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  1. Kings Toybox of Ideas, Welcome!

    Forgive me Father!

    Genre: Crime, Apocalypse, Religious themes, Redemption.
    Setting: Empty City, Apocalyptic & Isolated atmosphere, between 2010-2017.
    Plot: Seven people wake up in an empty city, some may recognize one another, some may not. They cannot find another person and it seems as if they've been left. Humanity had been raptured and they must of been left. What they don't know is by getting away with a horrendous crime (each links to one of the sins), they have not been raptured and are left on earth to amend their ways. Will they figure this out? Are they stuck in their ways?

    | | | | | |


    THE сенка DOMAIN.

    Genre: Crime, Underground, Semi-Futuristic, Horror.
    Setting: Big Modern city, 2018-2025, Morbid undertones.
    Plot: In the city of Redcastle, the vastly rich and beautiful live their extravagant lives to the full. However, underneath the city lies The сенка Domain. A place for a very specific collection of people to meet; Killers & Cannibals. Whilst beautiful and rich, some of the elite have cravings of their own. These Killers and cannibals collect in their domain and choose their weekly victim. Whilst the police believe they have a serial killer on the loose, they make a mistake abducting a high-profile victim. Can the morbid Domain survive under the pressure of the police?



    Unit 22 - LPR Division.

    Genre: Satire, Conflict, Modern.
    Setting: 2015-2016, Russian battlefield.
    Plot: Unit 22 is the LPR Division of the Army - The "Last Possible Resort" Division. Unit 22 is a division of soldiers who have been dishonorably discharged for various reasons. The collection of LPRs are kept in the armies reach for their skills and when their base is attacked in Russia, the LPRs become the ones the army has to rely on. Do they get responsibilities? Can they handle the pressure again?

    | | |



    Genre: Romance, Semi-Futuristic, Angst, Mature Themes.
    Setting: 2020-2025, Romantic undertones, Big City.
    Plot: A company has taken years on producing TimeStamp - A clock that's printed onto a persons wrist, which tell them how long it is until they meet their soul mate. TimeStamp has changed the lives of millions. Marriages and Divorces, Sexuality is questioned, Hearts make and broken.




    Desperate Measures.

    Genre: Conflict, Modern, Violence, Angst.
    Setting: Warehouse, 2015, Morbidity.
    Plot: 12 people between 13 and 33 wake up in an unfamiliar room. 6 in one, 6 in another room. An overhead voice booms,
    "This is a game. To win, you must kill the rest of them until you're the last one standing. Really, it's that simple. The prize of winning? Your life. Good luck." They figure out the only way out may be to kill the other team. Then, kill eachother. Can there be a winner or will they escape?



    Operation Ocean.

    Genre : Sci-Fi, Futuristic, Great Escape.
    Setting: American Government facility, 2050, Escape Journey.
    Plot: America wanted super solders. However, the more navy battles were fought, the more they reconsidered the generic super soldier. With a lot of experimentation, the government created marine super solders - People who turn into an ocean creature in water. The people they modified were volunteers who didn't know they were getting into a painful and dangerous situation. When one group finally decides they've had enough, they manage to escape. Can they flee the government to get their lives back?




    The Planets.

    Genre: Semi-Realistic, Fantasy, Sci-Fi.
    Setting: Alternate Universe Earth, Outer Space.
    Plot: Seven People rule space and earth, each a personality and human version of a solar system planet. The Martians, Venusians, Mercurians, Jupiterians, Saturnoids, Urianians & the Neptunians rule over time and space, all with different powers. When the ruler of the Martians declares war on Uranus, space is plunged into battle once again. Can the planets align again? Will there ever be one ruler to rule them all?






    Genre: Historical, Futuristic, Conflict.
    Setting: Abandoned City, Unspecified year, Violence & Angst undertones.
    Plot: History's most terrifying, tactical and tyrannical Army leaders find themselves in a City they've never seen. From the dawn of time to the 1940's, leaders of the largest armies to the smallest street gangs learn they are no longer in their own time. What is learnt is that to get back home, they must fight the others to the death - with their 'Army', Can there be one winner? What unlikely alliances will form?



    ☯ Unless stated, all RPs are real-life styled and all FCs will be real.
    ☯ I'm happy to do some of these as a 1x1! If there is not enough interest, I'll make it a 1x1.
    ☯ In 'The Planets' I'd like a Co-GM. I'd play Mars and I'd like the Co-GM to play Uranus. If this is a group RP of course. c:
    ☯ All characters in 'Warriors' would be fictional.
    Expect more to be added!

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  2. Bumpity Bump
  3. DUDE, WOW, I love all of these ideas! I would say that my top 3 favorites are TimeStamp (I have always wanted to do a RP like that ever since I saw the movie TiMER), Desperate Measures, and The Planets. I would be willing to do any one of those if they get any more interests.

    P.S. Your profile picture and signature is absolutely amazing.... <3
  4. I've interest in Forgive Me Father and The Planets. This doesn't mean I would necessarily join either, though. As I'm sure you've noticed I haven't been turning out posts or creativity much at the moment.
  5. Thank you! I'm totally flattered!

    Don't worry, I understand completely bro! c:
  6. oh my god I'm in love with Unit 22 - LPR Division. If this rp doesn't get enough I'm so keen to do a 1x1! You have super awesome ideas! I could also do the planets or desperate measures if you need more! But anyway, keep up the amazing work! I don't think I've ever seen such consistent amazingness!
  7. Oh Gosh, you guys are so flattering thank you so much! ; w ;

    Great, If there isn't enough interest I'll PM you about a 1x1 <:
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  8. I love all these ideas so much! "The Planets," "Forgive Me Father," "TimeStamp," and "Desperate Measures" are by far my favorites! I would join any one of those, however! :D
  9. Thank you! I'm so flattered ;w;

  10. Operation Ocean and The Planets look absolutely amazing. They're honestly some of the most innovative and original rp's I have seen in a while. I am very interested in each and every one of your ideas but those two in particular look simply delectable to me. I hope to be involved in at least one of these.

  11. DUDE, Warriors is awesome too! Are you planning to make a sign up thread for any of these, @King? (Not pressuring, just wondering what your plans are! :D)
  12. TimeStamp, Warriors, and Desperate Measures look amazing~ props on the original and fun ideas!
  13. @Zelda I was actually planning on making a Sign up thread for the planets this evening! Then when that gets going I'll probably start on getting Desperate Measures a Sign up thread aswell. Then go from there c:

    And thank you @nikki.13 and @Amai Kyuti ! I'm so flattered by the compliments, I'll keep working on ideas c:
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  14. @King You're most welcome! I'll be looking forward to them and I will most likely be joining your Planets group as well. :jump:
  15. WARRIORS LOOKS AWESOME, TOO! I'm jealous at how you've come up with so many great and original ideas.
    Reveal to me your secrets.
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  16. I'm interested in timestamp, operation ocean, and forgive me father!
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  17. Hey!
    So we finally got 'The Planets' running, so now I was considering beginning another.

    I'm choosing between 'Warriors', 'TimeStamp' or 'Desperate Measures.'

    It depends if people want a combat RP or a more modern less combat-like one.

    Sooo, thoughts? c:

    @Dramma @kimsim12 @nikki.13 @Zelda


    [Also @SteelMoon you down for the Unit 22 - LPR division as a 1x1? c: ]
  18. yea I'm still keen for the 1x1. Hell, I'm keen for the 'Warriors', 'TimeStamp' or 'Desperate Measures.' one too!
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  19. I would love to do "Desperate Measures." That one's probably my fav out of those three. But I'd join any of them!
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