Kingdom of Song

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  1. The kingdom of Song is one of a handful of kingdoms. In this kingdom, everyone is given a song that closely relates to them. They don't have names, but really titles of songs, and that song describes that person. In the other kingdoms, they have a similar system, but with different forms of media, like Books or Colors. Some people have shortened their title so it's like a nickname. They have learned that everyone is different, even if someone rips-off another.

    Roka, or 'rolling girl', has lived in Song's capital Note her whole life and has never been outside the limits. She has tried a lot to convince her parents to let her, but it was always no. She goes to a cafe after school to see foreigners and learn about their home, Ranging from their mindsets to weapons. Today, she decided to go in late due to musical practice and the owners decided to stay open most of the night and offered Roka a room if she needed to go to bed.

    You can be local or foreign, a cafe worker or anyone you want to be. Romance is allowed and so is fighting. Just don't destroy the cafe totally. Weapons of any sort are allowed. No killing, or else the person can come back and haunt/ kill you too. Any sort of oddity is allowed.please be appropriate. Have fun!

    Roka entered the cafe and sat at her normal seat, a left side booth by the window. The sun was setting and the cafe was a warm golden color. Roka took her unnaturally curled long, blue hair and put it up in pigtails and sighed. 'The day was so chaotic. I thought I had it all planned out!' She scratched her head, a little frustrated. The manager asked if she was okay.
    "I am fine" she lied. She took out her phone and decided to play soduku for a bit, waiting for her best friends and fellow otakus, Orie (I'm only just getting started) and Fluff (leave in summer, yet you're in my fluffthoughts). They were going to go to their namesake's (hatsune miku) concert in another week.
    Roka checked for mistakes and found she had made a one. She put the phone down on the table, making a plastic thud on the table.
    "You done?" Asked the manager who was cleaning the table next to her.
    "Not just yet. I'm still learning." Roka answered. She looked about. There was unusually less people in the cafe today. She thought about approaching one of the few people. Some were country, others are rap. Roka's favorite locals, outside of vocaloids and other forms of Japanese music similar to her, were alternative rock. She loved imagine dragons, linkin park, and one republic, maybe even pendulum. Folk was okay too, but they were usually slow and quiet people.
    She also saw foreigners. People from Poem, Book, Color, Film, and other miscellaneous smaller countries.
    "I wonder..." Roka said aloud.
  2. "Oh Poko you wouldn't believe where we are now," the short old man says to his donkey "we are in a plane where people are named after songs, films, colors and poems." The old man walks out of his TTMPM's door in the sidewalk. The old man look at the door which is just a door in the middle of the sidewalk and get out his remote and pushes it and the door vanishes. Leaving Poko inside, the old man walks in to the cafe and starts what he does best.
    The old man walks over to a Roka's table and says "Hello young lass, I am The Old Man. I'm here to ask you a question." The Old Man look short about 4 feet, He looks quirky while he wheres a white long sleeve shirt with a green vest and a large leather hand bag. His hair is white but balding. His complexion is wrinkled with a sharp nose and has two green eyes.
  3. "Uh, sure, hit me." Roka said. She blew a piece of blue bangs from her face and tried to avoid eye contact. Though Roka liked the outside, some strangers were flat out odd. Approach had to be careful. But this guy seemed like a friendly grandfather type. He seemed nice, and a story is probably something that would get her spirits up somewhat.
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