~Kingdoms ~ The Game of Feuds and Feudalism

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Kingdoms - The game of feuds and feudalism

In this game, you are the young Lord/Lady of a forgotten house. You have arrived in a new land, and now must build and govern your lands to become as strong as you can. Succeed, and you will one day find yourself wearing a crown.

The Game of Feuds and Feudalism!

Create a House, build your settlement, forge alliances or tear down your enemies! Indulge in open stories and enjoy a world ripe for the taking, it’s all up to you!

X This is a power building game so make everything realistic and stay within the guidelines.
X This mostly is about writing about your life as a lord so make it medavial
X Don’t double post Actions
X Don’t Post until I have accepted your Sign-up
X New Houses get 3 Posts of Peace (no threats)
X I guarantee 100% this is all randomly generated, I DO NOT favor anyone, the luck is all on the dice.
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