Kingslayer: The Sovran's Invasion

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Thoughts about this roleplay?

  1. Looks awesome, writing up an application...

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  2. Cool idea, I might put up an application if I have time.

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  3. Interesting, but I'm undecided on whether or not to join.

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  4. Eh, not quite what I'm looking for in a roleplay.

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  5. If it were better and more refined, I'd reconsider joining. But no, not joining.

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  6. Not something I'd like, definiately not putting up an application.

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  7. herpaderp. i shud taek a walk, it nighs owtseede

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  1. K I N G S L A Y E R
    Sovran Invasion
    Information of the World
    The roleplay currently takes place in a nation called 'Niotan,' which is similar to Chinese/Japanese culture, with smaller, more delicate and refined furniture, construction, weapons, etc.
    Niotan is also a remarkably resourceful nation, operating a large amount of trade from mountain trade routes, and 2 ports. To the north are the Northern Mountains, which snake down to the North East. To the South lay the open desert, which extends up from Southern Niotan to Central Niotan. Niotan only takes about 9 days' travel on horseback across the nation, from port to port. Where it is not desert in Niotan, it slowly gives way to a grassland, and maybe a day's travel from the edges of the desert, the land becomes lush forest. The Capital of Niotan is that of dry grassland/half-desert, in the center of the major trade road that intersects the most major mountain trade route, and the routes from the 2 ports. There is a string of mountains that mark the edge of Niotan's borders, since they provide strategic use to the Niotan defense.

    General Plot Information
    The largest, most imperialistic empire of the land is often known as the 'Sovran.' A great empire expanding from the Arapeen land would be called 'The Arapeen Sovran.' The Arapeen Sovran is the current Sovran, and is currently become the largest empire to date. When you look at it, you see a mighty force. They are in 5 simultaneous wars against surrounding nations, one of these had been going on for well over 12 years. In addition, these people have turned their attention to the resource-rich Niotan Monarchy. Several years before the events in this roleplay, the brightest and most successful Arapeen general, First General Darius Braesilli, had been pulled from the Niotan warfront to go on a short conquest with small raiding groups near the Arapeen capital. The King of the Arapeen Sovran had sworn to protect his people and his land to the best of his abilities when Darius was sworn into service, with Darius having a similar oath. In addition to this oath, the King had also sworn to restock the capital's garrison as soon as possible, because Darius pulled heavily on the City Guard to bring forces against the raiding groups. These raiding groups were barbarians.

    When Darius returned from a sudden lack of barbarians, he found the capital taken by the barbarians. It took a week of vicious street-and-alley fighting tactics to retake the city, at great cost.

    Three days later, after the King was rescued from the dungeons and threw a banquet for Darius's victory, Darius killed the King for breaking his word, taking the death penalty of such promises very seriously. Because Darius had killed the King in his sleep, he reported to the King's heir next door, telling him of what he did and why he did it. The King's heir understood, though grieved he was, but ordered Darius to live, because of Darius's doing of nothing wrong.

    2 years of running later, disrupting all kinds of military movements, Darius was not captured by the Arapeens, but by the Niotan people. Shortly after being brought to the Niotan Queen Teresa, he was enlisted to be re-instated as the rank he once served: General. As the Lead General of Niotan, he has to fight off the Sovran invasion that had been put on pause. Because of various political and military policies, routine, and crap, the replacement of warfront generals, supplies, and orders took about 2 and a half years. Currently, the Arapeen Sovran controls the land beyond the Northern Mountains, the land beyond the Desert and the Desert Mountain Range, and to the West beyond the Niotan Western Port of Tradesmouth.

    1. Me and the other GMs have a special ability to make our word law. Follow the law.
    2. Don't be overpowered, meta-gaming, powergaming, etc.
    3. Be original or at least half-original.
    4. I don't care if there is romance, but if it becomes a focus [or if I feel like it's becoming a focus], I will tear it apart in the roleplay! :DD
    5. Put something like 'USSR WILL RULE THE WORLD!' in your app as the password.
    6. Have fun, or I'll kill you. :3
    7. Don't be rude and disrespectful unless you have a legit reason, but say sorry afterwards, at the least.
    8. Follow all those Iwaku rules.
    9 Follow the above rule.
    10. Follow the rule above rule #8
    11. Hi.

    Position: [Are you the head of another household? Are you a palace messenger/runner? Are you a bodyguard, or are you the Queen's assistant? Note: No one can be Darius or the Niotan Queen, or some other person in Arapeen.]
    Quirks/Habits: Interesting or notable stuff about your character
    Strengths: Are you smart? Are you particularly skilled with metalworking? Are you really good at swordplay?
    Weaknesses: What do you suck at? Can't shoot a bow to save your life? Can't hold your alcohol?
    Fears: What are you totally freaking scared of?
    Favored weapon: What weapon do you like best?
    Favored 'class': Do you prefer the upper class, rich people? The middle class? The lower class?
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  2. It seems like a pretty neat idea. When you work out more details let me know, that way I can understand where your going with this a little bit better. If you want and suggestions on the idea I am always open to help any way I can.
  3. Suggestions are always welcome.
  4. I wouldn't mind delving into a bit of this so long as you don't mind some more off beat choice of character. Perhaps someone who represents the flip side of the coin, that a tactical error is different from breaking one's word and that making a stupid choice doesn't deserve death the way breaking one's word does. Or possibly a tactically gifted civilian more in the more unsavory con inclusive trades that would get sucked into the matter half by coincidence. Raw support roles aren't my thing. I like a bit of tension whether its on a moral front, a literal political front, etc. Those kinds are so much more interesting than leg clinging support or "Call in the big army" types.
  5. Oh, this is political, combat, relationship-building, and even a bit of messing around and exploring. For example, first there needs to be plans made, which means one will be around the palace for a while. Then you might have to go check out the battleground for better information, and to refine plans. Then you have to return and refine the plans to the battle plan. In addition to trying to save the country from invasion, unhappy, replaced generals are trying to remove the group, because they're foreigners and whatnot, so you have to tread carefully and be smart.
  6. Doing legwork isn't a problem for me. My point was that I wouldn't quite fall in (as you noted in your first post "You can be a daughter of another household, to try for Darius to bind him to another family politically for power, or a servant of sorts, like a steward, to help organize his more social and political sides, or a commander, or a bodyguard, or a runner. Etc etc.") the category of someone so blatantly directly related to Darius. That's just too straightforward.
  7. That was just direct-contact examples. You could be one of the guards of the palace, or something.
  8. Then I have plenty an idea where I'd stand should you get this going. I'd end up choosing something more individualistic but it shouldn't be a problem.
  9. Where do I send my application once it is finished?
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