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  1. Heyo, thanks for taking a peek at my IT. :p Currently new to iwaku, but not RP in general. However, as a busy college student with a job, I haven't had the pleasure to participate in many games in the past few years so I would like to change that with the creation of this account. With that, nice to meet you all!

    Now, getting down to business. Because my allotted time for RPing is very limited due to reasons stated above, I'm only looking for one specific thing: smut-based RPs. Forgive me for being lewd, but this is what I'm craving most right now, and i would rather indulge myself in something fun, kinky, and explorative.

    What I'm looking for is a like-minded female partner who's willing to dive into our sexual fantasies in order to satisfy both of our cravings through our characters in a passionate RP. I prefer a long-term partner who's able to venture though with me multiple smut RPs if we get bored of one, and a partner who;s not afraid to express their wants and desires.

    So yeah, this is what I'm currently seeking! Requirements of at least three paragraphs please; no one-liners and the like. Give me a PM or a message here if any of you are interested!

    Things about me and my style:
    • Literate ; High Casual to Advanced (but because I'm seeking smut solely, I'd rather have it really casual so that we may both enjoy ourselves.)
    • Very little to no limits. Open-minded when it comes to sex, so don't be afraid to voice any cravings or fantasies.
    • I only play male characters, as I have always done when doing smut.
    • MxF only please! Nothing against MxM, just not my style.
    • Very flexible in terms of how you want the RP and characters to be. Again, don't be afraid to voice ideas.
    • Would like to keep it modern!
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  2. I think I might be interested. I usually have some kind of plot though so things stay interesting (though there is a whole ton of smut in my plots to. Lol plots tend to revolve around smut with me.) :P let me know. :)
  3. Sure! As I've said, I'm very flexible so it's whatever I can do to keep you interested and entertained. :) Sending you a PM.
  4. Hey! Thought this might be worth it, and I have a few 'exploration' ideas that I want to try out :)
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