Kiragasaki High's Occult Investigation Team(OOC and Sign-Ups)

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  1. Join Kiragasaki High's Occult Investigation Team!

    Kiragasaki High School is far from a prestigious school. Located in a small town in Japan, it may not have the best curriculum and produce the best students. However, Kiragasaki High does have an extensive amount of clubs and circles open to the students of the school. One such club is a small and often forgotten club. The Occult Investigation Team. The club was established a few years back. Back then, though, there was just one member. It wasn't even promoted to a club until just this year. The small circle finally achieved the six member requirement to be considered a club. What caused the sudden influx of Paranormal Investigators?

    In the town a strange string of accidents have occurred. Officials and sceptics are just saying it is a coincidence, but there are a few who truly believe that something is going on. Now that the small circle is officially a club, they have more benefits at the school, allowing for better equipment, though that is still a difficult thing to acquire. Even so, the club has everything it needs to function and investigate the paranormal and occult.


    This RP will have some graphic depictions of gore when it applies. However I did not make it as this is not that common. In any case this is more focused on romance and investigation than anything. But yes. Sometimes it will be dramatic, sometimes funny, and occasionally scary.


    1) No excessive language. The occasional curse for effect now and then, is fine, just don't be swearing like a sailor
    2) If things get hot'n heavy take it to a private place, or fade to black.
    3) Write at least one decently sized paragraph when not in a conversation. But write as much as you'd like. Naaaaah! that boring!!!
    4) When in doubt refer to me. I am not a hardass, so you should be just fine.
    5) Ask me questions when needed!!! I will answer them

    Character Skeleton

    Position in club:
    (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Member. Only members allowed to have multiples)

    So yeah. Unless there are any questions thats it. I'll get on a character in a bit​
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  2. I claim the one constant of all animes: The Tsundere! But, since this is mainly romance and investigation based, I expect a heavy amount of conversation, so this being so, is 2 paragraphs per post still required? It's pretty hard and often pointless to do so if you're basically making a post to continue a conversation, since chances are everyone will continue describing the same things and environment from different perspectives until the conversation ends.
  3. Hm.. Good point. In long lines of conversation there is no need to repeat. That said during ominous scenes and scenarios, i'd obviously like a good explanation of their emotions and such.
  4. I've played all the traits of the tsundere in different characters, but never have I played all the traits in one character, so this could be a fun challenge. At least I can claim that my constant watching of anime is now "research" though.

    Name: Hirasawa Kiyomi
    Age: 17
    Year: Senior
    Sexuality: Unsure
    Gender: Female
    Position in club: Vice-President
    Kiyomi is highly intelligent and relatively proficient in physical activity. On the other hand, she's incredibly lazy and devotes the majority of her spare time to feeding her otaku tendencies. She adopts a persona while in public to prevent people from finding out about her social status, however it is built mainly upon the shows she watches, so is exaggerated beyond the norm. She originally joined the occult club to research for a story she was writing, but stuck around after she developed an interest in the occult.
  5. You are Accepted
  6. Is it alright for my character to be supernatural in nature, but possibly, not know it?
  7. I can see them possibly having ESP of sorts. A la Ghost Hunt. Why dont you place up the CS and lets see. Mind you this isn't action so super powers need not apply
  8. Oh, I'm pretty interested! Can you reserve me a spot //coughfemalecough just until I 've back home from school? :3
  9. Sure! no problem
  10. It's @Haruka again! Stop stalking me...
  11. Name: Kousaka "Liborium Infinitium" Chihiro
    Age: 15
    Year: Freshman
    Sexuality: Unknown, likely lesbian
    Gender: Female
    Position in club: Member
    Appearance: Chihiro, in addition to wearing the school uniform, dons a hairclip that resembles a crescent moon covering a sun. Her eyes are hidden by her long, black hime-cut. Her skin is pale like a ghost, and her limbs are slender like twigs.
    Personality: She has a case of 'chuunibyou', which is considered a phase she should've grown out of by now. This case of chuunibyou is the reason why she joined in the first place, but it is unknown if she will remain after growing out of it. This causes her to act like some supernatural entity, and she even gave herself an alias, 'Liborium Infinitium'. This may a name, but she does have quite the level of vast knowledge on many topics, especially myths, urban legends and spooks. She is awfully mysterious, and seems to disappear and reappear by occasion.
  12. @Ruko Oh whoa wth,uh..hello to you too again,I guess..? xD

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Name: Tsukumi Shiki
    Age: 16
    Year: Junior
    Sexuality: Straight
    Gender: Female
    Position in club: Secretary
    Calm,quiet,a bit shy.Shiki maintains an innocent appearance at almost all times without even trying,probably because she apparently somewhat is.She likes helping everyone around the best as she could,thus often leading to her being the "distraction" when needed.Usually she's more of a follower than a leader,but that doesn't mean she can't be serious.When she puts her mind to something,she will never give up until she does it,or she is at least satisfied.Being rather short,she is often mistaken as a Freshman and occasionally even a middle school student.Because of this it is also a bit difficult for others to take her seriously, and instead they find her seriousness 'cute' which always led Shiki to annoyance.Shiki is also very sensitive and can get easily scared,and these are the main reasons why she chose to join the Occult: to overcome her fears and be a tougher,more mature person.Partly she also joined just for the adventure,but mostly it's all about the first reason.
  13. I can see wild accusations of "Lolicon" being thrown around :P
  14. I seem to be needing to make a male character... This may have just turned harem
  15. Hmmm....
    What if I change my character into a chuuni crossdresser? Would that count as male?
  16. No need to do that yet, or at all really. We still would need two other characters besides my own. I shall be on that in a bit though. I have a bit of work i have to do first.
  17. Name: Haruhi Watanabe
    Age: 15
    Year: 1st
    Sexuality: Bi
    Gender: Female
    Position in club: Member
    Personality: An outspoken girl, Haruhi likes to talk. She tends to speak her mind, and has a tendency to blush. A lot. Whenever someone says something perverted, her face lights up like a tomato. She isn't scared of saying her opinion on the matter; even if it is mean. But in all, she is an innocent girl, who has a history in sports. She does track; she is the best on the team for her stunning speed. But that doesn't make her smart. So to sum it all up, Haruhi is an outspoken girl, who tends to blush, is quite innocent, and is fast but not to smart. Oh, and she can't sing.

    BAM! Kay strikes back!

    Oh, and are we allowed to make multiple, as in two?
  18. Just because there's a large number of females to males, it doesn't make it harem. That kind of thing occurs in nearly every character-driven anime, but few of them are harem.
  19. twas only a jest my dear. twas only a jest
  20. Well, certain amine are A-OK with a monogender or mostly-monogender squad. I think we should just let fate decide the gender ratio.
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