like multiple partners, rape, and slave need a reason. I'm more strict with that content than anything else.

    That's all for my expectations!

    Onto the fun part...


    Speaking generally, I favor fantasy, horror, fandoms, historical, and science fiction above all else. However, there are limits within each of these genres. I will list my subgenres beneath each of these main fictional genres.

    *denotes wanting to try out
    **denotes a craving
    ***I'd love you forever if we did this

      - High Fantasy
      - Dark Fantasy**
      - Fairy Tale
      - Medieval Fantasy
      - Historical Fantasy
      - Otherworld Fantasy**
      - Mythic**
      - Science Fantasy**
      - Sword & Sorcery**
      - Supernatural**
      - Weird West
    • HORROR
      - Dark Fantasy***
      - Survival Horror
      - Body Horror**
      - Devil-Lore*
      - Occult**
      - Gothic***
      - Paranormal**
      - Grimdark*
      - Supernatural***
      - Weird fiction*
      - Zombie
      - World of Warcraft*
      - Dragon Age*
      - EverQuest 2*
      - Doctor Who***
      - Reign**
      - The Walking Dead
      - Vampire Diaries***
      - Lost**
      - Supernatural***
      - The Tudors***
      - Lost Girl**
      - Three Musketeers***
      - Psycho-Pass**
      - Guilty Crown**
      - Vampire Knight**
      - Victorian Era**
      - Feudal Japan
      - 1920s
      - Medieval Europe/Asia***
      - Regency Era
      - 1950s
      - Edo Era
      - Georgian Era
      - 1800s**
      - Age of the Buccaneers***
      - Civil War**
      - Heian Era***
      - Elizabethan
      - Renaissance
      - Vietnam
      - Time Travel
      - Space Saga*
      - Aliens
      - Science Fantasy***
      - Cyberpunk*
      - Space Western*
      - Dystopia
      - Apocalyptic
      - Steampunk***
      - Mutants**
      - Wuxia**
      - Alternate Universe
      - Western***

    That is all. I'd like me and my partner to start the process of our plot discussion from scratch and build something together. Pretty creative, right?
  2. Do you have any ideas for a supernatural RP?
  3. @Harper S. No, hence why I stated that I'd like me and partner to start the plot discussion from scratch and build something together. Sadly, I don't believe that our writing styles would mix well, so I'll have to decline your offer. Thank you for showing interest though. I appreciate it.
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