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  1. So the new King's Quest has just come out. I have mixed feelings about it. Anybody else start at it yet? Any opinions on this game? Maybe something about the old games? You know....the...the really old games >.<

    We're not gonna talk about 8.....It never happened......
  2. I played King's Quest VII waaaaaay back in the day.

    I liked it.
  3. I played King's Quest I waaaaaay back in the day... and II, and III ...


    Seriously though, I heard a new game was forthcoming. I may pick it up, but fear for me that it'd be nothing more than a nostalgia buy. After all, that's the only reason I grabbed Duke Nukem Forever.
  4. So's not as bad as 8.....but it falls flat in the humor department. But that's just me. Also I think the character models for main characters could stand to have a bit more detail..... though....there IS one character with a rather unfortunate face.....but I don't wanna go into my critique until I finish the chapter.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.