Kingdoms of Amalur

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  1. So. I got this game when it came out and I still play it. It is (imo) one of the best RPGs I have played in awhile and I do enjoy the world. I'm wondering if anyone out there has played the game and would like to start a RP over it.
  2. Wow, it has been a long time since I played Kingdoms of Amalur! I don’t remember it well, but who doesn’t enjoy a video game binge refresher? Do you have any ideas in mind?
  3. I'm not really sure exactly. I will have to think on that xD
  4. Though, would you like a Group Roleplay or a OnexOne?
  5. I'm not participating in a group RP at the moment (though I will be soon), so I think that would be fun. However, I'd keep the number of participants low to prevent confusion and overload. If you'd prefer a one on one RP that's fine.
  6. I don't mind either, it just depends on how to craft the story on a Group because you have to involve more people ^^
  7. No problem, is the story going to be set after The Fateless One defeats Tirnoch?
  8. Hmmm...if it is set after, then Fateweavers and the fear of your fate isnt needed. Everyone wouldnt know what to do

    Sounds interesting
  9. That's what I was thinking about. People may be more scared not knowing their fates. Conflicts would arise. It sounds fun.
  10. Do you know what race you want to play?
  11. I was thinking of having an Almain Human, and he left the Warsworn, and maybe we could do a small story with that. My Character left the Warsworn as a Castellan, so he had influence, and when he left. His soldiers left with him, and the Warsworn feel...threatened...and that is all I got for now xD
  12. That sounds like a pretty open ended character plot, so it should be easy to work with. I'm thinking about creating a ljosalfar character, but am waiting to make that decision. If someone else joins, I might pick another race.
  13. Hmmmm. Yeah, I'm trying to think of something open so the great world of Amalur can be explored :p
  14. Will we be putting up character sheets?
  15. Well, it really depends on if we get more people. I really want to RP this, and you are the only one that has shown interest. We could start a OnexOne?
  16. I don't mind doing a one x one RP. Sorry for the late reply, I was watching a video. When do you plan to start?
  17. Hmmm. First we have to make our characters, and a bit more of a plot. Here, PM me so we can discuss it more
  18. Depends how you all construct this, but I did enjoy Amalur the few times I went through it. Shame the company fell apart.

  19. Ah, it looks like this won't be a one x one RP!
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