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So I've been kicking around ideas for a light, funny, friendly RP taking after the Kirby games in tone. A punk/tomboy-ish girl is sucked into a storybook world populated by cute creatures and fairies. The spell that brings her to the storybook world shatters a powerful magical crystal and scatters the pieces to the winds. In order to get home again, she's going to have to find the pieces and fix the crystal, with the help of friends she finds along the way.

I'd like to not play the girl, I'd rather a co-GM do that. I would like to be a Waddle Dee. As for character creation options, players can be any of the 20 Helpers from Kirby Super Star. You're free to come up with your own name and personality, but visually and powers wise you would be using the Helpers as your illustration. To be clear: This RP is not set in the Kirby universe. I'm just using Kirby characters to convey the visual style of the RP.

So, anyone interested?