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  1. Hello >w<

    So this is what I've decided to do ^_^ ~ Anything that you want to say OOC about Kinnelon City { link } goes here. You can discuss what you want to do next and ask for other people's opinions, post your character's biography here and plan out stuff you want to do IRP { in roleplay } with other peeps :3

    Tag me if I am involved ;P

  2. Welp, I'm basically just trying to come in and make a complete mess of things. XD Joking. Michael is a character who is a street kid created for the purposes of adding an event to storylines which transpire into a plot. Kinda freestyle though.
  3. [MENTION=4977]Darkeela[/MENTION] Eh, just wondering if Alice and Michael could be friends ^^
  4. Fun time!

    Jae: 16, Female, Jet black hair cut at the chin and icy blue eyes. She's 5'6'' and loves the outdoors. She is very athletic.
    Sky: 8, Female, Bright blonde hair and cat green eyes. She's 3'7'' and she is very friendly, not accepting the 'stranger danger' idea.
    Jake: 20, Male, Jet black hair that is kept short and spiked with icy blue eyes. At 5'10'', Jake is very protective of his younger sisters and always carries a knife with him.

    Jae and Jake's parents went missing when Jake turned 19 (went on a mystery cruise and never came back). He took his younger sisters into his care and moved into their neighbor (Mr. and Mrs. Rasti's) home basement. Sky was adopted when Jae was 8 and Jake was 12. Jae watches over Sky and tries to be a mother to her, Jake watches over both of them and acts like a bodyguard while Sky just acts like an 8 year old.

    Any questions? I love these three :)
  5. Ah wait, how old is Michael? ._.
  6. Have a read. He's 17. XD
  7. [MENTION=2387]SilverJae[/MENTION] Your characters are great :D They're so cute o3o Imma make a bio of mai characters >w< ~
  8. I KNEW THAT >.> <.<
  9. I'm too lazy for bios. :c I'm better with the stories themselves. I also need to figure out how on earth to create a starter of my own here. @_@ Help guys?
  10. THEN Y U ASK? X'D
  11. [MENTION=4977]Darkeela[/MENTION] I haz no idea what starter you're talking about :D If I knew I would help XD
  12. O_O Basically he's running from the cops and has an imaginary friend...
  13. Oh. I KNOW I KNOW. Find Alice and save her :D

    *totally wasn't planning this from the start*
  14. If it wasn't for the fact that this is a human only rp I'd bring this vicious little guy in. XD He's quite a developed character too.

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  15. Oh my gawd. *-*

    So cuuteee >w<
    Who is he? :D
  16. That's an edit I did. The character is Cryrax... Him and Hanasha (a god) are tied at being the most destructive characters in my arsenal. Cryrax is a fifteen year old mutant/human. He's worse than the Hulk in anger management issues... e.e
  17. Haahh :0 ~

    Awesomeeee >o< That's fantasy, right? Or.. eh ? ._.
  18. I guess so? I have no idea. I'm bad for just going with the flow of things.~ Darkeela Vortex, my main, can go in absolutely any genre, I shit you not. I've been using him since before I was a roleplayer. XD
  19. Yay :D I've never tried anything other than Modern/Realistic or Medieval .. I'm not sure about roleplaying in other genres because I'm just noob XD
  20. I can help you learn to write in other genres if you wish. Unless it's smut or romance. Not my cup of tea. e.e