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  1. I was wanting to do a role play in medieval times. I wanted to have multiple princes and princesses to be forced into marriage. The reasons can be different for each prince and princess. I was wanting it to be in the same place. It could be because there is a large wedding ceremony for them all at once or it could be that they all live in the same place and they have yet to decide who will become the king and queen. I would like for there to be more than one couple but i would also like there to be more than just the couples. OK please tell me what you think thank you.

    OK if you just want to apply now and you like this (or you can apply and make changes)

    The Castles are only if you want another castle or int eh same place. If more than one we can always visit each other

    Castles:(feel free to add more)

    Want other castle(Yes or No):
    ^ if yes Castle name:

    Here are my charicters-
    Name: Scarny
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Ranking: Princess
    Siblings: (Need some possiably)
    Castle: Taroge
    Other: Genraly wearing long blue green and purple gowns with eligant jewlry her hair is genraly let down long flowing black she is usialy in the garden or the woods when she can sneek out she is very sweet but can only tolirate so much

    Name: Liam Trudge
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Ranking: Stable
    Siblings: (feel free to make some)
    Castle: Torage
    Other: he is genraly in his stable
    boy outfit that is nothing speacle when he is manley in the stable with no free time
  2. No one??