Kinnelon City

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    Kinnelon City stood tall and proud over the horizon. Identical houses were lined up in closes, avenues and streets, with different kinds of plants and trees planted in the little front gardens, and swimming pools and swings placed carefully in the right places in the back gardens. As children walked casually to school, chatting and gossiping about the first day, and as the sun rose and set, Kinnelon City and it's people prepared for the food festival happening just another week later in the city's beautiful center.

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    Twenty-five-year-old Jessica Schobel walked home, carrying a plastic bag from the local shop, filled with ingredients for the perfect dinner to share with her daughter and fiance. This dinner that she was looking forward to happened to be her daughter Ella's favorite - cottage pie. Jessica turned left in to Linden close, and slipped into house number fourteen. She was greeted by a warm hug from five-year-old Ella and her yorkie, Dean. Jessica's fiance, Mark, was standing in the doorway, smiling at her. "Hello." he said, and helped Jessica get the groceries in the kitchen, then wrapped his arms around her.

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    Clem Kiper walked down Holmwood avenue. Her long, blonde, curly locks jumped up and down as she walked, and her emerald green eyes examined the place closely. She was lost again, for the fifth time this week. She probably missed the staircase up to Bandelin street again, and ended up completely in the middle of nowhere. Clem was too shy to stop and ask for directions, and had no money for a taxi or even a ticket for a bus. She'd forgotten her phone, and had no sense of direction whatsoever. She sighed a deep sigh. Again.
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    "Sissy..look at the girl! Can we say hi?" 8 years old Sky asked, leaning over to look in her older sister's icy blue eyes, penetrating the darkness with her bright green eyes.
    Jae shook her head gently. "No Sky, I'm putting you down now, but we don't run up to strangers, okay?"
    Jae reached up, taking Sky by the midsection and picking her up off her shoulders and setting her on the ground. Immediately Sky took off. Jae pushed a strand of her jet black hair out of her face before starting after Sky.
    Behind them stood 20 year old Jake, their older brother. He sighed as Jae lifted Sky, knowing she would take off. He scanned the girl ahead with his own icy blue eyes. He looked a lot like his sister. Same eyes, same hair, same facial setup, but other than that they were different. As soon as Sky started Jae went after. Jake followed quietly.
    Jae caught up to Sky just as they reached the girl.
    "Hello! I'm Sky and this is my sissy, Jae, and this is my big brother Jake. Who are you?" She giggled as she said this, pointing to each of them in turn.
    Jae reached over, taking Sky's hand and leaning over to her ear. "Don't talk to strangers, you don't know them!"
    Sky crossed her arms. "Hmmph. You're no fun."
    Jake placed a hand on both of their shoulders, looking at the girl. "Hello. We're sorry Sky interrupted your day." He watched her carefully. "Are you okay?"
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    Clem blinked at all of them, clueless as of what just happened. She shook off her surprised expression and put on a sweet smile. "H-hi. My name is Clem. Clem Kiper. It's okay, really, in fact, I'm a bit lost and nobody seemed to come by. Could you please lend me a hand and tell me where I am?" Clem asked. She was surprised at what she just said even more than the approach of Sky and her siblings. She usually isn't that confident in herself. Her cheeks went a little pink, but other than that she looked okay. Wow, I actually said that, she thought to herself.
  5. Such bliss to watch the world as it would rotate upon the days and nights, an eternal cycle watched only by the higher beings above. A simple sigh passed the lips of a teenager whom commanded the attention of the environment, for he clearly did not belong. Clad in filthy grey rags from head to toe it would not go too far to claim the youth to be from the sewers. A ragged mess of untamed dirty brown hair settled upon his head in a nest, one that was as though was a virgin to hair clippers, or a comb for that matter. To be out during the day was unusual for Michael Kearny, however, something... Rather, someone as far as he was concerned had convinced him to come out. That was his imaginary friend. At the age of seventeen, should one have not been sick of these by now? Just one problem... He believed this friend of his real, for he had nobody else. A simple physiological fact is that humans need interactions with others in order to maintain a healthy sanity. Michael was in fact still sane, only because of his imaginary friend. Turning to them, Michael spoke in a whisper. "I don't think that last idea of yours was that fun after all... I don't like those scary blue men chasing us." As if heard, sirens blared through the streets, causing Michaels eyes to widen timidly before he tore off bare feet through the streets, obnoxiously knocking people down as he went.
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  6. Sky gave her a big smile, skipping around her. "Will you be my friend Clem?" She asked, not understanding that she was lost.
    Jae closed her eyes for a moment before grabbing Sky and picking her up, letting Jake explain.
    "Well, it's nice to meet you Clem. This is River Oak loop, mind telling what street you were looking for, I could help you get there." He smiled slightly, trying to look friendly. I'm gonna get Jae for this. He usually just stayed as a shadow behind Jae and Sky, for protection.
    "We'll help you get home!" Sky said.
    Jae sighed. "Don't give promises you might not be able to keep." She told Sky.
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    Little eight-year-old Alice timidly opened the creaky door of her father's past office. Nobody had been there ever since her father passed away. She couldn't sleep, and her eyes were red from crying to much. "Daddy," her tiny, light voice whispered "come back. Please come back, daddy." The little girl crawled up onto her father's chair. She ran her hand across the handle of the chair and sat up straight, like father would. She mimicked his voice. "I'm here, darling, I always will be, my little Alice." she said, copying her father's voice. Tears started to flow down her cheeks again as she mumbled 'daddy' a couple of times. Father would always be in his office. At sleepless nights Alice would get up and open his door, and see him sitting in his chair doing paperwork. He would look at her and listen to her long stories of her nightmares that didn't let her sleep properly. Father would pick her up and kiss her cheek, hugging her tightly and promising her he would never let go. Alice suddenly heard a floorboard creak in the corridor. She waited hopefully for her father to open the door to the office, her little blue eyes sparkling. Alice's mother showed up in the door frame. She was barely standing with messy hair and she was half undressed, her bright make up oddly splattered across her face. An empty bottle of vodka was being held in her hand. Alice's heart thumped with fear. Her mother was drunk again. The next moment, Alice sensed pain. Her mother had slapped her and was now shouting and screaming at her like mad. Alice's eyes filled with fear, as she trembled, awaiting the next slap, then eventually the next punch, then the next kick, and so on until the little girl was all in bruises. This night wasn't a special night. It was like all the others.

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  8. "I'm looking for Bandelin street. I think it's not so far from the Aqua hotel.." Clem trailed off, thoughtfully looking to the side, lost deep inside her mind. She snapped out of it and looked up at Jake and straight into his eyes. This time he looked much more cuter than before. Clem quickly looked away, back to the side with her face becoming redder by the second.
  9. Faster. Faster still. He couldn't stop, not even to talk to Lee. His heart was beating at a million miles an hour, Michael became afraid that stopping would cause his heart to burst from the sudden break of momentum. He couldn't go back, only forward. Fear riddled his soul as he pressed on, the sirens behind him forcing adrenaline into his blood. Such a large place to be, so many people around, yet still he felt the bitter sweet taste of loneliness. His simple mind raced as he turned onto Bandelin street, the consequences of being caught he was at least smart enough to know would be the catalyst of life as he knee it ending. There were so many buildings around... The biggest problem being that if he disappeared into one of them, the blue men would surely click on to where he was and find him. Then Lee urged him towards the alleyway of a hotel, where he saw a rather large spouting pipe travelling up the side of the building. Immediately he headed for it, the plastic cold and slimy to the touch. He didn't have time to test whether his weight would hold it, he just had to do. Now! Hand over hand, propelling himself up using his bare feet to create friction against the wall, he scurried up the side of the motel. The pipe creaked under the pressure, but Michael ignored it... He had no choice. The sirens blared louder now, it seemed they had closed in on the street. Using the last ounce of his energy, he flung his body up onto the roof. His heart still hammering away, one last glance was given down to the blue men below. It seemed they were about ready to close off the street. Rolling over onto his back out of sight of the roof lip, he panted heavily, trying to get his breath back. Lee was sitting beside him calmly... Almost mocking Michael without saying a word.
  10. Alice burst out of her house door. She ran as fast as her little feet could take her. She could hear her mother cussing and shouting at her from the hallway. The little girl's new cut from a smashed bottle brought unbearable pain. Blood trickled down her neck and onto her white PJs. Alice's golden locks surfed the wind as she ran, her mother's voice getting quieter and quieter by the minute. Quickly, she turned sharply into a tight space. An alleyway of a hotel. She ignored the sirens that were incredibly close, as Alice blacked out. The young girl fainted, her pajamas drowned in blood from her deep cut. Her bare feet as cold as winter, and the faint memory of her father vanishing. She dreamed of flying through the clouds, hand in hand with her father, giggling and smiling. Nothing could be better than a good dream. Alice smiled in her sleep. She hadn't been happy in so long.
  11. "Hmm..that doesn't sound far. I'll take you there." He motioned for Clem to follow after he set off down the street.
    Jae paused as she heard sirens in the distance. She put Sky back on her shoulders, catching up to Jake and whispering in his ear. "Are you sure? It doesn't sound very good."
    "I'm doing this for Sky."
    Both of them looked at the young girl who was hanging off of Jae's neck, talking rapidly to Clem.
    "So you live on Bandelin street? Cool! We don't usually go there, but we used to live there. How long have you been there? Do you have any brothers and sisters? Why are you out by yourself? We're going to be great friends!" She giggled as she said that, her eyes sparkling as always. "I love meeting new people. How old are you?"
    Jae reached over her head, tapping Sky on the back to make her be quiet. That was their little trick, and Sky always understood. If they tap her on the back, she needs to be quiet.
  12. Clem smiled at Sky sweetly, and said that she and her family seem really nice, after thanking Jake for the help. I shouldn't have asked.
  13. Sky patted Jae on the head. "We're not leaving Clem already are we?!?" She made a little pouty face.
    "Yes Sky, we're letting her go home." She looked over to Clem. "If you ever need any help, we live on Fawn Street, house 12 basement." She took the wriggling Sky of her shoulders and held her so she wouldn't go running off again.
    Jake nodded at Clem. "No problem. Good luck from here." He looked over to Jae. She was in charge now.
    Jae nodded. "If you need anything, let us know. K?" She gave Clem a small smile.
    "Yeah." Jake moved back to his usual place behind his sisters, his face returned to it's natural state of emotionless neutral face.
  14. "Thanks a lot, you really helped me. See you around," said Clem with a smile and a wave. As soon as the three turned around and left, a nervous expression shot across Clem's face. Her brother will be mad. She slowly opened the front door, and quietly closed it behind her. She took her jacket off and hung it up on the hook. She walked silently to the living room, and saw her big brother, Dylan, fast asleep on the couch, Hanson (Dylan's labrador) in his hands. Clem sighed in relief, and went upstairs.
  15. The trio continued down the road opposite of Clem.
    "You saw all the police people right?" Sky asked, her voice slightly worried.
    "No worries, she'll be fine." Jae answered her, giving her a sweet smile.
    Jake nodded. "We've got to get home though. They'll be worried."
    Jae and Sky nodded, leading the way back to their room.
  16. Now the road was completely blocked off. Where could Michael go to? He was trapped... Stuck like a rat in a cage, with nop direction left to go. Go down, and he would be caught. Try and jump across the rooftops, and he would be seen. Stay there, it was only a matter of time until he was found. Where to... WHERE TO? His mind was screaming, and Lee stayed silent. That was always a bad sign. Though he may have only been imaginary, the link he shared with Lee felt real, and being abandoned during such a time left him feeling helpless. He couldn't fight... The blue men he had seen fight a lot in the streets with tough people, and it was rare that they didn't win in the end. For what he had done, he didn't expect them to pull any punches either, despite his weight and size. Then, a lightbulb seemed to click over in his mind. Of course... Due to his size he could get through many places that adults could not. If he could get to the road, and go down to the sewer system, he had a chance of escaping. Moreover, getting down without being caught posed the primary flaw in the plan... Perhaps, he thought, the ventelation shaft would take him down. For that, he needed to find his way through the maze itself. A map was needed. Creeping across the roof to the fire escape that lead into the building below, his heart wouldn't stop pounding as his journey seemed to take forever....
  17. Clem shut her bedroom door, with the faint sound of sirens ringing in her ears. Tomorrow was her first day of school, and she'd completely forgot. She blinked, realizing that she didn't even have her school bag ready. Clem quickly started to buzz around her room, collecting stuff she needed for tomorrow. Books, pens, pencils, notebooks and paper was soon all stuffed inside her bag. She quickly got out her uniform and laid it out carefully on her bed. Tomorrow wasn't going to be very pleasant.
  18. The three turned in early that night, sleeping quietly and soundly, the sirens barely audible in the distance.

    Sky slept with her head on Jae's stomach.

    Jake was laying beside the door like a guard.