Kings of the new era. Modern Fantasy

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  1. Hello there. I'd like to introduce my latest group roleplay to you, so if you are interested, continue reading.

    Genre: Modern fantasy
    Timeline: Altered timeline, but similar to ours
    Special powers: Of course!
    Oc's: Yes
    Realism: Anime Physics

    -Story- (open)

    In the middle of World War 2, scientists all over the globe experimented with new types of energies for weapons. The most known invention is that of the atom bomb, which marked the end of WW2. But not all research fields were made public, and some of them were continued.

    Summer 1990
    Results on a new type of energy, sleeping within every sentient being, are made by scientists all over the world. First experiments on mouses show great potential, completely shattering the limitation of the species. Experiments are continued and kept secret from mankind.

    05. 21. 2000
    Experiments on humans have been started. 7 Test subjects escaped because of unexpected results. Said test subjects are identified by the color of their powers. Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Black. The experiments are made public by the test subjects, and people all over the world show unusual skill with their energy that they never used before. The 7 test subjects crown themselves as the 7 Kings, and begin to recruit members.

    The grand powers of the world, America, Europe, and Asia declare that anyone at the side of the seven kings is an enemy to the country. As a result, many lose their lives, slain by their own country. As counteraction, the 7 Kings create their own continent by combining their, and their followers powers.

    The continent Kalor appears in the middle of the pacific ocean, and the 7 Kings claim it as their new home.

    The war was ended. Kalor wins thanks to its unusual military strength, but leaves the losing countries as they are. Kalor becomes an independent government with the 7 Kings as leaders.

    Summer 2020
    The Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Black King die in a battle for territory. The Gold and Silver King continue to rule and protect the country, but assure the land that the order will be restored once the new kings show themselves.
    This is where our story begins.

    It is still a work in progress, but I imagine it like this. Since 5 Kings died, there will have to be 5 new kings soon. These will recruit members and fight for their goals. Whatever it is (Control, peace, war, ect) is up to those who play the kings.
    Each King has a powerful ability. Those who devote themselves to one of these kings is gifted a part of their power. How strong both are depends on their numbers. The more followers, the stronger the King and his followers.

    The idea of this rp is to see what inspires the leaders, and how many people they can inspire to follow them. The King with the most followers is technically the strongest.

    Colors do not represent elements. Their powers just have that color. This means you can generate red ice, green fire, blue energy, you name it and so it shall be.

    Oh! And or course Queens are welcomed too.

    These are the basic ideas, and i wanna see if there is someone interested before i actually add more into it. So go ahead and post what you think about it. I am open to ideas, and I will reply ASAP.
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