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Anonymous 03/02/11(Wed)03:44 No.3414296

I know I'm ruining the joke, here, but let's face it: holding hands is pretty goddamn kinky.

It doesn't address sexual needs of procreational organs or other body parts within that region of the body, it doesn't involve swapping fluids or, usually, germs to better acclimate to your partner's immune system, and it doesn't get you pregnant.

Being so willing to just hold another person's hand in yours shows way more commitment than the lewdest of sex acts.

I was on /d/ when I found this.

Yes, I know, not surprising, TK's on 4chan.

Anyways, what do you think of this clipping?
I kinda agree with the quote in some points. What purpose do you guys think holding a girl/guy's hand means?
I personally find no arousal like I would with..Other activities. There's a difference between love and lust.
Aas far a sexual goes, I don't think holding hands quite does it. However, for most people it is a reassurance of commitment and expresses more emotions than sexual desires. Holding hands, in my experience, makes me feel safe in that relationship. It makes me feel like there is an equal desire to be with that person, and I don't mean sexually. When a guy holds my hand I don't feel kinky in any way, and it doesn't turn me on. It simply makes me feel cared about. In my opinion, holding hands isnot kinky.
In my mind, everything is kinky. :|

So, I can see how holding a hand can be sexual. Not so much in the way that quote means... I'll keep my own ideas to myself, though! lololol
I think someone doesn't speak English and misunderstood the word kinky.